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(Anastasia White )
26 / Female / Engaged
Where I dont want to be - United States
**I just wanna note that I had a bad experience recently and it left a sour taste. So I’m not adding for a while. You can send a request but keep in mind it won’t be accepted for a while. I’m sorry.**

I am a very friendly person. I love to make friends. And im open to suggestions about roleplay topics. Things i will not tolerate though, please go read the blog with my rules.

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Q. How are you?
A. I am good and you?
 Apr 6th 2021 13:14

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Thank you for a lovely relationship and wonderful RP, just wanted to let everyone know if you want a good role play and a kind soul then look no further xx
May 20th 2022 12:04

Hey do younhave discord if so I can pm you my id and we can rp there.
Jun 9th 2020 01:44

Jan 20th 2020 10:48

Jan 8th 2020 12:15

Nov 26th 2019 11:46

Sep 7th 2019 13:29