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Meison S. Celeuon


Full Name: Android 1: L31L4
Alias/Nickname: Leila, LeiLei, 18, Lolita
Birthday: March 3rd
Year: 20XX
Age: Unknown - Looks around 14 at oldest
Race: Android
Height: 4'5
Weight: 97
Body Type: Small and frail looking
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue

Being built with the thought of the Victorian era in mind, Leila wears something akin to gothic Lolita, though it's anything but, her Victorian fashion has a modern day twist put to it with the top she wears accompanying it, her parasol is made of sheer fabric, made only for slightly blocking out the sun, though somehow it can withstand storms. Her dress stops at her knees, while black and red stripped tights cover her legs, black Mary Jane's on her feet.

Any complexs?: No, but she occasionally malfunctions when it comes to over-excessive heat

Skills: Laughing at others misery, embarrassing people, hand-to-hand combat, anyhing math related.

Sexuality: ?

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: A simple Android living under the roof of the scientists she's come to know and love, along with her creator.

Family: Creator: Cecilia Halla

Relationships: Cecilia: Adores.
Luca: Enjoys to tease.
Jane: Loves, but knows not to tease her.

Friends: None.
(Become friends with this lonely Android p l e a s e)

Likes: Human food, snow, anything that comes on the television, and going out into town.

Dislikes: Sitting around for hours on end, she's afraid she'll collect dust, not being in recharge for days, low energy, the fact that everything on her is basically a human's besides her internal energy system. (She'd rather be either full android or full human, nothing in-between.)

Personality: Leila is a mischevious little girl who giggles too much for her own good, she likes to make jokes that can be taken as hurtful or playful, depends on how you look at it. Dealing with her is always a give or take conversation, but in the end she's a loveable android. (She's also stubborn like a mule and vain.)

Past: Being invented by her creator meant she had to travel with her as soon as her feet touched the ground, which she didn't mind since she wanted to see the world, though her mind was input with memories of the Victorian era in London, meaning she talked and acted like a fourteen-year old Victorian era girl, a noble or something more. She wasn't stuck up, but it could come off as snoody sometimes if you rubbed her the wrong way. She did grow lonely though, like anyone would without new interactment, she was made with human emotions in mind, like a real child, so she'd never expect to be static like many think Android's are to be, but she expects... more from the world.

Quotes: "What if I offered you a choice? You take what you have an flee like a coward or you stay and fight and die. The choice is up to you.~" - Leila

(This character doesn't have to be for modern day times, she can actually be put in anytime, really. Go wild lol)
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Cecilia Halla

Full Name: Cecilia Kivi Halla
Alias/Nickname: Celly, Celica, Kiwi(Luca only)
Birthday: November 10th
Year: 1996
Age: 22
Race: Finnish
Height: 5'4
Weight: 101
Body Type: Small (t h i c c thighs), not much muscule, but her brain makes up for it.
Hair color: Blue with yellow tips
Eye color: Blue

With her hair always up in a ponytail and her goggles on her head, it makes for easy access to slip them on her face when using a blow torch. She always has a small backpack on her shoulders which somehow carry various parts within it, on top of her pack rests a map, in which are marked red X's to show where she's travelled to (and of course if she gets lost..)
She wears a grey body suit along with a choker with a golden diamond hooked to it, the body suit for easy movement, the choker because it looked cute with her crop jacket. A giant belt rests on her hips in which a giant C is on it, which she says represents the first letter of her name, attached to the belt is a container, which she calls her 'Inspiration fuel'.
She also wears black knee high boots.

Any complexs?: Does calling all of her inventions her 'babies' count as possessiveness? (Lol)

Skills: Inventing anything, she can whip up anything with the smallest amount of parts.

Sexuality: Demisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: A traveling inventor that happened to like staying and traveling with Luca and Jane.

Family: None, she doesn't know them.

Relationships: Luca: Really close to, she likes showing him her inventions because he gives her good critics.
Jane: Her closest friend, even if she sometimes bugs her a lot to come and look at her latest invention.

Friends: Jane and Luca.

Likes: Her inventions. Water, like pools, warmth, fuzzy and fluffy things, dogs, fluffy dogs (Like Chow Chow's)
(Someone get this child a fluffy Chow Chow,
p l e a s e)

Dislikes: When her inventions don't work, when it's really cold outside, extra work, no sleep, sitting around doing nothing.

Personality: Cecilia is an energetic inventor who likes to go around town and boast about her latest inventions, hoping to be scouted out by some major business, she doesn't have her eye set on cash, it's just the fact that she could see her inventions being used for something other than collecting dust. (Most of them really help Luca and Jane out) Cecilia is extremely smart, though if she doesn't care about what you're talking about she'll tune you out or it'll just go over her head, she'll know what you said, but won't take the time to store it in her brain.

Past: Growing up Cecilia had a love for the English language and wanted to be an author, though as soon as she got into Middle School and set her hands onto her very first invention (which the teacher made in Science for some odd reason) she knew that being an author wasn't the thing for her, and she persued her goal of wanting to be the greatest female inventor out there, to be known and to have her inventions noticed. She was a natural at inventing too, so she caught on quickly. After Cecilia graduated High School she left to go travel the world, knowing that College wouldn't have much for her besides Engineering, and as appeasing as that was she wanted to see the world as soon as she could. Then one day she ran into Luca and Jane when they were out in the park, she over heard them talking about their latest science mishap and how one of their Micropipette's broke as did their Centrifuge, which was Cecilia's opportunity, and she took it with a great force.

