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he...he, so what if i'm bit insane? it never hurt anyone but me... hehehe.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Cylie | Nov 4th 2015 18:03


Not being in the position to hire a nanny at the moment, he is forced to take his daughter with him most of the time.
He has not yet told it to everyone even, he is ashamed of what they would think and worried that some (family member) who hates him badly enough could require him to be dishonored. And he thinks Anthony would pretty much agree to do it then...
Of all his brothers, the only ones who know are Benjamin and Richard, the first because he was forced to, as he came to his home, the second because he was the only one he trusted enough to seek some advice from.
Anyhow, at the moment he and Pepy are walking in the park, it's raining a lot but it's not a storm. He is holding a black umbrella over their heads while she is clung to his leg, being all ^^
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1 | 18 Comments | by WhereAmber | Nov 2nd 2015 18:04

Private lesson.

Given the poor results Tomiel is having in Anatomy, and since Jackil at the moment is not able to give her some help with it due to be overwhelmed by work, Cora decided she must go to Christoph to get some extra private lesson.
No need to say how Tomiel did not take the thing well, she is terrified by him and thinks he has something against her. The idea of going to his manor to have private classes doesn't reassure her one bit.
But at least, she won't be alone.
Shi has already to go there every day as he is her private professor, so she will be there. And Valery too will be there, as she would never lose the chance to do some extra classes, being the super scholar type, like real Hermione. Oliver on the other hand, prefers to stay with granny and fill himself with biscuits, also playing with Felix.

No one knows that Christoph has a daughter...yet.
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1 | 26 Comments | by WhereAmber | Oct 31st 2015 09:05

Nothing is like it seems.

To be as brief as possible.
Soon enough, Sid indeed came up with a way to satisfy his needs and instincts without dragging his father's and uncle's rage against himself.
Similarly to Dexter, he decided to target criminals that deserve the horrible treatment he wants to reserve them and to be killed, just, unlike him, to make it even easier for himself and avoid any possible problem, he chose as target, the Aurin of the Wild kind. Why? They are not in the civil registry as they sure don't follow any rule; they live in the wild areas which are not controlled by Elite Guards and Royal Guards; no one among them reports missing people, murderings or any crime to anyone, living truly as wild animals, respecting only the law of the strongest.
But Sid is not really all about killing, mostly as he started to grow up and to feel some specific "need". He is clearly not the type to find a girlfriend, let alone to respect any formality. So, as he started to hunt, between a murdering and another, he started to select a few female Aurin, in the end 3, to actually keep for himself, as his "breathing toys". All of the three are black cats, all of them criminals. Malyka, 29 years old, used to seduce male Aurin to then kill them to rob them. Carlie, 26 years old, "professional" thief who also never hesitated to kill problematic victims. Syha, 21, the "cleanest" of the three who killed only 1 person and robbed a few.
He found them, tortured them badly and then raped them, that way literally "enslaving" them. In order to avoid more tortures and to be killed, they turned super submitted to him, obedient and almost looking as if they were "obsessed" with him. And he likes this. He always fancied to enslave and this "lion pack"-like where he is the "lion" and the women his own "lionesses". It suits him, being a big feline, even though he is no lion.

Sao and Edward know about this, but they won't interfere, because this keeps him from hurting innocent people and is making him more obedient and controlled. But not really less dangerous, mostly if anyone threatens to take them away from him and surely not because he loves them in any way.

One thing Sid doesn't know though, is that Malyka, unlike one would think, is not as alone as the other Aurin. About an year before, she found a little abandoned baby near the corpse of the mother, who died giving birth. She took the baby and raised her as she could, pretending to be her big sister, surely not having a motherly instinct.
After Malyka was taken by Sid, the 1 year old remained alone in the forest, just given some superficial care by other Aurin of the community, but none of them really paid any true attention to the little girl. And the little one is very tied to her "sister" and even though so small, she decides to go look for her, easily sneaking away from the distracted Aurin.
She too is a little kitty and mainly thanks to her sharp sense of smell and the fact that Sid's cave is not far from where she was, she manages to track her sister and reach the cave.
Needless to say the shock and terror of the 3 Aurin when the girl appears there, mainly Malyka's, as she is immediately concerned that their master will kill the little one. And of course, before she could even do anything, Sid arrives there as well, immediately noticing the girl. Oh if he could he would do such terrible things to her, her very presence there angers him, but he knows his uncle and father would gut him for good if he harmed someone so innocent and defenceless.
Malyka tries some desperate actions to let the girl escape but it's pointless, Sid hurts her and pushes her away, grabbing the little one by shirt and lifting her; he then gives Malyka a glare that promises a very harsh time for her when he returns and runs away with the child.
As he has no idea at all what to do with her, he brings her home, handing her straight to Sao, the only person at home at that time.
Of course in a first moment Sao thinks the child is Sid's, but he denies it saying "it calls one of mine, "sister".", then he simply drops her on the ground and returns to the cave, to torture Malyka a bit. Very unfortunately for her, she is his "favorite", which of course means more "attentions" from him.

Anyhow. Sao is even more clueless than Sid of what to do with the child. He has no intention to take her himself as he doesn't want any sort of "replacing what he lost", so, logically, he goes to take her to Edward, trusting he will know much better what to do with this.
He goes with the child to the EG headquarter, finding Edward in his office. He has some words with him telling him what Sid did and said about the girl then eventually shows the child to him. Edward's answer to it is sort of unthinkable. As a matter of fact, after doing his usual thing looking in the girl's eyes, he says. "Take her to Christoph. (Yes, that Christoph), she belongs to him.".
Sao of course obeys, takes the girl and goes to wait for Christoph in front of his mansion in Thylum. When the Anatomist returns from work, he finds the two there and is absolutely annoyed, even though he has not even idea what's the matter. "Take her to a real doctor, if I wanted to be one I'd become one for Gods' sake. -.- "

"If she needs a doctor you will have to find out yourself, I fear. Let us in and make sure we speak privately, you don't want anyone to hear and I won't let innocent ears listen to what will be said."
It leaves Christoph even more confused but eventually lets them in; Sao leaves the child in a separate room while he and Christoph head to his lab to speak privately indeed. There, Sao tells him what Edward said, and of course, it shocks Christoph, who believes it's some idiotic joke probably from his nephews.
Sao on the other hand, is far from a joking type and is rather short in patience. He has no intention to be there to convince him of something he doesn't want to believe, as it'd truly mess up with him badly if it was true, so he simply tells him "Lord Edward said it's yours and you must keep her. Bring your complaints to him and be thankful I and him are the only one to know of this."
Point is, Christoph simply can NOT believe it for one specific reason: he has not done it with ANYONE after his wife's death, let alone with some wild Aurin. How in the hell could he put one pregnant?

After Sao leaves, leaving the girl to him of course, Christoph heads to speak to Edward about the matter, not hoping to have many answers or understanding, but in truth, he is almost scared. If that girl is his, everyone will think he did something with some Aurin prostitute, probably even paying her for it. And that's pretty much illegal, not to mention how it would kill his reputation for good, as he is a high noble and certain behaviours are pretty much ill-seen, something for "lessers".
As expected, all Edward does is to confirm the child is Christoph's and simply suggests him to think very carefully how it could have happened, because the girl exists, like it or not.

