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24 / Female / Single
Greetings and welcome, guys gals and other pals. Just a short introduction: My name is Cithria. Gamer, movie-enjoyer, board-game-player and dreamer. By now, I love to think that I’m at least a pretty decent roleplayer, able to build some nice stories. I have a selection of characters ready for you with their base stories, personalities and a description of how they look. You can find those here:

Each character will have a few suggestions on stories or worlds that they fit in. Those stories are described here, alongside an explanation of said story and possible lesser side characters you may meet:

I’ll even include some existing universes in it, so you may choose one of those if my stories are not to your liking.

As a finisher, I’ll include a few more things in here:
Old characters and old page:

Latest Status

So sorry guys. I'm in the middle of exams an normally I'd just write in the evening. However, I recently got my booster-shot for the virus and that did a good number one me and I'm feeling misarable. I'm very sorry, but how much I'd love too, replies will have to wait a little.
Mood: tired
1  Jan 15th 2022 18:27

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Q. In case you dont see the comment I made on my last question (And im sorry to spam you, you can ignore this if you'd want) But I hope that Ego-check was satisfying for you~ I figured doing it early on would give Robert an earlier opportunity to start to...grow, obviously he wont become respectful to everyone over night, but its at least a step
A. It's okay. It's certainly an interesting way to go about it.
 Apr 25th 2021 12:43

Q. Quick question since im just curious, of My OCs in our MHA RP who do you like in terms of Quirk, and then in terms of personality so far?
A. Difficult to say at this rather early point in the rp. But, to honor the question, so far, Kella is my favorite. In terms of personality only, my favorite isn't Robert at the very least ^-^
 Apr 25th 2021 11:42

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