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Bao's Blog


One morning, he goes to the brothel. He used to work there, till a few days before.
He enters inside the building but remains standing by the entrance, looking just as nervous and fragile as ever. He doesn't have good memories of his time at the brothel.
The reason he came was to take his things back.
While he is there to wait for the person to bring him his things, some prostitutes who came to see started to murmur among each others, saying that Bao was "bought" by General Jing Yuan, some days before. Naturally that practice doesn't even exist, but it's true that Jing Yuan paid off some debts Bao had made with the brothel's owner.
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Eventually, Childe manages to force Zaiyi to return to the palace, in hope to find a way to convince him to invent a common lie and not tell the truth, when they will be questioned about the little Prince's disappearance.
What Childe didn't know is that the guards are already waiting for their return, as XiFan didn't waste a chance to be the usual vulture and went straight to ZhongLi, as soon as he returned, to tell him how Zaiyi and Childe plotted to kidnap WooPil.
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As XiFan bargained with him to convince him to take WooPil out of the palace, he eventually has to accept. He knows that something is up but he thinks that as long as himself is present, they wouldn't be able to do anything to the young prince.

Just moments after he takes the small child to the place where Childe and XiFan are, though, the little boy simply disappears under his nose.
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The next morning, he leaves ZhongLi's residence while the King is discussing with the Prince, not wanting to bother them.
He aims to simply return to his residence, but before he could set a foot inside, a servant promptly tells him that XiFan summons him.
Zaiyi goes without complaints and as expectable, the other wants to know how things went the previous evening.

He tells XiFan what happened, in a very generic way and without getting into details, but it's pretty easy to guess what happened. Also since Zaiyi is in such an uncommon and bright, euphoric mood.
Among the other things, he also tells XiFan that the King wants them to give gifts to Prince WooPil and that he was thinking to go to the market to buy something nice for the child.

The two decide to go together, but all XiFan really wants is to see what Zaiyi will get for the Prince so that he can make sure to gift him something far more valuable and luxurious.
Accompanied by a servant and a guard, on request of XiFan himself, the two concubines leave the palace to head to the centre of the city.
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Zaiyi didn't cause any kind of problems anymore, after that meeting with ZhongLi. In fact, it's as if he became a ghost, never coming out of his residence and not having any requests for the servants. And of course never trying to run off again.

Until he is warned by a servant that XiFan summons him. He didn't even know that the exchange happened and is kinda scared to know that the Prince is there and summoned him. Despite their fathers were close, the same couldn't be said about Zaiyi and XiFan.
He doesn't dare to leave him to wait and hurries to meet with him, already expecting what he wants to tell him.

They meet in one of the gardens in the evening and take a walk while talking, under the eyes of all the servants and guards around.
XiFan quietly scolds Zaiyi for his behaviour of the past days, gives him some recommendations for the future and refers to him what the king asked him to: that he won't touch him against his will.

The two keep talking for a little while, then return to each of their places, separately. They follow all the etiquette they know, so they are especially careful not to be alone or have any suspicious behaviour with each others, despite their parents are cousins (Zaiyi's late mother with XiFan's father.)
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