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Alura Azur [Ash]

Fantasy Character

Name: Alura Azar (Goes by Ash)
Age: 17
Race: Elf

Appearance: Ash has soft, long, gingerbread hair complemented with rough, peach skin, blush cheeks, dragon lips, and piercing, emerald eyes. Her face structure is similar to that of the one in the picture below, however the coloration and pigment is as told above.

Apparel: Ash wears a long, umber colored cloak with a hood that casts an ebony shadow over her visage, and only reveals her mouth. Underneath the cloak, she wears a light, leather armor body suit colored forest green. A hickory belt wraps around her waist and is equipped with two, steel assassin knives, one on each hip, each built for speed and agility. Between her ears, strings a necklace with a cobalt stone. She had received the necklace from her mother and never removes it.

Ash had once been a urbane, beamish young child. She grew up with a caring parents and a young brother who she dearly loved. It had been a diminutive family that lived in a prodigious forest just next to the famed town of Edra though they weren’t tenuous to the town. They were quite intelligent, definitive, and known for their magnanimous ways. Her father had worked at the Edra town hall with the king and queen, and her mother had been a school teacher and worked well with children, especially her own. The family had elemental abilities, her brother having the ability to bend ice, her mother having the ability to control the wind, her father having the ability to control water, and she having the ability to bend fire. Her mother always said that each element almost reflected off their personalities. Her brother, see through, he’d never tell a lie, humble, and loving. Her mother, graceful, elegant, beautiful, impactful like the wind. Her father gentle, relaxing, forbearing like the waves of an ocean. Ash has always been a rough child. She never had malicious intentions, but often undeliberately bruised the other children as she played alongside them. Though she had been amiable and quite an exemplary student.

All was well until the age of eight, when she lost her mother due to sickness. All the medics and thaumaturges in the town couldn’t help the sickness. Ash had been very close to her mother. They’d often go to a nearby lake in which they’d reminisce, laugh, and make new memories together. They’d cavort through luscious emerald forests, listening to the melody of the birds, as animals pranced around them. Ash often had a strong connection to nature and the moon, as well as her mother. Before her mother passed away, she gave Ash a necklace and told her that she’ll forever remain in the bark of the forest. Ash didn’t understand what she meant by this. Ash took the words to heart, and brings the necklace with her everywhere. Not on her neck, but she wears it strung across her forehead, hanging from her ears. A cobalt stone hanging just above her glabella. A sign that she is still one with her mother.

The hapless death dragged the family into a period depression. Her father had taken up drinking, and often came home drunk. In result, he’d heartlessly beat them. Her father lost his job and had taken her and her brother out of school. The family began to slowly drift from the minds of the citizens since they rarely visited the town. After a while, no one even acknowledged the family and most likely didn’t know they still existed. The only aspect that implored her to stay with her father had been hope. She had hope he’d change. Never did she attempt to accost her father in apprehension of his violent comminations.

The sturdy, smooth, hickory walls of the house slowly began to cave in on themselves. Turning a sickly umber, and now scarred with cuts and dents, much like her skin. The house seemed to cave in on itself, as her posture slouched. The house itself began to decay, matching the innocence of her soul.

Within months into the horror she now lives in, her brother also passed away. His physical body hadn’t been in the best condition due to multiple beatings. Her father’s negligent ways left him ruthless. She wasn’t the sweet, temperate, elegant young child she once was. He hadn’t just been detrimental to her physical self, but also her emotional and mental stability. She became very hostile around others, and her mind painted a thick garnet of rage causing kindness to remain imperceptible. Her oppressive father only aggrandized her rage and hatred.

While her father left to the tavern, she’d often flee home and watch the children play in the fields. She also picked up a drinking habit from her father. There had been a time where one of the children thought up the audacious, inane act of approaching her. She lashed out. A glass liquor bottle wielded in her hand, she smashed it against his head knocking him unconscious. It had been an anomaly of emotion. She knew it was a terrible doing, but she loved it. No children fell witness to the act, as she dragged the body into the forest and lit it on fire. The fire withholding her rage, and finally releasing it out into the world, out of her mind.

At age 10, Ash had become a pyromatic. She’d set animals and old buildings on fire. It calmed her down, but no one knew that such an innocent child withheld this ability. They said that their elemental powers reflected off their personalities, well...Ash now understood why she had been chosen to equip such exquisite power thus giving her the name, Ash. She burned it all, her emotions, her feelings, her memories, all to ash.

At age 11, she finally found the assurance to leave home. As her father departed the home, she didn’t hesitated to ignite the house. Burning all it’s cruel memories with it, she didn’t gaburnther any supplies or items, only the necklace. She retreated from the house and embarked into the town. No one seemed aware that she had been Alura. Her physical face seemed to age well above her biological age. She looked like a completely different person. She had molded into a completely different person...

