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Hello everyone my name is Neon and welcome to my page i guess i will start with this i am very new to role play and only have been roleplaying for a few months in the time getting to do some role plays i figured out what kind of role plays i wanted to focus on so i have revamped my page completely and will be adding some OC soon :) also i deleted a bunch of friends as well if you were deleted and we had a role play going most likely its because the site likes to randomly delete some of my messages so i dont see any and just deleted you so dont feel like you did anything wrong feel free to add me again if you were deleted okay so no that thats out of the way i just want to go over a few new rules for my page please respect them

1.) I will not be roleplaying with minors this is just my own personal thing there is nothing wrong with minors i just dont like to just my personal preference please understand that

2.) Any one who does not reply to me in a month will be deleted this being said i know people sometimes are busy and things happen if i havent heard from you in a month i will check up 2 or 3 times before i delete you just keeps me from having a bunch of inactive friends :)

3.) i will NOT be doing sexual/SM*T rps sorry its just not for me i have my own personal reasons on this and im sorry there are no exceptions i am okay with romance but if character get to that point of intimacy we need to just fade to black or white and continue from there

Now that thats out of the way i will mainly be roleplaying anime, fantasy, adventure, action, and romance role plays i am open for new ideas so feel free to mention them and we could for sure try it again i am new so i like to try new things to see if there is something i find fun i am also always looking for new friends to game with if you have a switch and play games like hit me up we can always game together any way that should do it for now i will add more things as they come thank you for reading my page means alot cant wait to start roleplaying with you!

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