In order to find a desperate proof that she is not his, Christoph makes a DNA test. Result? There is a total 100% scientific proof the girl is HIS. He literally panics, starting to think very hard how it is possible. Could he have forgotten? Impossible...
The only dealing he had with an unknown Aurin was...wait, about 1 year ago...but he didn't touch her, the w*ore just robbed him and made a whole mess in his..lab................................

About the mother of the little girl.
She too was a cat Aurin, of the Wild kind and of the worst type. As most wild Aurin, she never wanted to accept any sort of rule, let alone to have a dignified job.
After years of attempting to become rich through thieveries and prostitution, she came up with a plan to make her life rich and perfect: find some rich widowed man and trick him into marry her, so that she could spend the rest of her life like a spoiled and rich lady.
With that in mind, she headed to Thylum, investigating about someone that could be fitting for this. And she soon heard of Christoph. Wife dead since over 20 years, living alone, a Prince, a successful researcher and at the time, a very rich man.
It was late Autumn II and it rained like crazy; she chose a night with the worst storm possible and knocked on his door, looking all poor and wet. She had no idea who she was in front of. (XD) She had to beg a looot to convince him to let her in and not just shut the door on her face, but eventually he granted her to sleep in his basement for the night, promising he would kick her out tomorrow. No, he didn't want an Aurin servant, nor any servant at all.
Disappointed, the womam went to the basement where she tried to come up with some ideas.
Now, that night, Christoph was called with urgence by Doctor Robstein, in need of a very experienced assistant for a very delicate surgery. He was forced to leave the Aurin alone into his house as he didn't have the time to waste to kick her out.
She, of course, took immediately profit of the situation and started to search the whole house to find something to use to seduce him. Bitterly, she had to realize he is still literally obsessed with his dead wife and he clearly will never show any appreciation towards her. So, she decided to rob him, taking the few amount of money he had at home, as the most of it he kept in bank, and everything that could have a value, until she reached his home lab.
The room was filled of vials, samples of every kind- She started to check them to see if there was something valuable, thinking he was an Alchemist or Potionist. But instead, all she could find were rather creepy samples, even some organs in jars. But one thing totally changed her plans and the course of the night.
Now, as a researcher Biologist and Anatomist, Christoph gathered body liquid samples of all sorts, most of which from his victims, but some from himself too. All to be used in experiments and researches, and that included a sample of his own...yes, that.
When she saw it, the idea came very fast. Steal it, put herself pregnant through it, give birth, blackmail the Lord, forcing him to marry her to protect his reputation. The plan seemed flawless and would possibly even work. She was cunning enough to make a whole mess, causing all the vials in the lab to break on the floor, so that he would not even be able to notice he was missing that specific vial.
After destroying everything, she left and disappeared. It was surely out of her plan to die giving birth.

But the fact stays, Christoph has a daughter and now he is literally panicked, not knowing what and how to do with her. He can not give her away, as he fears Edward's reaction, but for now, he is trying to keep the thing as secret as possible, not knowing what to invent. Also, after spending all of his money to give Bart a ship, he can't really afford to raise a child, but he will never say anything about it of course.
And that's also the reason why he called Richard so suddenly and mysteriously. Looking for some serious help as to how avoid to be shamed or dishonored.
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1 | 1 Comment | by WhereAmber | Oct 29th 2015 06:42

Blade (For soul eater rps)

Class: Demon weapon
Forms: Ball and chain (or mace, can be either depending on rp), sword and crossbow
Gender: Male
He was abdonded at a young age and resuced by lord death, he respects lord death and all he wants is to become deaths weapons with the help of his minister, along with finding his parents
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0 | 0 Comments | by alakazamlover4 | Oct 26th 2015 22:41


#1 - I roleplay in first person. I find it easiest for me.
#2 - Don't be inpatient for replies, I will get to you when I can. Most of the time it's fast replies.
#3 - Please write more than a couple of sentences.
#4 - Please use proper English and descriptive dialogue when we roleplay.
#5 - I am a selective adder, specifically from the Whoniverse.
#6 - Have respect and don't start hurling abuse. (I have had this before.)
#7 - Please do not start a roleplay and then stop replying to me, either do or don't. (Unfortunately, I have had this quite a lot recently.)
#8 - I do chat in OOC, but please specify when you do as it sets it apart from the roleplay.
#9 - Yes, I do use the same starter a lot for the time, I am fairly rusty with them at the moment, so until I can get back into starter mode, that is how it will stay - please try to understand that.
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2 | 0 Comments | by AlexJones | Oct 23rd 2015 10:32

.Rachel Stephanie.

~ Age 21
~ Lesbian
~ Only Child
~ Raised as an Orphan
~ Works as a Maid for [ whoever you use in the roleplay ]
~ Lives in England
~ Lives in boss's home [ whoever you use in the roleplay ]

In a Roleplay with:
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5 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 16:25

.Eriinn Henderson.

~ Age 18
~ Bi [ Leans to girls more ]
~ Only Child
~ Loves to Swim, Sleep, Eat, Workout, Drink, Jog
~ Lives in a small one bedroom apartment
~ Lives in Australia and hates the big spiders
~ Loves animals

In a Roleplay with:
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3 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 16:06

.Annabelle Parker.

~ Age 20
~ Bisexual [ Prefers Girls ]
~ Has a Sister [ Who would want to be her sister for roleplays? ]
~ Lives in the winter wonderland place known as Canada
~ Has a job as a waitress in a fancy expensive restaurant
~ Travels to Florida for vacation
~ Owns a Motorcycle

In Roleplay with:
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4 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 15:54

.Jessie Pearson.

~ Age 23
~ Lesbian
~ Rich Girl
~ Lives in a Mansion in Oklahoma
~ Only Child
~ Looking for a Roommate [ Maid ]
~ Owns a Porsche
~ Only Left-Handed Girl in Family History

In a Roleplay with:
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2 | 0 Comments | by AScarOnMyHorizon | Oct 21st 2015 15:30

Baxter pirate

Name:Baxter Mills
Age 19 - 21
Skills: Knife throwing

Baxter was always a hard worker, though he would always struggle to get the money to show for it. Eventually he met a strange man who was playing with a knife, the man would teach him about how effective a knife could be, and he would use this skill to defend himself and possibly make some gold.. He was always the betting type.
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18 | 1 Comment | by netcore10 | Oct 18th 2015 09:18

J. Baxter Mills - Knight.

Name: Baxter
Age: 19 - 21
Personality: Outgoing. Determined.
Skills: None Whatsoever. (At least, that's what he believes)

For as long as he could remember, Baxter has always wanted to be a knight. Unfortunately for him though, he has never been able to train. That doesn't mean he doesn't try. After countless hours begging the king, or the valiant knights, or anyone he could, he was finally accepted. It wasn't what J thought it would be though, Instead of training to be a knight, J was practically the lowest rank, forced to do the knights bidding and put up with their teasing. Little did he know... Those countless hours of self training, developed something in him. He doesn't know he does it, but he can use the magic 'Harden' on his wooden sword
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26 | 2 Comments | by netcore10 | Oct 17th 2015 07:52

J.Baxter Mills - Fighter/Human.

