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Latest Questions

Q. Do you like our roleplay?
A. yeah im enjoying it, i hope you are as well :)
 Aug 2nd 2020 08:23

Q. how can i go to rp with you
A. Message me and we'll RP
 Aug 24th 2015 12:26

Latest Comments

Hey are we going to continue?
Sep 27th 2021 10:02

Hey You right there in the tie! What the hell did you say about HAMON!
Sep 26th 2021 21:49

Happy 6 year anniversary on this site :3
Apr 27th 2021 20:26

*Gargles cake*
Sep 29th 2020 09:37

i like eating water
Sep 29th 2020 09:33

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Aug 14th 2018 18:39

I gotta deal with damn school later :(
Apr 29th 2015 02:26