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29 / Other / Single
Texas - United States
Have been roleplaying for almost 13 years. My grammar is iffy somedays. I do have a written expression disorder that i been trying out grow. Been trying to improve on it. I can type multi paragraph and been trying avoid writer block as much as possible.

Role plays I like to do mafia forbidden love, dark fantasy between a ether a demon, vampire or creature. I do enjoy some odd things. Perferable romanace.I also do anime but not usually with OC characters. But other than that I am open to anything it doesnt matter. Also i DON'T do incest.

Other than that read my must read blog at the link. Givew details on what i willing to do.

My character are in my blogs. I always coming up with new characters when I bored. Most character do swing both ways i try be flexible with them. How many character I can create? I hope an endless amount.

Ways to communicate is throw fb, text, discord and here.
Discord: karuto15#0825

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Q. So you will be replying faster now?
A. Yes til I go bed
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A. No just got home
 Jun 25th 2019 20:08

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