Name: Jonathan Baxter Mills
Age: 21
Personality: Caring, kind, unsocial and keeps to himself.
Skills: Thievery(He doesn't steal any more) and martial arts

Baxter Mainly grew up alone, Having no family or anybody take care of him meant that he had to learn to survive by himself. When he was young, Baxter had to steal in order to live, but this did eventually change. It wasn't until Baxter was 16 that he stumbled across a dojo, and after countless days of watching through the doors, the master took him under his wing.

He can be a bit of an ass at times, but thats because he doesn't really know how to show his feelings.
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107 | 40 Comments | by netcore10 | Oct 16th 2015 20:35

The Past of the Current Regent (Seasons 1 & 2)

Davina Claire
Born 1995 (Age 17)
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Occupation Harvest Witch, Member of the New Orleans Coven
Titles The Super Witch
Species Witch
Gender Female

Family Members Unknown father
Ms. Claire (mother) †
Marcel Gerard (surrogate father)
Kol Mikaelson (possibly dating)

Significant spells
Unlinking Sophie and Hayley
Removed Klaus' compulsion from Josh and Camille
Erasing Rebekah's memory
Tracking the witches who used magic
Premonition of Celeste's return
Cloaking Spell to hide Marcel Gerard
Resurrecting and binding Mikael

-Early life-

Most of Davina's past is unknown so far. She presumably grew up in the Quarter with the rest of the witches, though no one in her family has been revealed or mentioned thus far, apart from her mother. Davina went to public school with a boy named Tim, whom she met at age 10, and for whom she had romantic feelings. Davina was also best friends with Monique for some time before the Harvest, and was a member of the French Quarter witches and she was also one of the four young witches selected for The Harvest.

Upon the day the Harvest was to be completed, she and the other Harvest girls were deceived by the Elders regarding their fates and the events surrounding the sacrifice. They were told that the knife that was used on their palms for the blood sacrifice would put them in a peaceful limbo, but instead, Bastianna, the lead Elder who was performing the ritual, began to kill the girls by slitting their throats. As the last girl to be sacrificed, Davina witnessed the slaughter of the other selected girls, and was restrained by a fellow witch in her coven so she could not intervene. She felt betrayed by the Elders, as well as her mother, who stood by and witnessed the devastation and slaughter.

However, when Marcel and his vampires appeared, effectively ending the sacrifice by killing the majority of the witches in attendance, Marcel saved Davina's life and for eight months afterwards lived with him. Marcel spent the next eight months hiding her from the witches, and using her powers to help keep the witches in subjugation out of punishment for what they did to her and the other girls. The witches later felt betrayed by Davina, and when she was finally sacrificed in the Harvest and her spirit went back into the earth with the rest of the deceased New Orleans witches who practiced ancestral magic, the Ancestors shunned her until she was resurrected. Once she was brought back to life, she returned to her coven for a while. She began studying magic seriously at the Le Sais school and returned to her high school.

Season One

In Always and Forever, Davina is experimenting with her powers when Marcel comes and asks her about the witches. She says they haven't used magic as they know she can sense them if they do and voices her concern that the Originals might hurt him. Marcel says she has nothing to worry about, as she's stronger than they are.

In House of the Rising Son, it is revealed that Marcel gave Davina Elijah's daggered body, which he received from Klaus as a gesture of good faith. When Rebekah insisted that Marcel give her back her brother, Marcel took her to Davina's room and told her that she has not been very nice to him. Davina took Marcel's side and threw her out the window with telekinesis. The next morning, Marcel found her drawing in her room. She informs him that she's worried about Marcel as a result of the Originals being in town, and insisted that they shouldn't be in New Orleans. Marcel replied that it appeared that the Mikaelsons came to town to stay, and asked Davina if she could find a way to kill an Original.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Davina tried to stop Sophie's locator spell and weakened Katie with her magic. She is able to link herself to Marcel to save his life, but was weakened as a result. She tried to find out where Sophie was, but wasn't able to track where her magic was coming from. When Marcel arrived to thank her, she assumed that it was Klaus and/or Rebekah who tried to kill him, but he informed her that it was actually Klaus who saved him. He told her he planned to give Elijah back to Klaus, but Davina refused to allow him to give Elijah back until she figured out a way to kill them.

In Girl in New Orleans, Davina convinced Marcel to allow her to attend the Dauphine Street music festival, on the condition that she must hang out with Cami, and that his nightwalkers would keep watch on both of them, just to be safe. Davina admits her romantic feelings for Tim to Cami, who was being compelled by Klaus to spy on Marcel. As a result of Klaus' compulsion, Cami encouraged Davina to talk to Tim. Following her advice, Davina met with Tim in St. Anne's Church, where she had been living since the Harvest. Klaus then appeared and tried first to kindly convince her to join his side instead of Marcel's. When that didn't work, Klaus threatened to kill Tim, which angered Davina so much that she unleashed her powers on him, bursting the church's windows, and destroying a lot of the pews. This did not injure Klaus in the slightest, but Tim was critically wounded. Klaus manipulated Davina by offering to feed Tim his blood to heal him, and to compel him to forget everything that had happened in exchange for her help in the future when he is in need of it. He eventually left Davina alone at the church, and when Marcel found her and asked her what happened, she was too angry to tell him. When she arrived back in her room, she found that Elijah had awoken from being daggered, after she had removed the dagger to examine it, not knowing that by doing so, the dagger would no longer be coated in white oak ash and thus ineffective.

In Sinners and Saints, the episode opened with Davina and Elijah talking. Given the Original's desiccated state, Elijah can barely contain his bloodlust, as his enhanced hearing causes him to hear the blood pulsing throughout Davina's body, thinning away what self-control he has. Noting this, she tempted him by offering him her blood, which he refused to take on acount of her being, in his words, a "child." After Davina deliberately pricked her finger with a hatpin and offered a dribble to Elijah, he could no longer resist, and drank the small drop of blood, which left him completely rejuvenated. He asked her why she's siding with Marcel, so she explained what happened to her eight months prior to the beginning of the show: she had been chosen as one of four girls to participate in the Harvest ritual, where the witches of the French Quarter restore their connection to their ancestors' magical power by offering them the lives of four teenage witches. This offering was to appease their ancestors, who, in turn, would resurrect the four young witches and increase the amount of magical power the coven could access in order to help the witches better fight against the vampires.

Davina witnessed her three friends, Monique, Abigail, and Cassie all being sacrificed in the ritual, but she was saved at the last possible moment by Marcel, which prevented her from meeting the same fate. The magical energy of the three other Harvest witches who died were transferred to her, which is what gave her such immense power. Feeling betrayed by her own kind, Davina became what Marcel called "an ace up his sleeve," and helped him keep control over the witches by keeping him informed every time she sensed a New Orleans witch doing magic. She told Elijah that since the Harvest, all she wanted was a normal life, free of magic. She began to be overwhelmed by her feelings, which resulted in her magic shaking the entire church, as there was an earthquake. Elijah saw that Davina was struggling to control the immense amount of power inside her, and offered to help her gain control by allowing her to look at various pages of his mother's grimoires. During her time with him, Elijah also took the time to help repair Tim's violin so that Davina could give it back to its rightful owner.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah helped Davina gain more control over her magic by giving her a page of Esther's grimoire which contained an unlinking spell called the Spell of Unknotting. His intention was that Davina could use the spell to unlink Sophie and Hayley, though he did not tell her that this was the case. He did tell her that if she could successfully complete the spell, he would bring her another page of the grimoire that contains a spell of her choosing. At first, Davina seems to have some difficulty completing the spell, due to the fact that it is in Latin, and not her usual French, but after some practice, she understands it more. Davina tried the spell once more and successfully unlinks Hayley and Sophie, which saved the life of the unborn Hope Mikaelson.

