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What happened to Richard definitely shook most of the family, especially Tornt, and his younger brothers Benjamin and Christoph (Robert's first name). The first feeling dreadful for always mistreating and beating him up for the fun of it, the second for not having been there for him when he needed, like Richard did for him in the past.

Now, Richard will be unconscious for at least one whole month (at the moment though it is still uncertain whether he will manage to wake up at all) and it will take some more months for him to fully recover. And for that time, he will clearly be unable to go to work. But before the students could even make a sliiiiiiight sigh in relief at the thought they will not be having maths for a while, Christoph decided to have a speech for the whole students ,in the morning before classes begin, the next morning after Richard was found.
He stands in front of them all in the main hall, fully dressed in black clothes as usual but with leather gloves and a rather creepier-than-usual look.

¬I have an announcement concerning all of the sstudents this school.
Out of tragic circumstances related to his health state, professor Richard Riddle will be unable to give his regular classes for an unknown period of time, estimated to be from 3 to 5 months. But before the slightest track of a smirk will appear on your faces, before you will be able to sigh in relief or relax, I have the pleasure to inform you I have already CLAIMED to replace Richard myself in the hours of lessons he won't be able to provide and in those occasions in which I will be unable to provide the replacement , professor Lindemann will take charge. Extra Anatomy hours will mean nothing good for you, in case you were wondering, and there will be many ¬ By his tone and look, it is clear he will do ail he can to ruin their livens until Richard will return, as to punish any possible happiness to know their professor will be missing for a long time. He will definitely turn school into a nightmare for them.
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2 | 12 Comments | by Christoph | Sep 3rd 2015 17:16

Yuya Sefu

Name: Yuya Sefu
Race: Human
Height: 6'3
Age: 17
Personality: Kind, calm, happy and determined.
History: His parents were semi-high officials to the pharaoh, He never led too bad of a life, but had to work to please the pharaoh himself. His current job is keeping the the mystical creatures at the palace.
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35 | 2 Comments | by Flabberoo | Sep 2nd 2015 20:10

Pokemon ranger Noah

i am a top ranger, everyone knows me in the region called Hoen, and i will always be known for how easily me and my abra parther pokemon, abra, is my best friend, we will never leave eachother....ever
Name: Noah Spoon
Sex: Male
Parther pokemon: Abra
Poke assit: psychic
Status: Top ranger (can be lower for sake of rp)
(see photo's for pic of him)
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2 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Sep 2nd 2015 20:06

Pokemon trainer Noah (custom region)

i am from the triogle region, my village is known for its psychic types, and i, am the gym leader....the following is an explantion of my region:

there are...lets say 2 sets of 3 islands, and a set of 2 islands. Each island has a gym. when you get a badge, you get a stamp on your boat pass, allowing you to go to the other islands, each island has their own type, that is the only type that appears on that island, other islands exsit for the other types
As for me:
Name: Gym Leader Noah
Sex: Male
Best pokemon: Alakazam
Mega: yes
Gym leader team: Alazam, espeon, metagross, slowking, hypno, gallade
Non-gym leader team: Alakazam, eletiver, Marowak, Lapras, magmortar, hitmontop

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1 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Sep 2nd 2015 20:04

akmenos creed. The bard. (Oc)

Name:akmenos creed.
Languages:common and infernal
Skills:acrobatics, performance, deception, sleight of hand and athletics
Bard college: valor
Weapons:a longsword
Instrument: lute
Backstory: when he was young akmenos saw the world as a place of beauty. A place where music, art and everything could be explored. His family did everything to protect his innocence and only recently has he seen how the world really is. He decided at a young age to become a bard and spread music to the world and have people sing a merry melody with him. He was kicked out of a bar after his first job for being unable to please some customers. That night he was beaten by drunks for playing horribly.

Personality: Every chance he gets he will try and make a person happy with his lute. He knows the worlds not sweet but that won't stop him from trying to make people happy. He's often afraid of monsters bigger than him and will often run if a monster is to much for him.
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3 | 0 Comments | by Urgigiguks | Sep 2nd 2015 19:11