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- Laura Cunningham, the Police Rookie. -

Name: Laura Cunningham Martinez
Age: 31
Profession: Police Department Rookie.
Race: Human.
Sex: Female
Sex Orientation: Homossexual (enclosed)
Size: 1.86m
Theme Song: And I Grew Into Ribbons - Street Sect
Favorite Song: The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley


Personality: Being a rookie in the police in the middle 50’s is hard. Laura has fought hard to be assigned to the field as an apprentice of a Veteran Detective. She is introspective, making huge monologues about her perceived reality and how it can affect her. Being in the Criminal section, she has a hardened psyche as she has dealt with the insane and the deranged. She keeps talking to her doctor after every assignment, to keep her sanity in check.

Appearance: Laura is a latino-blooded woman, so her semblance is quite on the Latina side. With a bob side cut, she also has a very piercing brown-eyed gaze. Her face is swift and delicate, although she is a hard-boiled woman. She has a mahogany hue on her skin with pitch black hair.


Weapons: She uses a .38 Smith and Wesson, but also has a pump-action Remington Model 870 which she uses to hunt.

Abilities: Laura has a speciality which is her Hut, a mental palace where she can transport herself into and deduce a crime, and its clues to get a criminal. Also she has great marksmanship, for using a weapon ever since she was a child by her father, a Second World War Veteran.


Story: Laura has been born in Texas. Third daughter of an army’s Colonel and a Mexican actress and owner of a Tequila farm, she was always spoiled to be something akin to her mother’s steps. Although she always found the army and the police thrillers more exciting. She joined the Police army, after much reluctance from her family, but with some help from her father's influence with the Police Chief, who were war buddies. She joined the rookie squad and had a transfer late that year to help solve a hard-case murder. She then was accepted in the Crime and Murder section where she helped solve many crimes with her special technique.

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- Character Directory -

Hi there, as I'm a prolific OC creator. I found it easier to put them all here, so that you could check it out if you like it. It's far easier to check them here, than looking for each one:

⪼ Fantasy.

⪼ - Layuta: A Soulknife rogue, that has a lot of issue with her grumpiness. -
⪼ - Malachiah: Professional Monster Hunter, cursed by the blood of ancients that runs into her veins. -
⪼ - Pollyanne: A Mage turned into a cat by the curse of the Demon's King artefact. -
⪼ - Xian: A Wuxia unsung hero, marked by the I Ching and her cold figure.
⪼ - Paige: A Bucaneer and a Pirate, a Vessel's Captain and a Lover.
⪼ - Melleen: An Ancient Crone of the Woods, don't let her telltales gets you, she is a nice woman. -
⪼ - Ka'Hamuu: A Minotaur which is the last Sun-stalker that crossed these lands. -
⪼ - Vann'a: A Charismatic Tiefling that is Half-Thief/Half-Bard, what could go wrong? -
⪼ - Irinia: A warrior cursed with the Madness that courses through her El'Effer's blood. -
⪼ - Synesthesia: Synesthesia is a Ruler. No matter what the cost. There is no place for gray judgment on her reign. -
⪼ - Silvaine: Countess Silvaine, is a well-respected fencer and troublemaker. She loves Silver. -
⪼ - Dorothy: A Muggle-born Hufflepuff 7th year witch at Hogwarts, striving to be a Healer. -
⪼ - Toshi: An Oni Hunter which has the heart of a Cold God in his chest. -
⪼ - Amelie: An Unholy priestess, that holds the spawn of a Demon God on her womb. -
⪼ - Her/Ella: A 10y/o girl that is the Analytical-Intuitive part of Flint L'egaia's mind. -

⪼ Sci-Fi / Supernatural.

⪼ - Neena Palontras: A genetically modified Goblin that is living in the Present/Future. --- I AM THE BEST ---
⪼ - Ænna: A Mecha pilot that deals with a strong PTSD. -
⪼ - Flint - A detective that has two personalities, the other is Her, a girl he once saw it die when he was little. -
⪼ - Gabriella: A General for the army of Wellmachia, which doesn't know when to stop. -
⪼ - Nek: A Daemon Architect Netrunner, which is had her renown for making the most virulent Daemons ever since Bartmoss' R.A.B.I.Ds. -
⪼ - Lucia: A Vault-hunter who loves to drink soft-drinks, as she tends to say "A Nuka-cola a day for a Sugary baby crave!" -

⪼ Modern Days.
⪼ - Laura: A rookie from the police academy that has a special secret for solving crimes. -
⪼ - Amethyst: This own writer Avatar, an amazing girl and an audiophile. -
⪼ - Belial: The Ancient Demon that lives inside a Grimoire. -
⪼ - Raqya: A Mastermind behind the Goldweather's Mob Family. -
⪼ - Nynaeve: A psychiatric patient, that has a secret. -
⪼ - Elena: A writer that can change the world with her writing, and a second personality that is a complete Villain. -
⪼ - Richard: A Chemistry Teacher trapped in a past where he lost his Husband. -
⪼ - Mary Jane: A survivalist, someone which the childhood was marked by abuse. -
⪼ - Catherine: A Hungarian babe that came to this Country running from a grooming mother and found solace in the arms of someone. -
⪼ - Suki: A delinquent student that keeps her only friend at bay, and is secretly a nerd. -

---- I hope you like it ❤ ----
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- Suki Nanaya, the Left-Handed Queen -

Name: Suki Nanaya
Age: 17
Profession: Delinquent Student.
Race: Human.
Sex: Female
Sex Orientation: Bissexual
Size: 1.74m
Favorite song: Caffeine - Jeff Williams


Personality: Suki hates humanity. Keeping straight in the edge of being unruly and antissocial, She loves to fight and bleed, as she feels that the adrenaline that it brings keeps her alive. She has a deep depression, but she is always smoking a cigarette and stargazing to give her some calmness in her hot head. Although she is a delinquent, she has almost perfect scores in her school tests.