In Bloodletting, after Marcel learned that Josh had been compelled by Klaus to spy on Marcel, he brought Josh to Davina's bedroom so she could undo Klaus's compulsion. She informed Josh that it would be a painful process, but Josh agreed, knowing that the alternative would likely be his death. He asked how much pain he would feel, so Davina began the spell to undo Klaus' compulsion to demonstrate. After she had worked on the spell for a while, she felt badly about Josh's discomfort and gave him a break to catch his breath. She told him, "You need to think of something else. Take your mind off it. Do you like music?" Josh replied that he couldn't think about music at the moment, because she has been giving him "a voodoo lobotomy." Davina continued to try to distract him by asking him more questions; when she asked him if he likes Jazz, he admitted that he listens to club music. Davina pointed out that she's only sixteen, so she isn't allowed into clubs.

Josh then told her that when he was her age, he had already been in a hundred clubs, and admitted that things were much different now, since he became a vampire; he claimed now all he wanted to do was meet boys, feed on their blood, and earn a daylight ring so he would no longer have to only go out at night. Davina informed him that she preferred classical music, such as Puccini, Bach, Mozart. She said she even took piano lessons as a child, and confessed that she missed being able to play it; since she's in hiding, Marcel did not want her to play piano in case the noise revealed her presence in the church. She insisted that it wasn't Marcel's fault, because she knew he was just trying to keep her safe from her "coven of psycho witches who want to sacrifice [her] in a blood ritual." Josh apologized for everything that Davina had been through, but she told him not to be, because she planned to destroy them all, and once they were gone, she believed everything would go back to normal, so she could have her old life back. After she finally removed Klaus' compulsion from Josh's mind, she proudly informed him that he was free. She confessed that Marcel told her she had to erase Josh's memories of Davina, so he couldn't expose her identity to the witches, but she didn't want to, because she enjoyed his company, as she has very few friends. Josh promised her that he would keep her secret because he owed her his life, and they pinky-sweared it, which began their friendship.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Klaus regained his title as King of New Orleans, and ordered Marcel to have her moved from her attic to a room in the Abattoir compound. Davina was resistant at first, but Marcel convinced her to trust him to make things right. It is at the compound that she learned that Agnes was killed by Elijah, which meant that she was no longer in any danger, because Agnes was the last remaining Elder, and without her, the Harvest could not be completed. At the compound, she is reunited with Josh, who had been trying to keep a low profile after joining Marcel's failed effort to take down Klaus. Davina and Josh had a friendly conversation, and he revealed that he had snuck back to the attic at St. Anne's to retrieve Tim's violin, which Davina mistakenly left behind during her move. Once she learned that Marcel had lied to her, she snuck out of the compound and rushed to Cami's to get away from Marcel and Klaus. When Cami doesn't recognize Davina, Davina realizes that Cami has been compelled to forget her, and assured her that she could fix Cami, though it would hurt.

In The Casket Girls, Camille, Davina, and Josh were on the run, after finally removing Klaus' compulsion from Cami's brain. Feeling betrayed by Marcel and refusing to be used by Klaus, Davina searched for a way out of the French Quarter to hide, as she was sought after by both Klaus, Marcel and the vampires, as well as Sophie, Sabine, and the witches. Josh received a phone call from Klaus, informing him that Klaus had Tim in his custody, again, which ultimately lured Davina back to the Abattoir. At the compound, a confrontation began between Davina and Klaus. Davina incapacitated Klaus first, by breaking his bones and forcing him to partially shift into a werewolf. She then used her magic to drop Elijah on his knees, before she caused him to cough up all the blood he had drank throughout the centuries. Rebekah arrived with Josh and incapacitated Marcel by stabbing him through the heart with a metal pike before Davina could punish him. Rebekah attempted to win Davina's trust by appealing to her, woman-to-woman, but they quickly realize that Klaus had compelled Tim to kill Davina and himself by drinking poisoned water. Marcel counters Klaus' plan by having a protection spell placed on Davina by Sabine. A weakened Davina is carried to her room by Rebekah and Marcel.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Davina is feeling the effects of the incomplete Harvest. Containing the full power of the Harvest she begins to hemorrhage magic. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire threaten to destroy the city. Sophie convinces everyone the only way to save the city is to finish the Harvest. Marcel initially refusing to allow Davina's sacrifice, took her to an unknown location. Rebekah, with Thierry's help, found them and convinced them to complete the ritual. Her throat is later sliced by Sophie to complete the Harvest and she does not come back. She is left to be mourned by who watched it.

In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel was still mourning the loss of Davina.

In Le Grand Guignol, Davina is resurrected through Celeste's death.

In Farewell to Storyville, Davina feels uncomfortable after her journey into death. She said that unlike the three other girls who were sacrificed during the Harvest, the ancestors hated her because she escaped the Harvest and because of her alliance with Marcel and the vampires. They said that they would torment her if she continued to use her magic against the witches. She is completely lost and doesn't know who she can trust. Finally, Marcel returns her to the witches so that Genevieve can lower the Boundary spell on the City of the Dead.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Davina is having a tough time fitting back into the witches' society. She can't use her magic because she hasn't been trained by the dead witches and Monique reminds her constantly that she chose to side with the vampires and shouldn't be one of them. She later meets Josh and tells him about it as well that she is regretting Marcel's decision to bring her back to the Coven. At Elijah's party, the werewolf Oliver flirts with her and is about to ask her to dance when Monique comes and steals him from her. Later, she returns to the garden with Josh and he convinces her that what her family thinks doesn't matter, using the story of his first and only boyfriend and his family's reaction to demonstrate it. He then helps her to make a dead rose from earlier alive again. When Monique returns to the garden, Davina has returned all the garden's roses to life, showing that she once again has control over her magic.

