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Richard and Tomiel/Mortimer and Tomiel first meeti

As soon as the King decided he'd spare Tomiel and thus keep her at the palace under his responsibility (like Artemis and Luna) unless someone would decide to adopt her, as the school year is about to begin, he sent order to Malicedom to provide the young one a Hofmeister to guide her and help her through the years of private study. (Every student studying privately is meant to have one and to the Royal Family are always sent the highest and most professional Professors of Malicedom and the Academies.)
Being the only viable solution at that time, Morius had to select Richard as Tomiel's Hofmeister. Mortimer was the one initially meant to, but he was not available, thus the decision was pretty forced, because Richard hates to be Hofmeister and unless forced, like in this case, he simply prefers to ignore every request on the matter.
Despite a lot of complaints, in the end Richard was indeed forced to accept.
The whole thing definitely started in the wrong way, Richard is by nature pretty cranky and easy to gain the hate of his students, being displeased and forced to do something he no longer wanted to do, definitely doesn't make him more pleasant.
(This happens a while ago, just a couple of weeks after Tomiel's arrival to the Palace.)
Richard doesn't even inform himself about his student, he prefers to get to know him personally than being told about him and he sure is convinced it's going to be a male that he will have to teach to. So far, he only and always guided male students; he was Dorian's, Johnny's and Jackil's Hofmeister. (One professor can be Hofmeister to only one student at a time, even though still be able to teach to his classes at Malicedom and/or Academies)
He sets the first meeting with his new students at the Royal Palace, Monday at 3 pm, right after his last class of the day at Malicedom.
He arrives with some advantage, he is insanely precise and never, ever late, and as organized in every detail.

Tomiel had mixed feelings regarding the matter. She was enthusiastic that she'd start her studies, to finally learn many things and feel more like the others, it made her happy, but at the same time worried and scared. She barely knew anything at all, she felt quite stupid and lower than average, as usual having less than 0 self-confidence; by what others told her, she got the idea that her Hofmeister would be a woman for sure and it was a great relief to her, since she was still in the "scream at the sight of an unknown man" phase.
That day she prepared herself wanting to be in advance for the class, she found it very important to not make any mess or screw up, she wanted her professor to know she valued this.
Though, while she was walking towards the specific place in which she was meant to meet the Hofmeister -a specific section of the library organized to be a mini class for this specific purpose. (Every student has a separate one in the Palace's library)- she was stopped by Doctor Robstein. In all her thoughts, she had forgotten to go to him for the usual daily checkout and the administering of her medicines. so it had to be done later than established, and the whole thing did take some time, as he had to check every potential internal bleeding and the medicines themselves couldn't be taken all together without waiting some time between one another.
In the end, despite she was ready with so much advantage, she ended up reaching the place with over 15 minutes delay.
Though, Doctor Robstein, seeing her so down and worried, decided to accompany her to her Hofmeister and justify her delay, as it's definitely a worthy reason to be late.

Dr. Robstein. He knocks on the door and walks inside the room, bowing to Richard. «Good afternoon, Professor. If allowed, I would like to justify the delay of your young student as it was caused by me. Unfortunately, the child is affected by serious problems coming from haemofilia and anaemia, which require specific and daily treatments at specific times. Depending on casuality and urgencies, more delays might occur in time, for reasons in no way blamable to the child.
To conclude, I would like to ask you, Professor, should you notice a possible emergency, or occurrence requiring an immediately checkout, please do contact me as soon as possible. Also, the medicines, reagents and supplements can naturally affect the child, causing fatigue, sleepiness, sometimes sickness. It's a natural reaction of a small body to a serious amount of heavy medicines, something not blamable on the child.
Thank you for granting me to warn you about this, Professor. I shall be at the Academy, should my presence be needed at any time. Have a good day. » He bows and walks out, motioning Tomiel to go inside, giving her a reassuring smile.

Tomiel, very hesitantly, knocks on the door, and receiving no answer, she just goes inside, keeping her head bowed and hands joined together at the height of her belly. Though, seeing the Professor is a man, immediately shocks her, but she manages to restrain herself from screaming, but not to look less scared.
«G-good Lord...» She says with a very low and trembling voice, after bowing low to him.