She lived on the streets of the town for countless days until an orphanage acknowledge her and welcomed her inside. Within the first day, Ash had already been known as a troublesome young child. She would often set out into the town unsupervised and steal from stores and stands. She often stole beer in particular, but her thievery sent a temporary feeling of comfort within her vacant soul. She did well at hiding her addiction, though they did eventually detect the empty cans crammed beneath her cot. They attempted to beat the addiction out of her, but instead kindled her rage once more. She fled from the orphanage.

She didn’t feel loved nor did she feel anyone befriended her, but she preferred it this way. No one to hold her back. No fear in loss of a loved one. Life had been simple. She lived in the forest in an abandoned, stone home that she had come across. She now makes a living from her love of thievery and killing. She had given up her alcoholic ways because why have a hangover when you could go on killing sprees?

“It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message. Everything burns.”
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"He left again...didn't he?"
(Changed Anya's name to Jana - Iana, Yana , since Tanya and Anya are almost the same XD )
Tanya questioned while looking out through the the falling snow and looking at frost which got glued on the windows.
"He did..." Jana looked down, sitting beside Tanya and taking hold of her hand.
Tanya looked at the young one and placed her hand on her shoulder.
"I fear that...the Burning Legion is going to tighten the noose even mom fears that too...I fear that dad is over-forcing things..."
"I fear that too...but as long as his faith is strong, he will not fall...I saw it in his eyes, Jana, he possesses the strength, inner strength, something I have not seen in anyone."
"He does...the Light is always with him...but a single doubt is enough to break everything."
Tanya looked down, Jana is right...even a small ''disturbance'', a small doubt is enough to make a huge mess.
"Jana, I know I cannot replace your mother...but please, should you ever need to speak to someone about anything...I am here for you, always."
Jana smiled at Tanya's words, hugging her tightly.
"Tanya, the Light chose you to join our brought blessings and Light with you!"

Night fell...
Vladimir, Jana and Tanya went to sleep, but Althus got is a common thing by now...and it happened a couple of nights - in a chain effect.
Their rooms are all connected to one another, it is like a huge apartment, where they have everything.
The clip-clop sound of his hooves could be heard along the corridor. Althus opened the door of their room and he silently entered. He was wet like a mouse.
The male shut the door and he locked it, placing his weapons down and heading directly to the bathroom. But before to enter, he was ''interrupted'' by Tanya, who approached him slowly and looked at him with worry in her glowing blue eyes.
"Althus..." She whispered, looking down and then sighing deeply.
Althus looked down, then he slowly approached her.
" need help..." Tanya whispered again, but she kept her head bowed.
"Tanya..." Althus said softly. "I had hoped I would be silent enough not to wake anyone..."
"Forgive my worry, but I could not sleep knowing that you are endangering your life again..."
"I do not need help." Althus replied coldly, he always ''pushes'' people away who try to help him, for a reason...
"Please, I beg of you..." But Tanya turned sharper there...she took hold of Althus' hand and she pulled him inside the bathroom. Once she turned the light on, she gasped at the sight of his wounds.
"Oh by the Light..." She placed her hand over her lips...but Althus remained calm and serious as always.
"What happened to you...?" Tanya gasped. "Look...please, for the love of not force yourself, I will take care of everything..."
She has a bit of a healing gift...after all, she did the First Aid for a while.
" friendly forces."
"Friendly forces...? Who?"
"Our own people, Tanya...are willingly approaching di Burning is becoming smaller and smaller..."
"What monster could have done such a thing..." She murmured, then she sighed deeply. "There is no worse thing than when our own people betray us."
"There is not...and they tend to be crueler than di demons themselves...
Our church is in chaos..corruption touched most of it. Only a small percent of di faithful are still loyal to di Light, and they reside in Exodar. I fear that our people will be hunted down, very soon...for staying loyal to di Light..."
Tanya looked down, all of this makes her want to cry, it is like the Draenei suffering never ends, plus the fact that many willingly join the Sargerei makes her sick...( Sargerei = like Communists)