In The Big Uneasy, Davina along with Abigail and Monique are seen chanting and she sees Monique channeling the Ancestors and she tells them it's time to kill Genevieve. During the festival, after Abigail and Monique show their abilities of controlling the Elements, Davina sets off fireworks with the Ancestral Element of Fire. She also runs into Elijah and doesn't seem all that happy. She is seen at the offering and is given no gifts, thanks to Genevieve and Monique's planning. She sees Josh and is happy to see him there, but Klaus then shows up. Klaus defends Davina and says it's unfair that she didn't get anything. He gives her a gift and after refusing it at first, Klaus says he will pardon Josh and she opens the box. It has the spell for daylight rings.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Davina tries to communicate with Tim. Mikael from the Other Side comes and tells her Tim has moved on and that he can help her take down Klaus if she can bring him back to life.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Josh and Davina are sitting outside in the sun, with Mikael's ghost haunting Davina. Davina tells Josh that she put a cloaking spell on Marcel, and that Josh needs to get out of New Orleans, as there's more than just Klaus to worry about, while eyeing the location Mikael's ghost had been mere moments before. However, before Josh could escape, Klaus attacks him and bites him in order to force Davina to assist him in the hunt for Marcel. When Davina hesitates, Klaus responds by not curing Josh once he learns what he wants, saying that Josh will be cured later, to ensure that Davina doesn't do anything to help Marcel. Then, Mikael once again appears, and derides her efforts to cure Josh, noting that, even if she succeeds, it will just happen again and again, until Klaus eventually kills him. As Josh awakens, Davina tells him that she's going to fix him.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Davina arrives at the compound to find the vampires have been bitten by werewolves and are dying. Marcel is among them and Davina says that she needs Klaus's blood. She goes to where Klaus and Marcel had fought and performs a spell to gather what blood he spilt. However, there is only enough for one person, and Marcel forces her to choose Josh over him. Davina accompanies Marcel and Camille to a storage room where Father Kieran had stored many dark objects and other tools that he could use as weapons against the supernatural. Recognizing several objects as having been spelled by witches, Davina takes some to use in her ritual to revive Mikael. With Mikael revived, he slaughters the remaining vampires in the compound before finding the White Oak Stake so that he could kill Klaus. However, Davina had tied Mikael to one of the objects that she had used to resurrect him and revealed that he was now enslaved to her. She takes him to the attic where he had been imprisoned and tells him that he will remain there until she is ready for him to punish Klaus, and not before.

In Rebirth, Davina has returned to high school after telling her coven that she was done with them. She is first seen in an old record shop which she frequently goes to. While speaking to the owner, she noticed a handsome young man watching her. He eventually leaves and Oliver comes in. After a brief exchange, he tells everyone to leave the store and interrogates the owner. As more werewolves come in, it is revealed that the owner is a vampire and, according to the new rules of the city, any vampire found in the Quarter is sentenced to death. As the wolves attack him, Davina uses her powers to stop them, giving him time to escape. She later goes to St. Anne's Church where she feeds Mikael and tells him that she will only let him kill Klaus when she finds a way to free her friends from Klaus's sireline. The next day, she returns to the store to find it closed. The young man comes up to her and, after a few comments on her music taste, he introduces himself as Kaleb.

In Alive and Kicking, Davina is still trying to unlink Marcel andJosh from Klaus' sire line, with Mikael mocking her attempts but at the same time offering his help. Davina rejects it, expressing paranoia that Mikael will trick her into breaking her control over him. She receives a text from Kol (who is still possessing Kaleb), inviting her out to coffee. As she leaves that attic to go meet him, it is revealed that Kol sent the message to distract her while he went to see what she was doing there, however he was unable to enter because she'd locked the attic door with a complex spell, leaving Kol, Esther and Finn to only speculate about what Davina was hiding. Marcel later contacts her and she goes to meet him, telling him about being stood up by Kaleb. He asks her to find the White Oak Stake but Davina promptly refuses, stating that she wouldn't find it just for it to be handed over to the Originals. Elijah steps in to further attempt negotiation but she condemns his and Klaus' actions, and leaves. Elijah realises she has the stake however, and informs Marcel.

Davina and Kol go on a date later that night, with Kol complementing her and revealing that he is also a witch, saying that he admires her for how she told her coven to shove it, noting a number of similarities between the two of them. Marcel keeps trying to call her and she excuses herself to take the call, arguing with Marcel about her possession of the stake and telling them that she's leaving the bar and to not try and find her, but Marcel and Elijah continue after her. She returns inside to Kol, with the place being cleared out for a 'private party', but really a number of wolves attacking Davina. Kol tries to defend her and gets thrown across the room while Davina is put in a position where she must call for Mikael, who arrives and kills several of the wolves before Davina accidentally loses her bracelet for a moment. Mikael tries to kill her but is stopped by Elijah, and Davina regains control of Mikael with the aid of Marcel, before the Original can kill his son. She sends him back to the attic while Elijah, Marcel and Kol look on in horror, before leaving herself.

In Live and Let Die, Davina takes Mikael to her family's abandoned cabin, where Mikael and her spar for a few moments after he tells her that werewolf venom can be overcome by him and he seemingly is not too affected by it as he isn't sweating or weakening or hallucinating. He tells her that he was her age when he started being taught by his father and that he would have rather torn every muscle rather than let him see him strain. He also tells her that "mothers love their children, fathers make them strong". Davina, in the middle of stick-fighting with him, says that her mother tried to sacrifice her and her father took off when she was born before she sprains her ankle in the middle of sparing with the Original Hunter and she complains, but Mikael tells her to get up unsympathetically, saying that the "ability to endure pain is the warrior's true weapon, master that and nothing has power over you" letting her know that that is how she is supposed to be strong. He then harshly tells her to get on her feet and she hesitantly complies.

Davina calls Kaleb to the cabin to help her out with her ankle. When he arrives and analyzes her injury, he claims he has heard about it and it seems like someone's knocked her head-over-heels quite literally and Davina giggles. Kaleb then states that he thought he'd have the honor of knocking her head-over-heels and she rolls her eyes. He applies a horrid-smelling ointment from a shaman in Uganda onto her injury. Davina feels as though the pain is completely gone and tries to stand only fall and be caught by Kaleb, who informs her that "it's magic, not a miracle". Then he focuses on the spell that Davina was putting together and says "it's quite a spell you've got going on" and tell her that he doesn't mean to pry, but he figured that she had her secrets after their last date ended up in a werewolf bar-brawl. That being said, he asks her what exactly is going on and she hesitates, making Kaleb say that she's still not the trusting sort. Davina asks her if he trusts her. Kaleb then says, "Are you slicked? Those sad eyes might fool some people but not me. I know what you're after." Davina – smiling – frowns before says, "you've got a lecherous heart, Davina Claire" and she laughs as he continues "I won't be used, not for my body nor my medicinal herbs. We call hold hands, that's it." Davina's amused by his jokes and he informs her that whatever it is she's up to, she can tell him when she's good and ready and he strokes her hair.

Davina feels tired so she goes to sleep as Kaleb searches her house forthe White Oak Stake. After being threatened by Mikael, Kaleb goes to Davina with the plan of de-spelling its power, rendering it useless, thus freeing Mikael. Davina awakens before he can do so and gets a text from Camille, who warns her that Klaus is on his way to the cabin, which she is in. She tells Kaleb to help her with a spell, which they begin to do in the living room as Klaus's car pulls in to the driveway.

As Klaus looks into the window of the room where Davina and Kaleb are but he sees nothing, implying that Davina and Kaleb are doing an Illusory Spell so Klaus will be believe they are not there. He looks through the other room and does not see Mikael, who can see and glare at Klaus, but does not act. Klaus almost leaves before he sees the crest of his Viking People on a fighting staff and he throws the stick into the window. The window shatters and Davina and Kaleb fall back before it can kill them, but Davina is knocked out in the process. As Klaus demands she let Mikael out from outside the house, Mikael sees this as a chance for Kaleb to disable the power of Davina's talisman, which he does after being threatened by the Hunter-Vampire.

In Red Door, Cami and Kol check on Davina. Cami plans to take her to a hospital. Kol strokes Davina's hair and makes her sleeping comfortable after the Hybrid leaves to chase Mikael, he tells her that she should wake up so they can escape together. Davina awakens in the house, finding out from Kol that Klaus had previously been there and left to chase after Mikael. After trying to summon him with her bracelet, Davina realizes that Mikael will kill Klaus, so she decides to start her spell.