Appearance: Suki has a black long straight hair, with some of the interior painted in red. She uses dark makeup and has a piercing under her lower lip. She dresses in a high school attire with her favorite black jacket and sliced black panthoses. She also had tapes around her left hand, as she is left handed.


Weapons: She uses everything she could put her hands on as a weapon, as she fights dirty, but loves her butterfly knife.

Abilities: She can fight some kickboxing, but she is well-versed in her own street-fighting style with the use of makeshift weapons.


Story: Suki is a senior student from the local High-school. For her higher grades she was accepted in a high rank school, instead of being transferred to a bad school. She has the worst relationship with her mother and her step-father as he tried once to SA her. Trying to survive in her hostile environment, she learned how to fight dirty and had some bad reputation in the school and in the neighborhood. The girl lives ditching classes to be alone, usually in the terrace of the school, where she stays smoking and stargazing the sky when it’s almost night. Suki loves to drink tea and eat meat, usually with her only friend, some girl three years younger, which she protects with all of her might.

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- Amethyst, The Avatar from the Creator. -

Name: Amethyst
Age: 29
Profession: Writer and part-time fashion model.
Race: Human.
Sex: Female
Sex Orientation: Pansexual
Size: 1.69m
Favorite song: Suburbia Overture / Greetings From Mary Bell Township / (Vampire) Culture / Love Me, Normally. - Will Wood


Personality: Amethyst is a funny, vibrant girl with an eccentric temperament. She often zones out when eating something, immersed in her own thoughts. She keeps making nerdy references and when she has a time to relax, she loves to listen to the most weird kind of music she can find. Lately she has found a good time listening to Will Wood’s songs, mostly for the amount of context she can learn from them. She keeps an old typewriter in her room, where she can write and listen to the clacking sound of the Typewriter.

Appearance: Amethyst is an almost thirty years old woman, but still exudes a younger sexy appeal and her clothing wardrobe is ever changing. She has blue hair with streaks of light pink/purple. Bright Yellow Eyes and freckles in her face. She uses large round spectacles due to her vision diplopia. She has an athletic body type, but she has some back pain due to the side of her bosom.


Weapons: None. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Abilities: She can sing and dance professionally, also she practices Tai Chi Chuan.


Story: Amethyst was born when her creator had an epiphany. She needed an Avatar to gather all her qualities and thus Amethyst was set alive and put on a Roleplaying website where her Creator can express her emotions and feelings, by using her as a method for visualization without using her own images. In the end, she became sentient and took care of her Creator's things, and became this persona that she is today.

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- Layuta Tributaya, The Psionic Knife -

Story: Original Content

Name: Layuta Tributaya
Age: 23
Profession: Rogue - Soulknife
Race: Human.
Sex: Female
Sex Orientation: Bissexual
Size: 1.68m
Favorite song: Satan in the Wait - Daughters


Personality: Layuta is a divided person. While she is in contrast, with a simple Thief, she is a Soulknife who strikes and infiltrates with the mind, cutting through barriers both physical and psychic. Therefore she knows that something is different in her mind. Layuta is a young girl, usually tired of hearing people laugh and is seldom found with a tired/bored expression. She is often compared to the Old Woman in the Court, a citizen whose bad mood is clearly one of her primal sources of renown.

Appearance: A young, soured mood girl, with long brown hair, some strands left in a long braid cold blue eyes, and a red, healthy blush on her round childish-like face. She plainly uses leather vests with a steel necklace around her neck, which was the last gift from her brother, who was a Paladin and disappeared after one of his calls.


Weapons: Layuta uses two cold steel daggers, but her primal weapon is her psionic daggers which she can create.

Abilities: Layuta is a Soulknife, therefore, she controls her mind in a different way, being able to inflict damage and break other's mind barrier.


Story: Layuta story is a weird one. Born in the Patriarch-controlled noble house of the Tributayas, she hasn't followed the Tenets of the family. From an early age, she didn’t show any aptitude for Magic, neither her Faith was resolute enough for being heralded as a Paladin. Thus she was ostracized by the rest of her family, except from her Older Brother Theyon, with whom she grew closer. When she was sixteen, her psionic abilities started to manifest. Opening psychic channels to communicate with her Older Brother, and even influencing the world around them in their own favor.

When she was Eighteen, when the person within the Noble House usually is assigned to a profession. She wasn’t proficient in almost anything, so she was ostracized and ridiculed again. Finding herself in the tip of a sword, she ran from home, and wandered the town, where she came by the eyes of a Rogue called Shilve. Which held her closer and taught everything she knows now about being a Rogue.

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