Richard listens to everything Dr Robstein tells him, it sort of annoys him to have such a problematic student but "his" condition also touches him of course. He is a very good person, even if he likes to look evil/mean.
And as he sees that the student is actually a girl, it's twice a surprise. His eyes widen for half-second as she comes inside, but he immediately takes back is uber serious and mean look.
«Good afternoon. Do take a seat by the desk. » He says seriously while starting to take out of his leather bag, many, many, many papers and a few books.
«I am Professor Richard Riddle, secondborn of King Morgan, honored Mathematician, Engineer and Physicist, researcher, advisor, Maths -general, complete, applied and advanced- Geometry, Numerology, Quantum Science and Physics Professor by Malicedom.
I've not been accepting to follow Private Students in the last two decades until now, thus, don't make me regret.
I'm utmost strict, I claim seriousness, total obedience and hard work as well as a perfect behaviour.
In the years, my role will be to provide you with the knowledge of my subjects, assist you in the study for mine and other professors' subjects, be a mediator between you, the teachers and the school, providing you homeworks and materials other professors will establish for you. In other words, I shall teach you my subjects and assist you in the study of it and of the other subjects too, to the limits of my expertise; I shall give you materials provided by me for my subjects, give you homeworks and testing you. Other teachers will deliver to me their materials for you. I will ensure you will perform my collegues' tests here in perfect honesty but it will be their duty to control and evaluate them,
In case of confusions and need of in-depth-analysis and clarifications on other subjects, you may require a meeting with the professors of said subjects. Other professors will visit you on a monthly basis to check your progresses in the specific.
Now. » He takes a transparent amulet from his bag and hands it to her. «Hold the amulet in your hand for a few seconds until it takes the color of the Order you are the most suitable for.» The amulet becomes sky blue and bright yellow. «Magicians. Now remember to always wear it in every occasion in which you'll be in Malicedom, during classes with me and at the meetings with the other professors.

Today, you will have to undergo the starters' tests. The current knowledge, which will be called your basic knowledge, will be tested to know your starter level. According to the results you'll obtain from said tests, we Professors will be able to provide you an individual, educational path most fitting for you in order to reach the final level. These tests are a form of indroduction of the student to the teachers. Their results won't compromise nor influence in any way your admission to the yearly final exams. It's of extreme importance to be honest at these tests, giving a false idea of what your knowledge is will only damage you. Do not attempt any sort of cheats: first off, I'll know if you will do, and it will ensure a very bad beginning; 2 it's beyond damaging for yourself, to trick your teachers into believing you know more than you actually do.

Said this, you'll start with my subjects' tests. Basic maths, basic linear geometry and out pure curiosity, qpplied and advanced maths.
Some tests are timed, for others you will have to be clocked, as the results are connected to the time it took you to complete the test.
You have 30 minutes for Basic Maths.» He hands her 5 papers. «Starting from now.» He places a hourglass on the desk and while she writes he starts to put many, many books on the desk. «Regarding my tests, don't leave unanswered questions and exercices, try to use your logic and instincts to find a correct answer.» After the 30 minutes, not even 1 second later, he claims the papers and hands her Basic Linear Geometry test. 30 minutes for this too. For Applied Maths, he will clock how long it will take her to finish, giving bonus or penalities according to how long it will take. And for the laters one, he gives her just 10 minutes because it's mere curiosity, something no students of her level could possibly be able to understand, unless gifted of that math-genious like him.
As she is done with his tests, he gathers all of the papers and prepares to check them while she continues the tests for other subjects: Dolashin, Geography, History, Law, Alchemy, Potions, Dark Arts and Anatomy. For Dolashin she is given 2 hours, 1 hour for Geography, 2 hours and 30 minutes for History, 1 hour and 30 minutes for Law, 2 hours for Alchemy and Potions, 3 hours for Dark Arts and 1 hour for Anatomy. (Done in two days)
Normally the tests done at the school are done in different days according to when a specific class is held, but in case of private students it's all in the hands of the Hofmeister. But it's the professor of each subject to write the tests, establish how long it should take and to check it/correct it.
That first day, when Richard decides she's had enough tests for the day, also since it's already 9 pm and she has to go dinner and bed, before letting her go, he intends to speak about his subjects tests he corrected while she was doing the other tests. He is astounded. She did it so bad and poorly he thinks she is mocking him, literally.
«Stand beside me, over here.» He takes the Basic Maths test and glares at her. «What is the meaning of this? When I said it wouldn't affect your final results for the access to the exams, I meant formally. Mocking your Hofmeister and Maths Subjects Professor is far from wise.
I want to hear your explainations!» He speaks with quite an angry tone.

