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22 / Male / Broken Hearted
United States
Hello there my name is Zombi. I'm an old roleplayer on this website. Joined in 2017. I tend to be somewhat serious and skeptical due to trust issues. I can be friendly and fun if I get to know you. I am a very adaptive writer, meaning I can write your lengths of replies. I can alter my ocs to fit the roleplay if that is desired. I hardly have any triggers so don't be afraid to roleplay dark topics with me. I do have a Discord but I'll only give it if I like you enough and you ask for it

If I look at your profile and not add you. Please don't be discouraged from adding me. Sometimes I don't like making the first move.

Interests and Hobbies: I love supernatural in roleplay because I believe it gives a new world of creativity. I tend to make a lot of ocs uncontrollably because I love making new abilities and seeing how they can be used. I also love anime and video games. Hope to get to know yours as well

I'm not good with rules but here they are


1. No godmodding (Unless it's for good reason)
2. No invincibility. Unless one character is much better than the other in terms of battling, there shouldn't be a reason why my oc cannot hit yours.
3. Do not bring me into drama. I'll let you talk about it but do not drag me into it for any reason.
4. If you add me you respond first. It's only natural as a greeting
5. Do not spam me. Spamming me will get you no where with me and will only infuriate me. I'll warn you and if you continue to do so I will block you. Everyone deserves a second chance just don't throw it away. But please don't be discouraged to send me a reminder when I'm online or haven't sent a reply in a while

May add more rules in due time but I hope you that's reading this will roleplay with me. If none of my ocs are satisfactory then I will make new ones on the spot. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Preferred oc currently : Unknown

@Meira - The best girlfriend I could ever ask for. We're very much alike and I love her a lot for who she is. She's incredibly kind and sweet. Listens to what I have to say. Overall, I love her so dearly. I'd do just about anything for her! Meira I love you!

@jinxxed - Bestie for a very long time. Funny and a very good roleplayer. Wouldn't trade them for anyone else. Super glad to have them as my best friend! Don't hurt them or I'll do more than hurt you.

@izzies - The snugglest bunny! She's very smoll, sweet, and cuddly. One of the sweetest kinds of people I've ever met! Don't hurt her feelings or I'll make WWII's war crimes look like a joke. She's very precious!

@AbsoluteTomBoy - A great friend of mine. I value them very much. I will always be there for them no matter what. Thank you for being a great friend :)

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Latest Questions

Q. Hey you okay? If you don't want to continue our roleplay I completely understand
A. I'm alright. I tend to prefer third person roleplays no offense. I apologize
 Jul 13th 2021 03:41

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes
 Jun 25th 2021 18:50

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Sorry, I can't reply. It's not letting me.
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Yep, thats the one..
May 25th 2022 04:10

Well, you know I'm spooky like a ghost, so..
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Apr 21st 2022 15:45

I will have one made for you. :) <3
Apr 18th 2022 23:26

I have one too :)
Apr 18th 2022 22:33

*hugs* who do I need to stab?
Mar 23rd 2022 18:22