Zaiyi didn't cause any kind of problems anymore, after that meeting with ZhongLi. In fact, it's as if he became a ghost, never coming out of his residence and not having any requests for the servants. And of course never trying to run off again.

Until he is warned by a servant that XiFan summons him. He didn't even know that the exchange happened and is kinda scared to know that the Prince is there and summoned him. Despite their fathers were close, the same couldn't be said about Zaiyi and XiFan.
He doesn't dare to leave him to wait and hurries to meet with him, already expecting what he wants to tell him.

They meet in one of the gardens in the evening and take a walk while talking, under the eyes of all the servants and guards around.
XiFan quietly scolds Zaiyi for his behaviour of the past days, gives him some recommendations for the future and refers to him what the king asked him to: that he won't touch him against his will.

The two keep talking for a little while, then return to each of their places, separately. They follow all the etiquette they know, so they are especially careful not to be alone or have any suspicious behaviour with each others, despite their parents are cousins (Zaiyi's late mother with XiFan's father.)
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Alpha_ ''They are, truly. I might show you some day, show you that station, their starships...space is truly beautiful, I liked traveling through it.''
She lets out a chuckle at his words. ''I guess it must be difficult to believe if you haven't been in touch with these things. Even I didn't know anything about it while in Nortrig, only later I found out about Aeons, then again in Nortrig about our own Gods...but very little actually.''
XiFan He looks amused. «Why do you want to shown me, of all people?» He is just curious.to hear her reasons.
«In Great Huang we know that there are gods, but we do not know their names. We just talk about "heavens" when referring to the higher beings. Some people believe that emperors are chosen from the heavens or even they they represent the heavens' will.» He is quite skeptical,.unless the gods are all sadistic.
Alpha_ ''In case we become friends. We still don't know each other much but it is not to exclude.
I don't know their names either, maybe Zhongli and the others mentioned some, but they sound complicated.'' She is a simple girl. XD
''I don't think they act directly, Zhongli is not acting this way because some Gods told him to do so, he did it all by his own will, to give the auriold a chance.''
XiFan «I see. You are a very extroverted person, then.»
He tilts his head. «Naturally the King would know the names of the gods. Although he may not be particularly fond of them, if he left the heavens.»
He doesn't manage to fully understand the situation with ZhongLi and the other gods. «The King has the future of auriold at heart. No wonder there is so many of them, in his kingdom.»
Alpha_ ''I'm trying to make friends rather than enemies, lately. I don't want to be in bad relationships with everyone again.'' Zhongli and his family really opened her eyes. Before, she wasn't social at all, but she got to like being with other people, after all, wolves are indeed pack animals.
''Things are a bit easier here...in the Great Huang, it looks really difficult for you, but from what I could see...there are not undeads around or they are very few. The South is still crowded with them.''