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23 / Female / Single
United States
I roleplay fxf romance only. I love to rp as cute animal girls in fantasy or modern settings! I am okay with 18+ and er* but no odd kinks really.

I make subby characters, sometimes switch but that's rare. I rp in roles like maid, princess, secretary, student, waitress, servant, pet, senpai, fantasy creatures,and more. I require you be Female and 18 or old. I refuse to do roleplays with pp, f*ta, d*ldo, an*l, bathroom stuff or minor x adult. We can make a plot together. I often use gelbooru for ideas and stuff, feel free to send me something from there as an idea or starter. Also not into huge age gaps (19 and 30 for example), or anything taboo. If it would be frowned upon in the real world don't do it. Like cheating, racism play, vore, incest, no!!! No one would ever want that irl so don't do it here. Be a normal good human and let's have a fun cute rp.

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