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28 / Male / In Like
United Kingdom
I absolutely love to Roleplay, I'm big on a good story, and love to write. I like to make new friends and don't really mind about the styles that other people roleplay in. If you're in need of a good friend, then I'm your man. Also, I'm British, bonus, huh? ~

If I'm not online, or don't respond I've most probably gone to bed.

...Oh.. Also I'm disabled...

Quick note. If you don't like my style, don't ignore me outright, or delete me, just tell me first. I'm pretty patient, and everyone can't like everything, i won't hate you for it.

#Besties (message me 'peanuts' if you want to be here)

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Gotta sleep soon.
0  11 hours ago

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Q. Lol
A. lel
 Feb 3rd 2018 10:25

Q. Dang it it’s 7:00 in the morning here.
A. 3:05pm x3
 Feb 3rd 2018 10:00

Latest Comments

Hey mister! I miss you ^^
Nov 30th 2021 21:03

But pleaseee. What do I have to do for you to tell me!
Aug 12th 2021 09:36

hehe *Hugs gently* Now..Decode please.
Aug 12th 2021 09:16

*Grumbles* I will give you $10 to get to the point *laughs, grabbing out $4* Pleaseeee~
Aug 12th 2021 09:02

i-..I refuse this..I just want a hug :(
Aug 11th 2021 21:32

um....Is there an option to press all of them cause I want to know what it means but like..I'm crazy and three is tempting xD
Aug 11th 2021 18:13

So ummmm, I just wanted to say thank you for being here for me through all my craziness andddd all my emotions. I really love your writing skills and blessed to write with you~
Love Aria ^^
Aug 11th 2021 17:59

I like that song on your profile. Definitely haven't quoted anything from Boyinaband lately
Sep 3rd 2019 10:18

Thank you my new friend for accepting my request. Would you care to roleplay? We pf course can discuss about it. Hope to hear back from you!
Nov 24th 2015 11:47

thank you it will help him
Oct 26th 2015 21:51