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(MunaMuna -- (Evie))
30 / Female / Single and Looking
Reykjavik, Iceland
~ Hey to you, my Stalker. ~

"Waiting for their turn:" [2/8] ~

"~~ If you have been added, you're in a Good Luck, because I Don't Fail. ~~"

♫ In order to immerse thineself in this profile, I highly advise thou to tune in the music below and have a listen: Tenebre Rosso Sangue by KEYGEN CHURCH ♫

May you have a delightful voyage into the circles of grief and pain...

Be welcome to ye who cometh to thee in thy stead. Cometh ye into this sad spot which ye shall call mine homepage. I for one am Maxi/Evie and I shall be thy Host in this Valley of Grief and Suffering.



As you can see from this first area is the Pit of Physical and Mental Health.

Be well aware that this User is quite frail due to a Rare Illness, therefore, length of messages and reply time will vary. (From one day to about two weeks. Depending on the intricacy of the piece and how I am currently coping with both my own illness and my own mental integrity).



As we all know, the fall of the Tower of Babel, or the Tower at God's Door, was responsible for the creation of several languages. So here I will digress on language and the rules when writing.

Although English is not my first language, I try very hard to proofread myself, avoiding typos, and being the most descriptive and literate player as possible.

N*FW and Er*tic* scenarios are not required in any of my stories. And rather, they must be thoroughly discussed with every writing partner in advance, as I'm primarily concerned with crafting a great tale. I do not simply compose sh*tty sm*t.

However, I have to confess that I quite enjoy a dash o' romance in my stories, hence I'm fairly guilt-aware in this regard.

Going back to language, I tend to write novellas and multi-paragraphs. Hence the time I take with my answers, according to its efficiency and sophistication. No one-sentences writers or Semi-Para are permitted, as it bores me, and I feel that the connection with the text shifts the further a story progresses.



Here, my noble lost soul, stands the Mirror of Vanity, reflecting the entirety of the user's creation and ways. Kindly refrain from looking into it while I explain my affairs further to thee.

Now, I stand right here enjoying myself and appreciating people's creations with myself. I have plenty of other characters at my blog, if you are at all interested. But I tend to bring them up with my partner as the plot has been decided, as the rules are settled into order, and the whole scenario is well-defined.

I understand this is a tad much and it may take several days until we decide upon the plot, but as soon as thou starts on, taketh note, I'm a good friend and a long term partner.

So yes, if Ye wants a long term player with needs to have an unique adventure and develop something new and full of excitement. I, for thou, am the right choice.

I, for thou present Ye my rules:

And my character list:


Being able to hear the Melody that the Wheel of Fate is composing is a major breakthrough. Oh, dear sweet young spirit. Should thou diligently hearken to the perverse revolving Monument, thou mayst also hear the Moving and Echoing Themes that echo within my author's Heart:

I pursue a couple Themes throughout all my tales, But these are all my own especial Ones:

⪼ Horror/Terror --- My primary focus. So, Writers, by all means, please lets make a move about this.

⪼ Romance --- Yes, my Kryptonite. I'm a sucker for that.

⪼ Adventure --- The bulk majority of all my RPs, when I entered this spot in February, was focused around that topic, I adore it, but it isn't obligatory.

⪼ Medieval --- The majority of my RPs are either focused on an ancient era, or on a medieval context setting, I also love it but it's not a requirement.

⪼ Role-playing games --- D&D, Cyberpunk RED, as many others.

⪼ Original content --- This is when Ye, as a Writing Partners, take our hearts and souls and put all the ideas in a massive boiling caldron and attempt at finding a commonly shared point. I absolutely love writing original and fresh content.



Being aware that it has perhaps been several years since I ventured into the world of living. I may be familiar of a few communicating gadgets throughout time, left here by some dwellers, whom the Moiras forgive myself to recount on their fates.

