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(A Raad)
19 / Other / Single
Eltham, South-East London, England, United Kingdom


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A. Raad (b. 1799) is an English novelist and poet. A Raad was born in Doncaster and he grew up in Eltham. A Raad has written over 300 books in their lifetime. A. Raad has a broad variety of genres written under their name. A. Raad has writen everything from horror (See the "Darkness" series, the Horror series, the Average Horror Sequences, and, Bloody man. ) to romance (See Cupid's Arrow, and, Rick and Rickability.)

A Raad has spent their life dedicated to the books and running a little clockmaking store/printing company in Preston where A. Raad sold their books. A Raad's childhood was a strange little tale of attempted murder, drunken mothers, an abusive father, (Read A Journey Through Frozen Seas Act I) accussed immorallity, real immortality, and much more.

A. Raad's adulthood was much more sensible (Read A Journey Through Frozen Seas: Logs Accompanying the Previous Acts in the Modern day 1830 - 1863), A. Raad moved to Kirtland with his new family. A. Raad had theirself hypnotized so that they can forget all that happened in the past and start anew, in America, he became a Latter-day Saint and embraced their religion. He started his small number of printing presses in Kirtland, self-publishing. In 1837, he moved to Preston, U.K. In Preston his business grew, so did his family, he died of old age at the turn of the century.

I am an aspiring writer who likes riddles. I am rewriting the first of A. Raad's books, "The Kingdom of Darkness". I am excited to read the rest of the "Empire of Darkness" books. I do fantasy Role-play, mostly write the characters from A. Raad's books (They are in my blog), but sometimes I do other characters from other authors. You can do any sort of roles. I like fantasy and Romance best but you can choose any role you like. I do horror if you like that. I've got a good serial killer that'll be great for a really good horror. I would like to meet people who like fantasy and reading, like me. People who are smart and kind. I am very busy reading the novels, so, when I'm done that I'll have more time for role-play. If you want details on my fandom or, you want to chat or role-play message me now. I'm online most of the day, before messaging, check if I am online. Message me and I will answer, but, maybe not instantly. But I will message you back.
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Q. Why did you send me a friend request ?
A. Because you look interesting. Keep this between us that I think this way about anyone! Thank you and goodbye. I love you!
 Jun 3rd 2019 02:15

Q. I am delighted to hear that, I hope it can grow into something even better in the future!
A. There is two things two things wrong with that:
One: That is not a question. At least add "Do you?" or something.
Two: Read, not hear.
I hope our little creation can grow into something bigger.

 Nov 21st 2018 19:51

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