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24 / Other / Single
Ya business(east coast), Non - United States
Gynosexual describes someone who's attracted to femininity. That’s sort of what this account is based around, playing feminine boys and girls. Stories don’t have to be romantic, but I would prefer to keep my characters in something I’m comfortable with.

I am very open to ideas, so if you have soemthing send it my way, and I’ll probably roll with it. If I don’t want to I will tell you, honesty is key here afterall.

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Oct 11th 2023 20:24

Sep 27th 2023 09:05

You're the best
Sep 25th 2023 13:33

Hey hope your alright. I miss you
Aug 22nd 2023 19:03

Hey you ok?
Jul 27th 2023 07:53

This is one of the best role players I’ve been writing with
Jul 25th 2023 19:39

Hey sorry for spamming just makinsure you're ok
Jul 18th 2023 17:48

Jul 18th 2023 06:30

Mine! Hehe
Jul 16th 2023 16:19

You are so good at roleplaying ♡
Jul 6th 2023 19:41