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(Ben Keating)
18 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hi guys, well I've been on this website for just over a year now and I think a update to my account is in order so here we go

Well my name is Ben but my friends call me BB for some reason (never really understood why) but anyway, I love anime and role playing to pieces and is often referred to as the 'weird one' at school

Anyway I hope to roleplay with you all and one only got one rule and that's to have fun!

Latest Questions

Q. Do you rp cannon characters?
A. Sometimes though when i do i try to mix them with my OCs
 Jan 4th 2018 18:58

Q. Who's your favourite character in our roleplay at the moment?
A. gotta be Cogs, he's probably the most fanciest dog i've ever met
 Dec 29th 2017 15:41

Latest Comments

Hiya! Just wanted to greet a new friend! I’m Sol and I’m happy to meet yah! See you around in a chat or roleplay!
Feb 27th 2019 16:37

Thanks for the add
Jan 3rd 2019 19:26

Welcome to the Multiverse, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
Oct 29th 2018 10:03

♥Thanks for the add gorgeous!♥
Oct 1st 2018 02:58

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Aug 14th 2018 18:39

Hello. I am Mawii and you have added me as a friend. Please be sure to read my important info and rules. You can find my ocs on my blog (Or in my photos waiting to be added to the blog). Message for RP!
Jun 6th 2018 20:57

I just spent about ten minutes reading all the way back to the start of our RP. Ten minutes which I am never getting back, which I could have spent becoming a better person.


May 9th 2018 17:02

I'm being annoying notice me ;-;
Mar 13th 2018 15:09

Thank you let's not be strangers
Feb 28th 2018 03:19

When are you replying?
Nov 21st 2017 12:09