" cannot go on like this..." Tanya added, slowly taking his equipment off and placing it on the ground. It was stained with blue blood, with a lot of damage on it.
"It is di life I chose, Tanya. Di life I must live if we are to preserve what remains of our people."
"Althus you cannot do it on your are a lamb among the wolves and lions..."
Althus remained silent, he is discarding the thought of dragging anyone else into this mess.
"I truly apologize for the question...but can you...can you take your shirt off...please? So I can tend to your wounds..."
Tanya had already prepared water and necessary medication, iodide etc.
Althus shook his head. "No, I can take care of these wounds on my own. Tanya take some need to sleep."
"Althus, need my help..."
"No I don't."
"e.e Althus..."
"Let me help you, you are bleeding out."
"I am fine..."
"No you are not."
"I am. Go sleep..."
"...Oh Light have mercy on me... ._. I know...if you let me help you, I will cook you a lot of I will give you chocolate with coffee and bake you a coffee cake. Is that - " Althus took a deep breath and he indeed took his shirt off.
"I must no how to bribe me." Althus grumbled, it's his greatest weakness - coffee! (XDDD)
As he took his shirt off, Tanya shut her eyes, she definitely pitied him, felt sorry for him, but this is the reason why Althus refuses help when he does not truly need it...and the reason why he NEVER wears "T-Shirts".
The whip marks he received so many years ago had not worn out at all...they even look fresh, but they are not...
Not to mention what other demonic carvings he has in his back, what ''patch'' marks and brands got engraved into his skin. It disturbed her beyond belief...but she said nothing...
Tanya swallowed this and she took a piece of cloth, starting to clean the new wounds he got...bite-marks from hell stalkers, and many stab holes from a couple of Sargerei who ambushed him from behind. Slowly, and gently, Tanya bandaged him and placed iodine on every bandage.
"My deepest gratitude..." Althus said softly, but he moved and approached the sink, washing his face and remaining leaned against it for a moment.
" sorry for forcing you...but this had to be done.."
"You need not to apologize, Tanya. You did what had to be done, and so did I..."
"I did not would be this bad..."
"It does not matter. Only present matters."
"Is there...anything else...that is hurting you, Althus...?"
"No, that is all, my lady..."
"I shall...go prepare you the coffee and the things I promised...I have also prepared you a hot will help you."
Althus slightly nodded and he watched her leave...
The Draenei entered the bath tub and he stayed there until the water got cold. Tanya remained silent for the rest of the night...just preparing the things she had promised Althus...and thinking about everything. She knows how hard it must be for him to literally ''carry their whole world on his back'', but what disturbed her the most were those marks and scars...they tell a story of their own...
Once done, Althus freshly went out, approaching Tanya from behind and gently hugging her. He knows he is very cold towards her...very ''reserved'' and even uninterested...but he truly appreciates everything she does for him...
And these are SUPER rare moments he shows.
"I am sorry Tanya, and I thank you for being so kind towards me."
"Oh Althus..." Tanya melted as he hugged her. She touched his face with her hand, softly caressing his cheek. "I wish I could help ease the burden you carry."
"You already are, I am just blind to not appreciate it enough." Althus softly kissed her neck...
Jana woke up, being O.O at the sight of the two in the kitchen. Althus hugged Tanya and he kissed her! She immediately approached Vladimir's bed.
"Wake up! Wake up!" She said through a loud whisper.
"O.O UH?!"
"SHHHHHHHH! Look! hugged her and he kissed her *-*"
"o.o I never thought he would do something like that..." Vladimir added, only to get ''nudged'' by Jana.
"Oh this is so romantic :') But quick, let's pretend we are still sleeping."
Jana is going to listen to everything they are going to say.

Obviously this...second rare moment of Althus' romantic feelings kicked in. Even though he is not the type to show that part of himself, sometimes he too needs a person who will truly show deep and unconditional love to him...
Tanya kissed his lips, the romantic moment lasted for a while, and that is where Althus smiled widely, the tip of his tail slightly wagged...after such a hellish night and time, he can finally relax and forget about that, until the time for worry comes again.
The two had fallen asleep, hugging each other...but of course they never did anything ''inappropriate''. It is disgraceful to do such a thing before marriage among the Draenei.

Althus woke earlier than others. He brought them breakfast, not wanting to ''obligate'' them to go all the way to the kitchen in the main kitchen. He was happy.
Once he brought breakfast to them, Althus watched them sleep, smiling and praising the Light for giving him such a wonderful family...
And then he left...duty called again...
Althus took his weapons and he went out of the castle. He stopped in the yard...and he took a deep breath.*
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Character: Alucard

Age: 26
Race: Human (Gifted)
Height: 5'11"
Weight w/ Armor & Weapons: 360
Weight w/o Armor & Weapons: 200
(Without Helm on you can see:)
(Eye Color: Bright Gray)
(Hair Color: Blonde)
(Skin Color: Light Tan)
Defining Features: (Has a scar over the right eye)
Ability's: Extreme Foresight & Born Blades Master
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Character: The ArchAngel Mekiale

Age: Unknown
Race: Angel
Height: 6'2"
Weight w/ Armor & Sword: 312
Wing Span: 12'
Wing Type: Feathers witch can be harden at will
Wing Color: Black & Red
Eye Color: Unknown
Defining Features:
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A visit

*Even though Michael always somehow feared him...the youth had heard of what happened to Anthony...and he immediately wanted to visit him and see how he is doing.
Deep inside Michael truly loves all of his brothers, he feels so bad when any of them get harmed...even though he sometimes truly does not seem interested. After all, he is still just a child.
The youth started looking for his oldest brother, being a bit >< and worried at the same time.*
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