One morning, he goes to the brothel. He used to work there, till a few days before.
He enters inside the building but remains standing by the entrance, looking just as nervous and fragile as ever. He doesn't have good memories of his time at the brothel.
The reason he came was to take his things back.
While he is there to wait for the person to bring him his things, some prostitutes who came to see started to murmur among each others, saying that Bao was "bought" by General Jing Yuan, some days before. Naturally that practice doesn't even exist, but it's true that Jing Yuan paid off some debts Bao had made with the brothel's owner.
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Web "And you are not going to? Said secret might change his mind about helping you?" She can't help but smirk, amused and naughty as usual.
"Let's see...what do you have access to? You have to start with something simple to sell."
She shrugs. "Yes, who can bear certain people after all.
In some worlds, such a simple wish is difficult to fullfill, but here things still seem to work."
Bao «I don't know… even if he is not from this world, I don't know what he would think about it. I prefer that he doesn't know…» Cyno can get back to have complexes about him.
«I could sell veggie soups and salads…» Maybe some old woman too lazy to cook could consider to buy one soup,.one day.
«There is surely something wrong with me, that's why it doesn't work right when I try…»
Web "I see..." She is getting curious about his secret, not sensing danger.
"It's not a good season to start selling anything related to veggies, is it?" She thinks winter is not really his friend in that kind of business.
"Honestly, you are too unconfident. I think that's your only impairment in finding a proper job."
Bao «No, it's not a good season for that… in summer I could try to sell some pickled veggies, though. But first I should probably plant some…» He has a worse sense of business than fake Dan Heng.
«It can't be helped, then… it's the way I am. Maybe I should just try to beg in the streets…»
Web She thinks he is not very trained with making business. "You have time, make your own vegetables, invest in those and sell them. They won't even get ruined if you fail to sell fast.
That's not what I meant. It is something you can overcome."