I realize that at times communication via is quite unsatisfactory. I do have a Discord and a Twitter feed. If you ever need it, you can request me anytime when you speak through messaging, I will be quite open to providing thou with it, if thou wouldst be so kind to me.



Oh. It was quite a feat of accomplishment for thee finish such profile. I sincerely do hope thou didst entertain thyself through reading such a profile, so my sincerest gratitude to thee for following this wandering guide through Hellscape. I shall be leaving thee hereby to further thy wandering on thy own.


These are the tormented that are recommended to talk. Say that you came by Maxi/Evie's guidance and their doors shall open unto thee.

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SalLynne asked the question
Q. Muah, muah. Love ya!
A. Muah, muah! Love ya too Sal! <3
 Jun 8th 2024 17:59

Ulalume asked the question
Q. Screw all those wordy comments - I am wordy enough in our roleplay. Just popping in to say you are a gem. ~
 May 4th 2024 03:39

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Oh my gosh, How could I start with this wonderful lovely creature of absolute creations, that no words can come out of my mouth right now!

MaxiEve, Maxi is just a gorgeous soul that came out of the light of the darkness and can write the cosmos that is lighting up the darkening skies for us all. I have no negativity towards this woman at all. I feel like we have been friends for quite a long time and understand each other when we are both very busy. She completely understands me! I feel like I also found another creator of writing that is an utter talent with how much she writes! When we both started having a decent conversation with each other about what we were both seeking. I can't ask for anyone else to write with this type of creativity. I couldn't! Yes, she is purely beyond the words to describe on how precious this woman is, right here.
I would write with her for so many hours If I could to change the worlds that we both come from. I could not ask for the best, detailed, graphical writer that is her, Maxi/Eve!

I feel like we could rule the world with our writings. I never thought I would be writing a very heart-filled compliment on how much she has changed my view on trying to outdo my writing. She has so much patience, and understanding and is downright an amazing soul.
I cannot ask for more of her. She is just downright fabulous fantastic writer of pure absolute creativity. Having this format of murderous bloodthirst truly made me wonder what else the character she created would do.~

Now, Eve is an amazing awesome person, I would love to have her as a close friend for how many years or decades decide to quickly wrap around us. She is an amazing person with so much love! Trust me, she is someone that I would chat with on and off until I cannot type anymore.
She does get busy, but she does deliver with so much level that I cannot...!

Love: Katarina.~ <3<3<3

<3 This is us, Eve.~
8 hours ago

Wow, I don't even know where to start with this- So many people have said exactly what I'm thinking, but I would hate to sound like a parrot.
Evie is beyond kind. I wanted to start to RP with her because I saw how many people talked good of her in her comments and she DOES NOT disappoint. She is truly a kind and beautiful person. Her characters and stories are so in depth, willing to focus not only on the character and how they will interact, but also on the world around them. She is patient and understanding if you aren't able to get a reply out on time and WOW! I can't forget to mention how beautifully eloquent she is. She's someone where I definitely have to revise and edit my response a few times because I want it to be PERFECT for her.
We have only gone back and forth a small bit as of now, but I am exhilarated to see where our story goes. Evie is beyond kind and funny, a wildcard that you are excited to get in your hand. She is an absolute doll and I can't wait to talk more with her.
If you are thinking of adding her, I could not recommend it more. Love ya sweetie~!
Jun 2nd 2024 12:33

"She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!"

Despite what you may say about me, I am genuinely terrible at expressing my emotions. Hah. But, I am beyond thankful to have met you. Speaking to you is a highlight to my days, and every response of yours is absolute perfection in our roleplay. Our plot? Oh. My. Gosh.
You and me? A perfect pair.
May 11th 2024 17:47

For f***'s sake how anyone can dislike this girl? It's like not liking the sun because it gives us light.

