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(Ben Keating)
23 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hi guys, well I've been on this website for just over a year now and I think a update to my account is in order so here we go

Well my name is Ben but my friends call me BB for some reason (never really understood why) but anyway, I love anime and role playing to pieces and is often referred to as the 'weird one' at school

Anyway I hope to roleplay with you all and one only got one rule and that's to have fun!

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Latest Questions

Q. Do you like our roleplay?
A. yeah im enjoying it, i hope you are as well :)
 Aug 2nd 2020 08:23

Q. how can i go to rp with you
A. Message me and we'll RP
 Aug 24th 2015 12:26

Latest Comments

don’t forget about me
Feb 16th 2023 14:16

Happy 6 year anniversary on this site :3
Apr 27th 2021 20:26

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Aug 14th 2018 18:39

I gotta deal with damn school later :(
Apr 29th 2015 02:26