Kol says that he's impressed that a wee girl like her could make up a difficult spell, offending Davina, who tells him that she can give him a list of people who've underestimated her and never did it again. Kol offers her his help in the spell to unlink her friends. She refuses at first, thinking that there's nothing he can do as the spell must be done in reverse, binding a linking and sirebond spell and then using the Incantation in reverse, thus unlinking instead of binding. Kol says the spell in the manner of which it is meant to work and Davina is impressed, telling him that he can help.

Later, while the two cast the spell, Davina gets agitated as it is not working. She shakes her head, ordering Kol to stop chanting. She tells him she will channel his power as she grabs his arms. As she does so, Davina goes through his memories, absorbing them. She finds out that he broke the link she'd established to control Mikael and that he is the former Original Vampire, Kol Mikaelson, who also messed with the binding root she had attempted to use to unlink the sireline. Davina lets go of him. An enraged Davina shouts that he is one of them and telekinetically throws him to the door, calling him a liar and then back to a wall. Kol retaliates, however, Davina easily overpowers him. She is angry that her friends might die because of him. But when Kol explains his situation, Davina believes him and asks him to show her how he dispelled her bracelet.

The next morning, Davina and Kol are heading out when he tells her that it's tricky to bleed power out of a dark object. She replies that she wants to drain the White Oak Stake. Kol ridicules this idea, as the Stake is too powerful too be drained, just disabled temporarily, thus destroying it's power would be fighting Nature itself. Davina believes otherwise, insisting that she doesn't have time and if he has a better idea, he should tell her. After he asks what she's going to do, Davina, angry that he underestimated her, informs him that even though he's disorientated the power of her bracelet, she cast a spell that would make sure she could always find Mikael.

They're lead to an abandoned warehouse and Davina rushes into the house where Mikael and Klaus are facing off, only to be stopped by Kol, who insists that she isn't strong enough, and convinces her when he implies that they're trying to save her friends, offering her his power to channel. Davina does so, absorbing his energy and draining the Stake just as Mikael kills Klaus with it, but he does not die. Mikael, who figures out that Davina is behind it, shows himself to the two witches who are stopping the Oak's power. Davina holds him off but is stopped when Kol releases her stop Mikael. Mikael knocks his son and bites a drained Davina, stopping the spell. But as he goes back into the other room, he sees that Camille has pulled the stake out, and he is confronted by everyone, including Davina.
Davina checks on Kol's wounds and asks him if he's alright. Marcel comes in and starts to reprimand Davina her actions, but she asks to do this later. Davina tells him that Kol's her friend and he's helping her. Marcel argues that he's helping her to wage war on Klaus, helping him to get killed in the process. Davina replies that she saved Klaus's life to protect him. But He reminds her that she was the one who brought Mikael back to life. Kol interrupts before it gets too heated. Marcel tells her to stay put until he comes back. Kol warns her to leave because his brother isn't going to be grateful. Davina tells him that she isn't afraid of him and pulls out the White Oak Stake. Davina tells Kol that he's going to help her get even with Klaus, but she agrees with him that they need to leave. Davina steals his car keys and gets to the driver's seat.

In Chasing the Devil’s Tail, a couple of days after the Mikael incident Davina is seen in a motel looking at her reflection in a shattered mirror and starts chanting a spell which repairs it slowly. As she chants, Kaleb shows up behind her and distracts her, making the window shatters again. Davina informs him that she is trying to fix the damage that he did to her Delinking Spell, informing him that she is only with him because of his witchy encyclopedia brain. Kol tells her that she should sleep, to which she counters that it is hard to sleep with a thousand-year-old psycho in the next bed. Davina reveals that she wishes for him to stop calling her darling, trying to be funny and to stop fooling around. Kol tells her that her resistance of his sexual advances are surprising, but the two of them can do big things if she trusts him. Davina replies that she doesn't care about his secrets, before he is summoned magically by his mother as magical symbols burn onto his arms.

Later, whilst in the car, Davina drives the car, while Kol speaks of his history after he comments that Davina doesn't have fun with magic. He tells her stories about himself before turning into a vampire, being the only one of his siblings to have developed his abilities. Davina asks him if that is why Esther purified his spirit as a witch, to which Kol answers that his body would be useful for spying on her. Davina mentions that she can't believe that Esther sent him to flirt with her, but Kol assures her that the flirting was all him, making Davina smile.

Davina is called by Kol to the City of the Dead where he tells her about Esther's plans for her. Davina - unimpressed - asks him if that is the reason why he called her. However, Kol tells her that her blood is needed to open the Claire Crypt which was sealed by her ancestor, thus only a Claire’s blood could open it. Davina relents and the two enter the crypt, where he had placed many dark artificial objects a hundred years prior, making Davina wonder how he had collected them. He tells her about Kemiya, revealing his plans with the dagger he had hidden, making Davina question that he had been hanging out with her for power. But Kol explains that Kemiya needs chemistry. He grabs a rope and gives Davina the other end of it and starts a spell, asking her to follow. When Davina resists holding his hand, Kol suggests that they make out instead, but that would be entirely distracting. The rope ignites into flames. Davina finally feels attraction to Kol and but the rope explodes and tumbles to the earth. They pick it up and see that it has turned to a golden thread which he wraps around her wrist to replace the one he broke. Davina expresses her excitement that they changed it, and he tells her that they are going to change everything.

Later, Davina tells Kol that she needs to get home as it's late and Kol correctly guesses that she must have been lonely in the attic as a witch needs a coven. Davina asks Kol when they can begin to work on the dagger and he answers that they will soon, but they have a lot to do first. Kol tells her that she's going to like him and he'll let her pretend that she doesn't already.

After Davina falls asleep, Kol lifts her to the Attic, putting her down to rest in her bed. When Davina awakens, she sees that he is gone and marvels silently at the new golden bracelet she created, but she soon notices that the Stake is gone from her bag and is unhappy, as she believes that Kol betrayed her.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Davina is seen walking into Marcel's place, believing him to be right about Kaleb's dark intentions as her stake has gone missing. Marcel informs her that he was the culprit and Davina is visibly unimpressed. Marcel tells her that he will put in a good word for her to Klaus and she must stay put in the apartment with Josh.

Davina hangs out with Josh. They talk about new things in their lives as Davina throws darts. She reveals her annoyance about Klaus terrorizing them, being the center of their problems. Davina gets a plan and tells Josh to invite his "hot" boyfriend Aiden, which he does. When Aiden shows up, Davina greets him and says she has to go order Thai and leaves them after some friendly smalltalk, her actions indirectly causing Aiden and Josh to make out for the first time in her absence. Josh is surprised to not have heard applause from the witch and it is revealed that she has left and has gone to her ancestral crypt, where she gathers ingredients for a spell and drinks dark fluid once it's finished.

Davina makes her way to the compound where she snaps Marcel's neck, who tries to stop her the second she enters. After Klaus tells her she is not as powerful as she was when she possessed godly powers, she responded by telling him she can still kick his ass and throws him through a door violently. Klaus gets up easily and bites her after she taunts him using Mikael, telling him that he is weak and that he couldn't even kill Mikael when he had the chance. While consuming Davina's blood, Klaus gets poisoned and falls unconscious temporarily. Davina smirks in victory.