I've never met someone as amazing and funny as Maxine. Her bright and crazy personality fits her well as that punk ass can bring a smile to my face with just a single message.
We actually talk more than do our rp, not because it's dull or not interesting, it's because conversation with her is really fun and dynamic, I'm never bored with her at any time.
As for the rp, she's so literate and dedicated to the roleplay like noone else, each reply I get from her makes me drop anything I do just to read the new part of our amazing story. Her skills are way above mine but she doesn't seem to mind it. She can adapt to my length and still keep it in a better shape than me haha.
Her personality is a mix of madness with stoicism. I'm surprised you can fit in sadistic behavior and cuteness overload in a single body, this makes her special as her craziness just adds charm to the whole image of her.
You're lit and a goat my duderine. 10/10 writer and person.
Can't wait to hear that snoring laugh of yours once we get on a game someday!

"WHEN I'm in Poland I pay you a beer" SO YOU'LL NEVER FORGET muhahaha
Feb 29th 2024 06:23

Where to start? There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I enjoy writing together. In these darkk times, seeing that I got a reply from Maxi is one of the few things that can bring me any joy. Thank you for starting this adventure together with me and I hope it can last. Truly the best player I have encountered on this website to date.
Feb 14th 2024 11:22

aaaa *I am tears*, Thank you very much maxi, I melt with your praise, you have been very kind and I am happy to have the opportunity to share a rp with a user like you, It is encouraging to know that there are users who are worth the effort and share a good game and have a good time. I appreciate your kind words, and I still apologize if sometimes I'm not good at expressing myself or seem a little "cold", I really try to be careful with my way of speaking. Thank you for all the understanding and for being so thoughtful to leave me a nice message, it is the first time that someone dares to give me a good review, I really appreciate it. That means I'm doing things right and that my efforts are valued by my PR partner. Without further ado, also thank you for giving me the opportunity, I hope you feel comfortable with me and we can continue getting along well. Communication is important and above all for people like you, you want to make an effort. Please let no one turn off that light with which you shine. Thank you for so much, sorry for so little. *hugs* <3
Feb 6th 2024 21:38

I cannot describe how I feel about Maxi. A wonderful, strong, and downright enjoyable person to be around. She's there when you need her, and we're all there for her. Maxi's positive energy is contagious, and her ability to uplift those around her is truly remarkable. Whether it's through her kind words or her unwavering support, she has a way of making everyone feel valued and appreciated. I admire that about her, and I am grateful to have her in my life. Maxi's presence brings so much joy and positivity, and I am constantly inspired by her resilience and determination. She truly is a shining light in our lives, and I am lucky to call her my friend.

Now to her writing style: Maxi's style always amazes me. Down to her punctuation all the way to her words. I would be lying if I said I didn't research a few of the words she's used before. They all fit perfectly into the paragraph, and they never cease to amaze me. Maxi's writing style is a true reflection of her unique personality and creativity. Each word she chooses adds depth and meaning to her work, leaving me in awe of her talent as a writer. Her ability to captivate readers with her words is truly remarkable, and I am constantly inspired by her ability to express herself so eloquently.

True, I usually write a paragraph during our roleplays. That's because I'm saving a lot of energy for the deeper side of our roleplay. where we explore complex emotions and delve into the depths of our characters' inner worlds. Maxi's writing not only showcases her incredible storytelling skills but also her profound understanding of human nature. It is a privilege to collaborate with someone who can effortlessly transport readers into different realms and evoke such intense emotions through their words.

My dear Maxi deserves the world, and as both a villain and a hero, that is what I will give her. Her ability to create multidimensional characters allows readers to empathize with both the hero and the villain, blurring the lines between good and evil. Maxi's writing challenges societal norms and forces us to question our own perceptions of morality. Collaborating with her is an honor as we push the boundaries of storytelling and explore the complexities of human nature together.

"As the sun sets and the moon rises, the light will forever shine on you. You will be guided by its gentle glow, which will illuminate your path and fill your heart with warmth and hope. Embrace the radiance and let it guide you towards a future filled with endless possibilities."

