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Noah (Dragon/Human)

Name: Noah
Species: Dragon/human hybrid
Gender: Male
Weapon of choice: blade (pet dragon that can turn into a sword,staff, or daggers)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 100lbs

Storyline 1:
I came to this world for one reason, i need to save it...the shadow beasts are coming. And i must stop them
Storyline 2:
I fled the world of light and came to the human world, my parents want me to marry a girl i dont know, and i refuse to do that...
(romance: recommended)
Storyline 3:
i am the king of the sky, i come from a kingdom of clouds, and i come to earth to find myself a queen
(Romance: recommended)
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6 | 1 Comment | by alakazamlover4 | Oct 10th 2015 21:09


After the meeting between Johnny and Dorian in which he found out the truth about little Felix, Amelis got a bit scared and relieved at the same time. She doesn't know whether the situation between the two mended or not, she sure hopes it is the case but she also fears madly that if there are still problems between the two -and possibly her other children-. Johnny might consider to "disappear" again with his family, but this time keeping her and Benjamin out of their life as well, since it's because of her if Dorian found out about his son.
For that, she wants to have a little "reunion" with herself talking for once, to discuss about the matter.

She summons all of her children to their mansion -except Johnny of course- and also Althus and some of Benjamin's brothers in fact.
Things between Dorian and Johnny are fixed in fact, even though she doesn't know, but the problem might still be on the other brothers, whether they are "#TeamDorian or #TeamJohnny". Her main concern is Anthony, but due to his duties, he won't be attending the reunion of course. but he will turn out to be far from a problem in the matter.
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2 | 13 Comments | by Kaeya | Oct 2nd 2015 18:23


Savannah Summers. Sometimes people call her Savvy, because, well, that's what she is when it comes to bladed weapons. She is also somewhat proficient with guns, but doesn't prefer them in a fight. She has the ability of teleportation, but it's not as refined as it could be. She can teleport herself with ease but needs work on using the ability to take others with her. She cannot go huge distances at this point in time. That doesn't stop her from having fun with it though, Savannah loves using her ability to play practical jokes as she's learning to teleport objects. She is 24, 5'6", and a bit on the thinner side. She has long straight black hair with bangs, tan skin (she's part native American) and dark brown eyes. She's caring and kind once you get to know her, but at first she might seem off putting and stubborn. She just likes to know who she can trust before showing her softer side. One of her hobbies is playing the violin.
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3 | 0 Comments | by TheMeridianSea | Sep 30th 2015 18:22

Serenity Monlu ~Bio~

Name: Serenity Monlu
Age: 22
Species: angelic
Hair: strawberry pink
Eyes: ocean blue
Height: 5'4"
Scent: strawberry blossom
Personality: she's really shy and quiet at first but once you get to know her she is fun and really outgoing
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4 | 0 Comments | by Anina | Sep 26th 2015 02:39

Alien/Enemy encounters!

Ok, so. Jack - before he died - told me to keep a record of aliens that I have encountered as it could come in handy one day, plus it could be rather fun to look back on when I am old and grey. I will keep a hard copy for myself and the virtual version here, I will just list them. Must find a big enough diary!

- Stealth Robot
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0 | 0 Comments | by AlexJones | Sep 25th 2015 02:54

The Sweet princess

Name| Alice Kitiara Valerious

Age| 23

Species| Tribrid (half witch, half wolf ,half vampire )

Nicknames| Ally Bear ( @Protective_Hybrid), Ally , Little wolf (Klaus), Allycat (@Unrequited_Souls)

Orgin of birth| Tijani

Cuarrent place of living | Tijani


Best Friend | @Unrequited_Souls

Familiar /protector |

Playby| ksenia solo

Sexual Orientation | bisexual

Issues| Depression ' Psychological ,anxiety

Occupation| Assassin ,Coroner aka Medical examiner ,bartender

Biological Mother| Keaira Valerious

Adoptive families| @Guardian_of_Destiny

Biological father| Kasen Valerious

Daughters| Sophia Neko (deceased) , Marie mason , isabo mason , sitara mason ,Maria Rose DeathRunner

