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Phoenix, Arizona - United States
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Untold asked the question
Q. Everytime I try to update my role playing information it never works for me. How can I fix this issue? Thank you.
A. Are you still having this problem? Your roleplay details looks fine to me.
 Apr 5th 2017 22:21

Q. Yeepo.?
A. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
 Feb 28th 2017 19:42

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Hey, thanks for bringing the RolePlau community together!! God bless you for letting me find people just like me. ^~^
And Grettings from the North Georgia Mountains!!!!
Jun 12th 2017 17:03

I seriously love this website! Thanks for making it! :) <3
Jun 4th 2017 12:54

lmao noice
Jun 3rd 2017 21:14

You should consider having Group chats!
Jun 1st 2017 14:08

but like EVERYONE does it
May 25th 2017 11:54

thank you for the help
May 25th 2017 00:06

I really like this website!! Thanks for making it!! :D
May 9th 2017 20:42

How do i put pictures on my blogs
Apr 10th 2017 13:39

Keep doing what you're doing :D
Mar 2nd 2017 10:03

You need to add the word "baffled" to your list of moods.
Feb 28th 2017 18:19