From your beloved, Cookie.
Nov 17th 2023 11:50

just wanted to add to this, I think most people have said it all better than I could but I wanted to add my voice anyway.

I love this girl and I can't imagine a better role play partner. Her care and attention to her characters is amazing and the result is that every character, even just with a tiny role, ends up feeling full and fleshed out. Her attention to detail, her willingness to accommodate and accept my input while offering her own unique ideas has made for an excellent balance between us, I hope our time together lasts and that we get to see our stories through. She's one of only a few people here that has really made me care about the stories we share.

Outside of the RP, she's been nothing but kind and understanding of me, and I know I can be difficult sometimes. So, heres to you, Maxi. Thank you for what you have given x
Sep 24th 2023 13:56

What is there to say about Maxi that hasn't already been said?

Maxi is of course an incredible writer who puts the passion of writing into every piece she works on.

As a person she also incredible. Truly she has deserved all the praise she had received no matter your story with her you can expect a wonderfully crafted experience.

As a writer she makes me want to strive to improve and in the time we have been writing I feel as have made steps to improve with much room to grow still but with the inspiration she gives I know I will keep improving.

Thank you for all the kind words you have said to me Maxi your one of the best and most dedicated writers I've come across. Here's to the story of Nezzera and Vann'a.
Sep 17th 2023 12:01

There are only two role players I’ve met in over ten years of roleplaying that truly deserve words of praise such as what I am attempting to write. I do not know if I can do her justice with just a small few paragraphs, but I will attempt to try my best.

@MaxiEve is the single most dedicated roleplayer I have ever met. It is blatantly obvious how much effort and dedication she pours into her roleplays and her relationships with all whom she comes in contact with on here. I have found myself time and time again without partners that share similar interests. It being exceptionally hard to find female roleplayers with an interest in Sci-fi, let alone the more niche Cyberpunk. It was incredibly easy for me to make fast friends with her. Our personal interests aligned so well and I could relate to someone on a personal level. It’s very difficult to communicate the hard facts of life to someone. Irl, I never really share what’s going on in my life with anyone, at least never the whole story. I tend to push it out of my mind or share only partly, just enough to get by. With Maxi, I feel the opposite. I feel comfortable sharing the parts of myself that I don’t let out to my few friends and family. I just feel so secure with her it is unreal.

Moving on to roleplay quality, she is as good as it gets. Replies constantly in the 1k-2k word count range and always packed with incredible detail and care. There’s a lot you can tell about someone from the way that they rp. It is very very easy to see that her soul is in her work. The characters are extensions of and part of herself. It makes it odd to say, but as I find Nek more and more endearing, yet knowing that in a very large way, that Nek is Maxi, I cannot help but feel even more strongly for Maxi herself. What else can one say about a flawless writer? I look forward to every single message from her, personal or rp. Each time I receive a reply to our rp, I cannot help but rush to write for hours.

Maxi’s personality is truly beautiful. She is caring, attentive, and focused on the individual. The message that she wrote for me, very nearly made me cry. I am truly and very deeply honored to be able to call her a friend and a partner. After years of roleplaying, it is crazy to me that I have only now begun to feel as if I have a home in this place. There are a few of you on here that make me feel that way, but Maxi has a habit of meeting those emotional needs that I didn’t even know I had, with such great ease.

I hope that anyone considering having a top of the line experience would try their best to gain Maxi as a partner. Though, as much as I think she’s a treasure that should be shared with the world, I want her all to myself XD.

Thank you so much Maxi. I truly do mean it all. I am grateful.

The desert air rang hot and sweet beneath the soles of tender feet.
As she walked through life with sorrow, she found poor souls to play with at morrow.
Each passing day the number grew, the smiles she made she never knew.
As the the son begins to fade, a boundless count o’ true friends she made.
Upon mind and soul forever more, none more loved or adored.
The hands that write and are written to, none are more loved than you.
Sep 16th 2023 15:37