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(Alan Moseley)
19 / Male / Single
Luverne, Alabama - United States
Greetings, my name is Alan, Alan Moseley. Spoiler; I'm not a demon, I'm an angel, kinda. I am known as the legendary Fallen Angel, a very rare species of angels. Before this though, I had a bad life before I became... this. You see... my father and mother were... abusive towards me... and my father... killed me when I was 16... but I'm trying to forget what happened... my personality is usual; kind, friendly, respectful, helpful, and is serious sometimes. I can have problems. Like how I'm a tiny bit clumsy and I'm suffering from a high case of anxiety, stress, and most depressing, well, depression. Whenever he even thinks about his past life, I'll transform into a human-like being, but it is full of scratches, gunshot wounds, stab wounds, a bruised eye and will be bleeding all the time. This is called my True Human form, which shows all the abuse that my family did to me all those years ago... but even with these negatives, I'm still looking for friends and hopefully, a lover. Fun fact, I'm really good at guitar... if you need me in a band, I can be your guitarist/singer, as my hit singles, Chimerical and Rise Up, are a big hit to people.
I have been Roleplaying for well over 5+ years, so when I was 14-13. And be sure to be kind around me, as I have AS, or Asperger Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. This means I can and will react differently than others. That also means I can be sensitive to things people are usually fine with, especially loud noises, like the bang of a gun.

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