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49  Sep 27th 2022 21:25

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Eminem asked the question
Q. Believe me. This site is like home to many people! Thank yall.
A. You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback.
 Sep 13th 2022 19:54

DJKitty asked the question
Q. Hay um idk how to unblock someone how do you do that?
A. Check "View Blocked List" in Settings (Gear Icon)
 Sep 13th 2022 10:12

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I want to roleplay with someone who fits all of my roleplay Genere I want to see my Anime OCS Clash with others in a Battle
Feb 23rd 2022 01:25

Feb 11th 2022 17:00

looking for friends and my band.
Jan 31st 2022 06:35

I wanted to thank you for creating my escape for these 6 years.
Jan 3rd 2022 02:29

Old roleplayers, I'm one of them. I made up an account again, but the first time I came here was between 2014 and 2015, and I'm surprised to see that it's still alive and this site seems to be getting more stronger and getting more people each time! This is ascension, FACT! Happy Xmas!
Dec 23rd 2021 03:10

Hey creator, This site is awesome.
Dec 12th 2021 10:06

Happy site anniversary (I think).
May 16th 2019 17:35

We should make a national roleplay day.
Nov 16th 2017 16:44

Dec 6th 2016 15:52

Am loving how mobile friendly this site is.
Dec 14th 2015 02:31