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Fixed a notification bug that allowed blocked users to receive status comment notifications from blocked friends.
42  Oct 23rd 2021 16:32

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Q. Hey I'm having trouble with my account
A. Send an email here and we will look into it, but mention the issue you're having as well.
 Jun 28th 2020 14:28

Lucious asked the question
Q. Though the corona virus is pretty bad, don't let that make you forget that mr Krabs once sold spongebob for 62 cents.
 May 14th 2020 00:44

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Happy site anniversary (I think).
May 16th 2019 17:35

We should make a national roleplay day.
Nov 16th 2017 16:44

Oct 11th 2017 08:08

Sep 10th 2017 20:40

I realized the
29 went to a 30
happy probably late birthday <3
Aug 22nd 2017 20:05

Noice site dude
Jul 12th 2017 21:05

I really like this website!! Thanks for making it!! :D
May 9th 2017 20:42

Dec 6th 2016 15:52

Am loving how mobile friendly this site is.
Dec 14th 2015 02:31