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26 / Male / Single
United States
Open to almost all settings and genres of RP, with a heavy bias towards romance (with female characters) Activity sporadic. Can take crash-courses on universes I am not familiar with, but I'm all too happy to invent our own settings, too. I'm fairly flexible within reason.


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I'm sorry it's all taking so long. Things are improving, and I promise there is nothing to worry about. Things are calming down on my end. And once I get caught up on sleep, I should be able to get back into the swing of things. Thank you all!!!
7  Jun 13th 2024 16:35

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Q. You free?
A. Not yet. Big problem is resolved. new problem: Internet related. Hopefully resolved soon, will let you know. I miss you too!
 Dec 27th 2023 18:37

Q. Are you available to continue
A. Not until real life stuff resolves. Monday at earliest. I am sorry, conditions just don't make RP possible right now. It can't be helped. I'll make it up to you.
 Dec 14th 2023 22:21

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Omg!!! Hiiiii
Apr 19th 2024 16:21

You're on! ^^
Feb 16th 2024 16:57

“I love you.”
Jan 28th 2024 06:47

// Behind the adventurering barkeep - Hello! I'd like to thank you so much for accepting my friend request ^^ I'd more than happy to discuss storyline. Oh! And here's a much more thorough account of my character

I am hoping I can construct my profile to match my rpr account.
Jan 1st 2024 16:46

Hurray you're on! ^^
Dec 9th 2023 16:12

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ur on
Dec 8th 2023 15:45

You're awesome! ^^
Nov 6th 2023 21:25

Oct 31st 2023 17:48

So… Yeah, Glemmy. This boy here is the cream of the top milk.

With a wonderful charm in his writing style, he keeps surprising me. I caught him in a low blow, as if saying something about Mechas. And boy, I’m having fun, creating this dystopian city, full of surveillance, A techno-church that keeps the citizens trapped in their dogmas of control and fear. And the citizens need to find a place to do their hedonistic desires. All into a complex drama about Mecha Pilots and their backgrounds. It’s all very organic, and I for one am glad that he is a smart person to get my ideas, and improve them, making the story even richer than it was.

OOC he's calm, polite, and very composed. As well, very comprehensive of my state of health, so it’s been such a blessing to write down with him. He is highly educated and has a vast knowledge of many things, so our talks out-of-character are quite well founded and beyond illustrations.

He has been presented by another writer that I love deeply in my heart, so I shall thank thee for this marvelous time writing down Ænna and Gael’s story. So if you care about having nice conversations about deep things with someone polite and respectful, And have a nice RP with substance.

Glemmy is your guy. Thanks for sharing this time while we write this piece and being my partner. <3
Oct 30th 2023 00:18

Yayyy bestie is back
Sep 20th 2023 21:07