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Q. In case you dont see the comment I made on my last question (And im sorry to spam you, you can ignore this if you'd want) But I hope that Ego-check was satisfying for you~ I figured doing it early on would give Robert an earlier opportunity to start to...grow, obviously he wont become respectful to everyone over night, but its at least a step
A. It's okay. It's certainly an interesting way to go about it.
 Apr 25th 2021 12:43

Q. Quick question since im just curious, of My OCs in our MHA RP who do you like in terms of Quirk, and then in terms of personality so far?
A. Difficult to say at this rather early point in the rp. But, to honor the question, so far, Kella is my favorite. In terms of personality only, my favorite isn't Robert at the very least ^-^
 Apr 25th 2021 11:42

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