After Marcel wakes up, he tells her that Kol is on Klaus' side now. Davina angry, tells Kol that Klaus is the real problem, but after Cami shows up and they discover what happened to her, Davina starts seeing Esther as a threat as well. Davina is convinced by Cami to awaken Klaus, as they need him to stop Esther to stop her from being possessed by Rebekah, contrary to her plans of bleeding Klaus out and dumping him in the Mississippi. Davina informs Klaus that she beat him yet again.

Later, she is seen talking with Kol. She tells him that he should be glad for not stealing the stake as she would be the one torturing him. When Kol asks her if she trusts him, Davina nods in return, confirming her trust for him. Klaus comes in and asks Davina to leave him alone with his brother, Davina grabs her coat and leaves, telling him that she can't stand being around him.

In The Map of Moments, Davina and Kol prepare a voodoo doll that'll protect Camille against Esther's magic. Davina is worried that hers and Kol's power won't be enough to defend Cami against a witch like Esther. After Kol makes a remark, Marcel threatens him, making Davina wonder about their history. Kol tells her about the Fauline paragon diamond, giving Davina an idea to steal it back.

Later, after convincing Kol to do so, Davina searches the Compound for the "Fauline Paragon Diamond". Davina finds a picture depicting the Original Family and sees Kol in it, asking if it's him in the portrait and Kol admits he was hotter back then, which Davina ridicules playfully. Kol reveals that his siblings were a group of three that never included him but included Marcel, and tells her that Rebekah once did him a solid.

After convincing Klaus and Marcel to give up the paragon diamond in exchange for helping them save Cami and stop Esther once and for all, Kol asks for the White Oak Stake, which he wants to use as a way of making his mother not suspect him of his current affiliations, which Davina is unhappy with, but they agree after he gives them his word.

After Kol leaves, Davina and Marcel explain the spell to Camille: they plan on doing a spell that'll link Esther's hourglass to their's, thus it'll mirror the Original Witch's and once the last sand falls, she'll attempt a spell that'll jam Esther's incredible power and redirect it back to Esther, interrupting any attempt Esther herself might have at body-jumping them.

After Kol links the hourglasses, Davina watches her hourglass from the Compound, counting down. Before it is timed back at the City of the Dead, Kol signals Klaus to attack Esther, who kills her before the last sands fall, at which point, back at the Compound, Davina begins the spell quickly, redirecting Esther's incredible power and directing it back to Esther, jamming her power, while it has drastic effects on Rebekah and Camille, the collision causes them to shake violently as their spiritual essences are quaked and fall unconscious while simultaneously causing both hourglasses to explode under the pressure. Davina, who is startled by her own power surge, admits she does not know if the spell worked or not. When Camille awakens (and Rebekah does not) and realizes that she suddenly loves her stupid name, a relieved Davina is there to hug her.

As Kol and Davina walk on the street, he reveals that the real solid Rebekah did for him was betraying him out to Klaus, which lead to Kol being daggered for another near-century. In retribution, Kol didn't prepare Angelica Barker but another witch and the spell that Davina did not only jammed Esther's power, but landed Rebekah in the body of a witch, trapped in a cottage. Davina is hesitant to accept this, but Kol assures her that Rebekah is, though Davina's unhappy, safe. He gives her the diamond. Kol asks her to close her eyes and after she obliges, he kisses her passionately and after she opens her eyes, she smiles, stands on her toes and kisses him back.

It is revealed in this same episode by Elijah, after Hayley is afraid that should a witch as potent as Davina find out about Hope she would attack her as she is an enemy to Klaus, that Davina will not be a threat to Hope as all she will be is an ally as she has the potential to become the next leader of the New Orleans Coven once Esther is out of the picture.

In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, at Kol's request, Davina arrives to the abbatoir to free the trapped vampires and werewolves. She tries to touch the barrier, but Kol stops her, claiming that it's nasty. They smile at each other and start chanting a spell, but are unsuccessful, which leads her to realize that Vincent must be channeling something, possibly a dark object. So, they try something different. They quickly set up their new spell and successfully interrupt Finn's spell for 60 seconds. Klaus comes in and throws Kol with the trapped, hungry vampires. Davina, worried, tells Klaus that they will kill him. Later, she asks Marcel to keep Kol alive. She glances sadly at them for the last time before leaving.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Davina teams up with Klaus to find Finn and free her trapped friends. Finn blocked her locator spell, so, Davina sets up a circle with ruins made of salt, in an attempt to try something different. Klaus keeps interrupting her, which frustrates her, and says that it would help her if he didn't stand over her like a stalker. Klaus reminds her that they share a mutual interest, but Davina answers that he doesn't care about Kol, so their goals aren't the same. Klaus orders her to pick up the pace, which amuses her. She is successful in Finding Finn, informs Klaus of his location, that he's channeling their parents and is using representative magic. As they set off, Klaus loses consciousness. Davina leans down near his body and starts to slap him frantically, ordering him to wake up. Suddenly, Klaus' phone starts ringing, she picks it up and realizes that it's Cami. They inform each other that both, Klaus and Elijah have collapsed and aren't waking up. Davina groans, realizing that Finn had trapped all of his brothers, including Kol. They are confused, not knowing what to do next.

After Klaus wakes up, she comes and asks him about what happened. He sarcastically replies, thanking her for showing concern. He informs her that her friends are in trouble. They leave together to look for Marcel and his vampires. They arrive at the French quarter, Davina says that everything was fine here. To find them more quickly, they decide to split off. Davina looks around the street, until she sees Kol among the crowd. Relived, she smiles broadly, runs towards him and kisses him passionately.

In Sanctuary, Davina wakes up in her family's tomb, after a night of being asleep. Kol greets her, preparing the spell for the dagger. Davina didn't have a quiet sleep, because she was muttering about how she wanted to kill Klaus. She questions Kol, not sure if he knows how to make the dagger. After he convincingly answers her, she states that she's past any second thoughts. Suddenly, her phone starts buzzing. After she reads the messages sent by Aiden, she shows them to Kol and runs off, because Josh and Marcel are still missing.

She brings Aiden to the tomb. He brings Josh's belongings to help Davina locate him. After Kol makes a remark, Davina tells him to shut up. After the locator spell is done, Davina stops Aiden from going alone, as it would be a suicide mission. Even though it happened off-screen, Kol mentioned that using him as a bait to distract Finn, while Davina and Aiden were rescuing the vampires, was indeed her idea.

Davina and Aiden sneak into the shop to rescue the vampires, but Finn wakes them up. The hungry vampires gather around them. As they were outnumbered, they decide to flee, only rescuing Josh, as he had his neck snapped by Aiden and was unconscious.

In I Love You, Goodbye, Davina is seen with Josh in the attic, remarking on the fact that he still doesn't look alright. Josh asks her if he had went after Aiden. Davina informs him that he was up all day and night until the spell was broken. As Josh thanks her for saving him, Kol comes in and hands him a blood bag, and asks him to leave. Davina and Josh share a hug, before he departs. Davina asks Kol where he was yesterday, crossing her arms. She Shows anger over the fact that he didn't call her and thought that she could not help him. To make up for it, Kol offers her the chance to finish the dagger.