Sons| Caleb neal pierce, Henrik Salem Mikaelson, keil mason ,Tristen Conner (Adopted), Arthur Collin DeathRunner

Adopted brothers | @Warrior_Vampire, @Protective_Hybrid

Love Intreast |

Eye color| soft icy turquoise

Hair Color | jet black ,blonde ,pink waist length hair color varies

Height| five foot one inch

Weight | 112 pounds

Talents| knows how to cook , Clean ,Sew clothes

Personality | sweet yet sadistic cold yet seducing caring yet heartless loving yet fearless she's a really down to earth girl very romantic hopelessly romantic refuses to give up very head strong and relentless and talented with words very flirtatious and loyal sweet as candy can come off cold if humanity is off seductive like a succubus gentle like the wind sultry and calming like a siren graceful and tough like a Phoenix

Likes| wolves , her cat Salem , roses , Romance , long walks on the beach and pumpkin Spice

Dislikes| rudeness, idiots, and hell hounds ,bad guys

(These are powers she has but most do not get used )
Ice control
Fire control
Time control
Accelerated healing
Summon the dead
Ice formation
Weather control
Forsight ( premonition)
Astral Projection
Binding magic
Elemental Control
Healing magic (allows her to heal others )
Heat & Fire Manipulation and Controlling
Power Absorption
Premonition Projection (touch only )
Pyrokinetic Combustion
Rapid Cell Regeneration(another form of accelerated healing)
The ability to see and talk to the recently deceased
Shadow Bending/Control/Manipulation
Blood magic

Weapons| daggers , knives , swords , Guns, Hidden blades in gloves throwing starss

Bio | born in the Realm of Tijani to The king an Queen .She was moved After a war had broke out in Tijani her mother thought by putting her daughter in a small village would keep the werewolf born witch safe from any harm to come to her let alone did she know her daughter was being hunted by a man named Khorne . She fell in love twice over the span of her life Alice stayed with Claire and rose after alice had frozen the pipes at their house only to meet Claire's brother Collin and fell in love with him most wolves call this imprinting an second love and than become cold an distant when he came back in a coma to most Alice's first love was never known her heart has slowly began to change its tune brushing aside the coldness that once held her

( original an main Character don't steal don't copy :")

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1 | 1 Comment | by Smoke_An_Mirrors | Sep 22nd 2015 22:01

little miss behind the character

So most of us think that I created to be invisible and Anonymous Actully no I'm a quite shy an socially awkward I know not your average kind of girl I'm 23 years old and live in New York I have a disability called aspergers it's a low form of Austism spectrum disorder and I absolutely adore lost girl

I created Alice to escape the horror of reality this is a place I can indulge in my writing I've been working on Alice for almost 7 years and recently became indulged into my own verse an the Dragon age series I started out a demigod but that got old fast and I just want to Rp with all you beautifull people

I also have asperugers it's a low form of autism

But I'm harmless I'm going to be 25 in February and my life has no direction I wanna be a writer and I want to be normal but I can't be normal I'm wacky silly even obnoxious cause I mean I love my life kids love me cause I'm sorta a child inside I love art and music and I love drawing yes I can draw An I love kitty's!!

But thanks for peeking
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3 | 0 Comments | by Smoke_An_Mirrors | Sep 22nd 2015 16:42

Ohne Dich

Once Johnny awakened , he spent some time with him in Christoph's manor. The two did not say much, in fact, Johnathan did not say one single word and won't be speaking for quite a long while. He is depressed beyond any possible limit, the only thing worse than suicide is a failed attempt, forcing him to now face all the people offended/shattered by what he tried to do, mainly his parents and wife. And he truly feels no will to speak, he finds any word he could possibly say as something vane and stupid.

Benjamin, for the first time in the presence of his children, could not manage to restrain himself from crying. He tried to comfort his son for some time and asked Christoph to host him for some time. He does not find it wise to have Johnny and Dorian meet each other in the current state of things. Dorian is still too angry at Johnny and he is not in the mental condition to best such thing. After that, he return home to speak to Amelis and Dorian, then he will return there, not wanting to leave Johnny alone in fear he will try to kill himself again.

