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Q. Rp is going okay?
A. Yeah, loving it sadly I have to reply tomorrow because it's 3am
 Jan 18th 2020 21:31

Q. Lol
A. lel
 Feb 3rd 2018 10:25

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I like that song on your profile. Definitely haven't quoted anything from Boyinaband lately
Sep 3rd 2019 10:18

Apr 17th 2016 20:06

Thank you my new friend for accepting my request. Would you care to roleplay? We pf course can discuss about it. Hope to hear back from you!
Nov 24th 2015 11:47

thank you it will help him
Oct 26th 2015 21:51

hey can you please send a friend request to yugoflame07 he is my little brother
Oct 26th 2015 21:42

Oct 22nd 2015 20:16

Not much its your turn when your ready
Oct 20th 2015 08:54

What's new
Oct 20th 2015 08:52

Oct 20th 2015 08:49