They arrive at the tomb and get ready for the spell. When Kol asks her if she's ready, Davina answers that she doesn't know, as she hadn't done it before. However, Kol reassures her and Davina, excited, agrees. They successfully make the golden dagger. She picks it up and smiles proudly. Kol leans in and kisses her. Suddenly, Kol lets go of her and his nose starts to bleed heavily. Davina, worried asks him if he's okay. Kol replies that he's fine and invites her to the wedding. Before leaving to get ready, Davina tells him that they will be dancing together.

Davina arrives at the wedding. She looks around, confused, but Josh calls her. She smiles and sits next to him. But when Aiden comes, she gets up so the couple can sit next to each other. As the marriage is celebrated, Davina and Josh walk on the streets. After being assured by Josh that he's alright, they see Aiden showing off his new abilities. Davina jokes that at least Josh's boyfriends showed up so, he grabs her hand and spins her around to make her feel better. However, she notices Kol, who is standing nearby. She runs up to him, grabs his hand and realizing that he's cold, asks him if he's okay. Kol reveals the truth about Finn's curse, shocking Davina.

Davina, with Rebekah, looks for a way to save Kol. They go through notes and books. Davina had an idea of using transubstantiation and combining it with a protection spell, however Rebekah tells her that Finn's spell blocks it, and therefore is useless. Kol asks Rebekah to leave temporarily, comes up to Davina and tells her that she owes him a dance.

They dance together in the cemetery. Davina can't hold back tears and cries. He starts coughing, panicking Davina. She holds his hand and kisses it, before he says goodbye. However, Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus come and stop him. Davina, in her last attempt to save Kol, does a spell on a necklace and crawls back to him after finishing it. She hands it over to him, frantically, but Kol tells her that he's not scared. He smiles at her, and Davina tries to smile back at him, but fails as her emotions overcome her. Davina cries and breaks down in sobs, as Kol dies smiling in Rebekah's arms.

In Save My Soul, Offscreen, Davina has been searching for a way to bring Kol back to life by studying his spell books. After Rebekah arrives, she informs her about the situation with her host. Davina, even though annoyed about having to drop her plans and that Rebekah didn't help her as she had promised, decides to help her. Unfortunately, Eva takes control of Rebekah and neutralizes Davina in order to channel her for power.

In Exquisite Corpse, she awakens after Eva's consciousness is destroyed, but she is still linked to her body. She is hugged by Marcel shortly after.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Davina is seen mourning Kol at a grave bearing Kaleb's name, in the crypts of the cemetery. Klaus approaches her to ask for a favor in regards to Mikael and Davina tells him that she is too busy mourning another dead boyfriend to help. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. He explains that he is in possession of the ashes of Kol's original body from the first time he died, and that if she helps him with Mikael, he will give her the ashes as they are a necessary part of the spell to bring him back to life. Davina agrees to this and helps him locate Mikael, as well as create a weapon to kill Dahlia, in exchange for his remains. She reactions to Klaus and Aiden's conversations, believing that Josh would be upset if he knew about their alliance and Aiden's double agent status, but Klaus dismisses Davina as he's not afraid of Josh. Davina confronts Klaus, asking him what it finally feels like to be someone who cares for something or someone even more then himself, after dismissing others feelings for so long. Klaus' is affected by her words but doesn't comment. Later they meet up again and Davina is surprised to see both Klaus and Mikael working together, though Klaus denies that their alliance is a friendly one, and that they're merely united to do the thing they both love the most - murder people, specifically Dahlia. Klaus' requests that she make their weapon and Mikael gives his 'little witch' the ingredients and a knife to bind them to. The two of them bicker and Davina seems almost amused. In the end, she does the spell and reaffirms her deal with Klaus, requesting Kol's ashes once more.

In When the Levee Breaks, Davina is approached by Aiden and Josh to create an object that will prevent Hope from using magic, so that Hayley and Jackson can escape with her. Davina grows sad and tells them that if Kol had asked her to run away with him, he wouldn't have had to ask her twice. Davina does the spell. Later, Marcel approaches Davina to convince her to help them dagger Klaus, when she tells Marcel that while he helped save her from Eva, he wasn't there for her when Kol died, and that's when she needed him the most, even if he didn't like Kol. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however the two of them come across Aiden's body. Unaware that Dahlia killed him, they believe that he was murdered by Klaus for his betrayal, and they mourn him together before Davina makes her way to Algiers, where Marcel is. Marcel comforts Davina as she cries, and she hands over the gold dagger, allowing Elijah to use it to put down Klaus at the end of the episode.

In City Beneath The Sea, Davina is first seen when Cami calls her asking her for help with finding a spell to help them. Together, Rebekah, Cami and Davina come up with the idea to use a golem.

In Fire with Fire, she and Rebekah work on removing the linking spell that was placed on them and the other children. Davina makes up her mind that she wants to become regent of the nine covens in New Orleans. Davina and Vincent then meet up with the elders. When Vincent offers Davina in replace for him for regent they refuse as Davina has sided with vampires many times and that there is no stopping her from doing it again. Davina steps up and gives a speech about that she was sacrificed for her coven, and that she only sided with the vampires because it was the witches that was trying to kill her. She asks "who here has stood up against vampires?" As she was the only one who obviously had, the elders agreed to make her the next regent. Later that night, Davina walks towards the center of the cemetery holding a torch in her right hand. She steps up on the alter and turns around facing the covens before giving a speech that the witches will no longer be used or afraid.

In Ashes to Ashes, Davina is first seen preparing to resurrect Kol. She pours Kol's ashes into a crypt. Vincent enters, and complements her for using earth magic. Vincent then, again, tells her that the ancestors will only give her such power once. She responds with that she is sure that she wants to use the power on Kol. Later, she is visited by Rebekah, who is back in her original body. Davina is surprised, and says that she has given up on her vow that she gave to help resurrect Kol. Rebekah leads her outside where Rebekah distracts her while Elijah is busy in the crypt exchanging Kol's ashes for Esther's. Rebekah tries to explain that she had no other choice but to return to her body. Davina apologizes for over reacting and Rebekah told her they needed her help and Davina asked what she could do, to which Rebekah stated they needed to bring Esther back instead of Kol. Davina got angry and refused to believe Rebekah when she said they would find another way to save Kol, and thinks she was just turning her back on her promise, Davina in anger starts to cause Rebekah pain by breaking bones in her body, causing Rebekah to fall to the floor, telling her that she is going to bring back the only one of them that has ever meant anything to her. Back in the crypt, Davina performs the resurrection spell where to her surprise, a woman hand shoots out of the hardened dirt. As Esther's body arises, Rebekah comes in and Davina is angry at her,then it was revealed by Elijah that Rebekah had just been distracting Davina so he could switch the ashes. Rebekah came up behind Davina, and raps her arm around her neck, causing her to pass out. When Davina later woke she swore vengeance against the Mikaelsons but still helped locate Dahlia under Marcel's request.
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Midnight(also known as mady)

Age~18 (can very with rp)
Height~ 5'6"
Hair color~dark purple
Favorite color~black
Favorite flower~ rose, preferably yellow

Hello, my name is Mady, I love the fall time, the colors are just so beautiful, but I mainly love it for the spooky week of Halloween!! They say I'm weird and call me names. I wear only black. I had a twin sister at one point, but she went missing along with my parents, so I live alone, come and say hi, I enjoy guests.
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