The next morning, he leaves ZhongLi's residence while the King is discussing with the Prince, not wanting to bother them.
He aims to simply return to his residence, but before he could set a foot inside, a servant promptly tells him that XiFan summons him.
Zaiyi goes without complaints and as expectable, the other wants to know how things went the previous evening.

He tells XiFan what happened, in a very generic way and without getting into details, but it's pretty easy to guess what happened. Also since Zaiyi is in such an uncommon and bright, euphoric mood.
Among the other things, he also tells XiFan that the King wants them to give gifts to Prince WooPil and that he was thinking to go to the market to buy something nice for the child.

The two decide to go together, but all XiFan really wants is to see what Zaiyi will get for the Prince so that he can make sure to gift him something far more valuable and luxurious.
Accompanied by a servant and a guard, on request of XiFan himself, the two concubines leave the palace to head to the centre of the city.
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Straggler "They might be good but not perfect. I will never digest Cyno. I can't even just ignore him anymore.
Your blood? How did they notice something was off? Were you sick?" He is not a doctor but has better knowledge than most physicians for sure.
"I have much less sex than I would hope for, especially lately.
You have never mentioned you were some kind of legend in bed. My freedom is over, or I would have proposed to try."
He snickers at Lani's words, grabbing the paper. "Can't you give him a proper treatment? After seeing the efficience of your contraceptives, you earned my trust."
XiFan «So you want to be at war with a prince? You are a particular type for sure.» He hopes that these information will prove useful to himself.

Zaiyi. «I do not know… they visited me when I was very small. I do not have any memories from that time. But my health was not good, as a child. I was also born prematurely…»

Lani. «I never mentioned my prowess in bed because I am too much of a sir to bring up such matters!» Clearly, that's why he brought it up. XD
«I certainly can, but I need to know what he is needing to cure.»

Zaiyi. «A… disease of the blood…» he mumbles shyly.

Lani. «I honestly hope that in your country "physicians" don't give the same treatment to any blood disorder as if they were all the same thing.»
He looks up. «I will have to visit you, in order to know what you have and what the best therapy for it would be.»

Zaiyi. «I… will have to ask for His Majesty's permission, first…»
Straggler "Ah, no worries. I know that I wouldn't earn much from it head-on. I don't plan to fight harshly either, but surely I'll become a pain in his ass."
He crosses his arms while listening to Zaiyi. "A lot of shit. Anyhow, don't be fooled by the fact he has just a stand in the market, he knows his stuff.
Give me tips, I think I'm lacking as bottom." He snickers. He is a dynamic.
"You need your medications, so you shouldn't waste further time. Go ahead and let him visit you."
XiFan «There is surely going to be an interesting time, coming.» He is actually curious of want Johan and Cyno are going to do.

Lani. «A stand in the market is a perfectly dignified spot! But yes, I don't visit people here, next to the butchery stand, don't worry. If I can't come to your place, we can sneak inside the hospital and use a room from there.»

Zaiyi. «I… really think that I should ask for His Majesty's permission first…»

«Let him visit you, the King would certainly agree that your health comes first.» He will make sure to let ZhongLi know, in hope that he would actually think otherwise. XD
Straggler Well, so far he is only spreading some minor rumor regarding Cyno not being as good and righteous as he wants to appear. "I wouldn't call it interesting." He checks his phone for a moment. "In a few hours at most...I will be drowning in shit.
You can return together to the palace, what's the problem with that? It is not like you are going to be completely alone." He gives XiFan a quick glance then. He is starting to understand what kind of game he is playing.