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24 / Other / Single
Hell , Missouri - United States
Hello! Any pronouns are fine.

My replies tend to be short, but I'm trying to learn to make them better.
I rp using my own ocs. I mostly do supernatural plots! Especially romance.
I mostly do a lot of MxM FxF rp. I do FxM too, but rarely.

A few rules....

1: I do semi paragraph style role play.
I don't care too much about length of response, the actual content of the response is what matters to me. I just want to have fun.
will probably use bad grammar ooc but that doesn't mean I'll continue to type that way during the rp.

2: Please ask about boundaries when it comes to rp content, and please respect said boundaries. Just be clear about your preferences. :) I do roleplays that aren't always so safe for work so yeah.

3: Most of my ocs are supernatural. I can change them to fit the rp, but tbh I usually prefer supernatural rps anyway! Don't ask me to make a new character. I won't be interested.

4. No age play, no illegal kinks, no ddlg, no eating disorder centered rps, and don't send me characters who are severely underweight, especially if their weight is in their bio.

5. I have Discord! We can rp on Discord if you want to, especially if you wanna talk ooc.

Credit for my profile art: My profile picture was made by Abigail Larson

Okay, thanks for reading!

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Them <3
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Q. hey, are you okay? <3
A. Yes I am! I'll dm you
 Jan 13th 2024 13:19

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. I just figured it out! Thanks for the tip~
 Oct 19th 2015 23:24

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Heyy loveee
Apr 9th 2024 21:06

sure we can discuss an rp
Jan 7th 2021 23:44

"Hello there, stranger, and thanks for sending a friend request! Yes, the legendary Star-Lord is here to thank you for such a great task! I know, mostly people thank me. I'm still shocked like you must be, right? Anyways, I have a galaxy to save so I must leave, however you can have quite the honor of having everybody know you as 'the guy who Star-Lord thanked'! Ta-Ta!"

//If you ever want to chill, role-play, or do anything else (since I really don't care what I do on this site. I'm just super-chill like that. And yes, I role-play many things while Peter is just my muse. X3) leave a private message! ^~^
Jul 4th 2016 17:31