To his reaction, Tomiel gets very, very scared and can't help but jump and recoil, fearing he's going to harm her. She bursts in tears, feeling so sorry and down because of this, but she miraculously learnt how to write and read thanks to Morius before losing her memories, but she never saw a number in her entire life.
«I-I couldn't...understand..that language my Lord...» She says with a low tone and through sobs. She truly thinks maths is a language with a different alphabeth.

He looks at her with a frown but a schocked expression at the same time. Definitely not the answer he would have expected and it actually sounds so touching and cute to him...but he will never admit it nor say it loud. « were never taught anything about maths? To count, to add, subtrack, multiply, divide? Nothing? You know...absolutely nothing...» She shakes her head at his question while still crying. «It's...I...» Also noticing the fact she is clearly afraid of him definitely softens him up and shows clearly she is not mocking him nor anything. He takes a deep breath, he never, ever saw a level 0 student in his entire and long carreer, but there is a first time for everything. «What you don't know, you will's not the end of the'll just need some extra work...» His voice sounds definitely softer when saying this. «You may go, you are done for today. We'll meet here again...» He ponders for a moment, «Tomorrow at 7 am. If there'll be time at the end of the tests, we'll take a closer look to this one and see to learn something out of it.»

Tomiel keeps sobbing and crying while he speaks, though as he says those last words she nods and bows low to him again. «T-thank you, P-Professor...for the class...and...I am really...sorry...g-good evening, m-my Lord...»

He doesn't answer anything to her first words, but he definitely appreciate her gratefulness and how she seems to care. «Good night, Tomiel...see you tomorrow.»

The next day she indeed finishes all of the other tests and some of them are as bad as maths ones, like Anatomy, Geography, Potionsssssss, Alchemy and Lawwwwww. She fared slightly decently in Dark Arts but nothing close to an average basic level as she was never taught anything else than write and read and not by her parents' wish. In History she manages to give a couple of correct answers thanks to the books she read but still close to 0. Potions, Law and Maths are definitely the ones in which she got the worst results, literally shocking the professors. But no one gives up of course.
One at a time, the professors indeed go to meet Tomiel. discuss about the tests and their results and giving her the correct answers she should have given to the questions and exercices.

After the adoption matter and moving by Jack's and Mort's, Richard had to go there to meet her for their classes, but it's far from a problem as the manor is literally invaded by books everywhere, it's worse than a public library. And the fact she was there gave Mort the occasion of meeting her here thus be able to discuss about his subjects' tests with her.
School will officially begin in 3 days, but she was given the tests in advance since she's a private student and it was a luck, considering how low her general knowledge is.