Quotes: "An inventor fails 999 times, and if /she/ succeeds once /she's/ in. /She/ treats /her/ failures simply as practice shots." - Charles F. Kettering (revised by Cecilia)

Face Claim: (*Cough* Human Internet Explorer *cough*)
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Luca Dietrich

Full Name: Luca Kühn Dietrich
Alias/Nickname: Lukas or Lucy
Birthday: December 24th
Year: 1995
Age: 23
Race: German
Height: 5'8
Weight: 126
Body Type: Average build, not too thin or muscular.
Hair color: Black and white
Eye color: Gray

Always seen wearing his signature round glasses, he normally shows up to work in his everyday attire, even after getting berated by his boss multiple times. He'll usually just slip his lab coat on so his boss could stop whining. When in the Military he'll come to work fully dressed in his work clothes (He doesn't want the Commanders harsh yell at the Militants be directed at him. He's also scared he'll drop kick him. So he tries to avoid that too.)

Any complexs?: Not really, he's pretty protective of his best friend though.

Skills: He enjoys drabbling with medicine, but that's not what he specializes in, he's an all round science guy, which is why he's able to be more than an assistant. He can also bake really well. (He'll bring cookies to make his boss forgive him for not showing up to work in his work clothes.)

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Though he wouldn't mind being with a man. But he does consider himself Het.)
(*cough* those Military dudes though *cough*)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Assistant scientist, head pharmacist when in the Military, (he can also play the roll of medic if the medic is injured. Thank God for the medical course in human anatomy, am I right?)

Family: Mother: Anna Dietrich
Father: Hans Dietrich

Relationships: Mother: A bit distant from, she moved back to Germany for work when he was young.
Father: A so-so relationship, he wanted his son to be a doctor instead, but he's not mad since it's 'close' enough?

Friends: Janette Alexopoulos

Likes: Anything sweet, hot cocoa, sitting, anything comfy, science, anything related to time-traveling and sleep.

Dislikes: Boring and bland things, failures, salt.

Personality: Luca is a care free soul, though he does over think things too much, which conflicts with his overall personality, he could spend hours on one subject and not finish it until he gets the answer that makes absolute sense. Even if the other 25 answers /also/ made sense..
Luca enjoys his beauty rest, so he can wake up fresh and ready to solve the mysteries of the next day.

Past: Luca was a pretty bland guy growing up, which is why he doesn't like bland things now. His only stand out talent was anything related to math and science, since he wanted to be the first person to actually time travel, like in the shows and movies he saw. One day, during the summer right before his first year in high school, young Luca had thought he figured it out, and when he tried to go back to the time when his mother and father first met, the entire thing back fired, leaving Luca with horrible vision and a large chunk of his hair white. He wasn't so thrilled about getting glasses, since they looked odd on his face, but he didn't mind since no one complained but him. He then bumped into this girl one day, who had a notebook about being the first to land on Venus, they both instantly bonded over that as he explained his mishap over the summer. And they've been friends ever since, he was even scouted too when Jane was, so he was happy to be her assistant instead of someone he didn't know.

"What do I say? Uh, well, i'm Luca? And, I enjoy science, I work for Jane, and I like to drabble with medicine, I also work in the Military at times? I do medicine there-- Wait, I already said that. See, this is why I don't do this." - Luca
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Jane Alexopoulos

Full Name: Janette Vera Alexopoulos
Alias/Nickname: Jane or Janey
Birthday: June 14th
Year: 1995
Age: 23
Race: Italian and Greek
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
Body Type: Average enough, works out often.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Usually seen wearing a lab coat due to her job, along with a black collared shirt and skinny jeans with baby blue converse, Jane isn't seen very often outside of that since her work is her life and vice versa. Though on her off days, if forced to by her lab partner, she'll wear an oversized sweater with blue jeans and her converse, other than that it's just the usual.

Any complexs?: Addiction to caffeine.

Skills: Anything revolving around science and math, is also surprisingly good at cooking.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Head scientist, (also works for the Military, so she also drabbles with medicine as a pharmacist.)

Family: Mother: Liliana Alexopoulos
Father: Adrian Alexopoulos

Relationships: Mother: Very close, she's the one who helped her find her love for science.
Father: Loves dearly, he helped fund her to go to the best college supporting any and all science.

Friends: Luca Dietrich

Likes: Sushi, anything sweet, take-out, anything related to science, molecules, she really likes studying molecules.

Dislikes: Sleeping(she could miss out on something great), lazy people, when something goes wrong/fails.

Personality: Jane is a quirky scientist who always comes to work with a smile(and a cup of coffee) she usually refuses to wear her glasses even though she needs to, which makes her stubborn personality shine through, though she's easily amazed by anything science related because she just /adores/ it.
Did I mention she loves science? Because she /really/ likes science.

Past: Growing up Jane wanted to be the first person to land on Venus, despite the odds, and to do that she found her interest in math and science, though since she wanted to be an astronaut she didn't know her love for science until her first, awkward year of high school. She carried around her notebook of her plan of how to land on Venus until she bumped into a boy with two toned hair and round glasses, she had to hide her book, though it had fell, to her dismay. He had picked it up and read the first page, she waited for him to laugh at her, but he didn't, and there started to friendship of them, there after her high school days were filled of Jane and him rambling about science things and what the scientist were doing wrong. During their Junior year, towards the end, when the yearly Military recruits came to recruit the young boys and girls who wanted to join the cause, young Jane and her friend were both scouted. And there her life began. (Even if she was still in High school.)

"Science doesn't make /all/ of me! Only 95.9 percent of me! The other 5 is coffee." - Jane
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