After telling everything to his wife, she rushed to see their son immediately while Benjamin remained ninths corridor, staring at the floor, deep in thoughts.
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1 | 50 Comments | by Kaeya | Sep 21st 2015 11:56


In these days since they moved to Benjamin's manor, he has never once went out, since he wanted to be available in case anyone could need any help from him. He is extremely grateful for the care he is being given and feels the need to repay them for it.
So, as Amelis decided to go out to buy some flowers for the house -she is in a dreadful depressed mood as she found Johnny's letter to Benjamin- (, he was asked by Dorian to accompany her to make sure she won't do anything foolish and to check she will be alright, he agreed without second thoughts.
They went to Thylum and just ended up walking around in the streets without entering any shop, in fact, Amelis is not even glancing at those.
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1 | 41 Comments | by Johnsy | Sep 20th 2015 18:03


Name: Taika
Age: N/A
Height: 5'
Gender: Female
Orientation: Hetrosexual
Race/Species: Elf/Human
Bio: Taika is the product of a forbidden romance between a Human and Elf. She never really got the chance to meet her father and was raised by her mother. She didn't understand why most around her would give her dirty looks until she found out the truth about her father.
Physical Description: See the picture.
Anything Extra: Her magic skills led her to become a mage.
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1 | 1 Comment | by falseReaper | Sep 20th 2015 11:17

Rhogor the monk (oc)

Name: rhogor
Race:dragon born
Clan:clan less/unknown
Languages:draconic and common
Skills:acrobatics, history, insight,nature and survival
Backstory:when he was born he was alone. His dragon kin no where to be seen. His mother died from child birth and the rest of the village was slaughtered in a raid by bandits. A group of monks came later and stopped the bandits from killing the child. Since then rhogor has been training to be a monk at the monistarty. When he was thirteen his master was killed and the monistarty burnt to the ground. He felt as if the attack was his fault and decided to live in the woods as a hermit for the rest of his life. Five years later he has come out of hiding as he sense danger in the world that he must stop.
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2 | 3 Comments | by Urgigiguks | Sep 19th 2015 14:34


Name: Rai
Age: N/A
Height: 5' 10"
Gender: Female
Orientation: Hetrosexual
Race/Species: Shadow Demon
Bio: Rai has lived on her own as long as she can remember.
Physical Description: See the picture.
Anything Extra: N/A
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0 | 0 Comments | by falseReaper | Sep 19th 2015 07:38


Name: Nell
Age: Looks to be at least 18
Height: 5' 3"
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Race/Species: Elf
Bio: Growing up Nell was always a little off from the others. She never really wanted to grow up staying in the village and had an adventurous spirit. As soon as she was deemed old enough she set out on her own and hasn't looked back.
Physical Description: Other than the picture she has a tattoo behind her right ear which is the mark of her family.
Anything Extra: She is friends with the mage Storm and has a demon cat companion.
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0 | 0 Comments | by falseReaper | Sep 19th 2015 07:17


Name: Kyoku
Age: looks around 20
Height: 5' 4"
Gender: Female
Orientation: Hetrosexual
Race/Species: Nature Elf
Bio: Kyoku grew up in an elven village deep in the forest. Her curiosity would often lead her to leave the safety of the village and explore. (May change depending on setting)
Physical Description: Other than what's in the picture she has a tribal heart on her thigh.
Anything Extra: N/A
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0 | 0 Comments | by falseReaper | Sep 19th 2015 06:49


Name: Jet
Age: 22
Height: 6"
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Species: Sun'Tzu/Human hybrid
Bio: Jet was kidnaped when he was around 9 years and spent the next 10 years enduring one experiment after another being performed on his body. At the age of 19 he finally managed to escape his captivity. When he tried to return his parents didn't recognize him and believed their son to be dead so he was turned away and has since wandered from place to place.
Physical Description: (See the picture) Other than what's shown he has a dragon tattoo on his stomach
Anything Extra: If he's in an rp there's a good chance Ash will be in it as well.
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0 | 0 Comments | by falseReaper | Sep 18th 2015 09:43