Mortimer approaches the girl, a couple of days after she moved to their manor (since he was of a too bad mood because of Dorian and Anthony moving her too) and didn't want to risk to be rough with her. «If I am not mistaken, you are starting school this year. Let's take a look at your tests.» He speaks with a soft and soothing voice, not wanting to scare her off. He motions her to go sit by the table in the living room, while he goes to take the papers of the tests and some other materials.
Once back, he sits beside her, placing the papers, some pens, books, pencils and notebooks on the table as well. «Let's see. To start with, my subjects are only based on study, they require little logic and understanding, just mere memorization, thus it's perfectly normal to achieve very low results if no one has ever spoken to you abous this or you didn't read of it by yourself. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or skills, so you should not worry about low results. We will fix them.» He gives her a reassuring smile and takes places the two tests one next to the other in front of himself on the table. History result: 5/70. Geography: 0/55. In marks they'd turn into 1/10 and 0/10. «I must say, it is appreciable that you tried to give answers to questions of which you had no knowledge. Regarding Geography, the priority will be to teach you a few bases and since we have the luck to be at 3 days before the official start of the school, we shall take profit of this bonus time to reach a better starter level, and begin the school with slightly less difficulties.
Let's begin with: the world in which we live is called Nortrig, in Northern Dolashin, Roij-Jhàn, in Eastern Dolashin, Nhomiap, in Western Dolashin and Soirstoin, in Southern Dolashin. Nortrig is a planet of the Dolash Universe. Dolash Universe, together with every other universe, is a system of the Megauniverse. The 6 adjoining universes to Dolash, are Earth Universe, Tyria, Ancaria, Jovthar, Qu'ntar and Westeros.
In Nortrig, there are 4 continents, 224.154 islands, including lesser and major ones and 4 massive oceans. The continents are the North, the West, the East and the South, separated by the Oceans, with the exception of the outer border of the West, which starts by the coasts of the Northern continent, to include most of the islands and archipelagos.
Each Continent is an independent and autonomous Realm/Epire with a semi-Absolute Monarchy as a form of government.
The Capital Cities of each Continent are: Thylium, for the North; Akk'rah for the South; Khai-Jiin for the East and Clabas for the West.» Etc, etc. For the rest of the afternoon, Mort patiently explains her things and tells her the correct answers of each question, also giving her more details and knowledge on the matters, while she writes what he says on her notebooks. It's something she finds pretty pleasant in fact, private studying at this age and time of her life definitely works better for her than studying at the school among unknown people everywhere, pressure and worries.
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Haru, the Japanese name meaning "spring" and that is what Haru is like. She is a cheerful person and loves to be around people. She nearly always makes them smile with her smile. She has a seal on her forehead (not on picture) it is a diamond in the centre of her forehead and is black. She has that because she has a special ability where she can read peoples minds, which is helpful in fights as she can see their every move before they do it. However when ever she does it she goes slightly blind. The seal is so she does not use her full ability of being able to control the people as well by thought. If she uses that ability she goes completely blind for a bit. The length of time she is blind for varies. Once she has gone completely blind the strain that her ability will give could possible cause her brain to bleed out and die. Her mother put the seal on her before she died and her father died when she was little so she didn't really know him. Haru has a pet dog called Aoi, meaning blue, to help her out because she is a bit clumsy.
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Born in Japan but moved to England about 6 months after being born. She is an extremely innocent and naïve person. She is gullible and cute. People tend to bully her a lot because of that. She is extremely ticklish and laughs adorably. She is 17 years old (old enough to do dirty stuff by uk law) but never has and she doesn't think she ever will but well see. She has a little sister called Amee. Amee was born when she was 4 and Ayame feels responsible for her. Not having a father and her mother constantly working, Ayame had to quickly become the parent figure for Amee until Amee became 14 and decided she wanted to mature on her own.
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Character bio: Kuruki

Name: Kuruki Mandaiji


Gender: Male

Race: Neko

Looks: Black messy hair, Red eyes, Kinda between skinny and normal
Personality: A mix of Fighter (8-bit theatre) and Matt (Epic battle fantasy series), but is actually smart. Has a bunch of random abilites for any particular situation I might land myself in.

Background: A boy who was abandoned at the age of nine by his parents due to his appearance and their strong belief of a religion. By the time he was thirteen he already knew all the things he needed to live by himself and went to school at the same time.
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Shout's Universe

Stellar City lies within a series of places that are home to the temples of a ancient race called the Soundonians, people who learned to take the gods gift of music and utilize them to any way they can. Though the legend says that a entity called the "Dark Note" wiped them out years ago, their tools and temples still remain, most of which can be seen at Stellar City's most popular tourist attraction, their museum! Simon Quill and his dad works at this facility as the Soundonia exhibits curiators. Then everything changed when a group of robotic soldiers, ran by the machine known as Technikhan, broke into the museum and took the artifacts. Now it's up to Shout and his friends to fight back and reclaim the city they love!
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