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(Flower Frisk)
33 / Female / Single
Flint, MI - United States
Not sure if I should write about myself oocly? I guess so, umm hi! I am a bit anxious when it comes to approaching people, but I will do my best to make sure that my writing partners will have fun. I do not require people to know about the AU that Flowerfell Frisk comes from, nor do I require anyone to know what Undertale and its vast AUs are. Just here to have fun. Please do not cross IC into OOC.

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Q. Hey you have discord?
A. yes
 Nov 27th 2023 11:52

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Nov 19th 2023 12:46

I did indeed it's very beautifully detailed friend I just sent mine not too long ago just take your time and do your best for a response of sorts lol
Nov 19th 2023 09:50

Oh so sorry i just wanted to make sure friend i feel bad now : (
Nov 19th 2023 09:40

Sorry for the random comment I just worry about peol0e also didn't know if my message send or not
Nov 19th 2023 09:20

Nov 19th 2023 02:11

{Blows smoke rings} bro this longbottom leaf pack straight gas
Nov 17th 2023 21:07