Flowerfell Frisk

Name: Frisk

Age: 19-25(give or take)

Height: five-foot-five

Weight: I never know what to put here

Quote: If all we can do is strive to be our best, why does it matter how long it takes? Everyone has the ability to be a good person if they try. It's okay to mess up, it's okay to have bad days just know that there are others rooting for you to do your best.

Before the Fall

We all know the story, right? The one between man and monster, the one in which monsters were condemned to live below the surface. We know how they were all forgotten to the test of time only to be made into scary folklore made to keep kids from climbing up Mount Ebott. While most children heeded the warnings and the stories, Frisk did not. She was very determined to get away from everything.

Why? Why did she wish to get away from it? Simple answer is pure human cruelty. She was taught to always show kindness no matter what because someone might not be in the best of places even if we can not give a lot, it might be the only thing that a person can give because sometimes it is enough. Turns out it is not enough, not for most of humanity. Often others would try to take advantage of Frisk's kindness and twist it around or flat out think of her as a lesser being. After years of being treated like this, it became too much to bear and the determined soul climbed the mountain in hopes of ending it. At the time she didn't take into account how her family would feel.

But, when one is in that sort of mindset it doesn't matter, now does it? She fell. If only she had known what sort of fresh Hell was awaiting her down below.

The Underground

Landing upon a bed of golden flowers, Frisk was oh so confused as to how she managed to survive the fall. From that up high? Even the flowers shouldn't have been able to cushion her fall. Amidst the confusion, a talking flower appeared before her. His petals were torn and he looked very weary, Frisk thought she was having some form of fever dream until this flower told her where she is and what kind of place she found herself in.

The underground is a merciless place. It never used to be that way he would explain. This flower who calls himself Flowey explained to Frisk how the underground used to be a peaceful place where monster kind lived in harmony. How everyone used to get along until the first human fell down, he told her about how Chara had been adopted by the Dreemurrs and was raised by them. How they had a hatred for humanity after what had happened to monster kind and due to their own upbringing.

Flowey continued the story as he led Frisk through the inner workings of the cave. He even told her how Chara and their friend, brother, and partner Asriel were killed by humans when they managed to cross the barrier. How everything fell apart, how the king lost his mind, how the queen fled, and how their once peaceful home fell into violence. The king lost his mind and decided that the underground should be ruled by the notion of kill or be killed.

Not enjoying that idea Frisk made it her mission to try and bring peace back to the underground, despite being human and despite knowing that the monsters would want her dead. Speaking of death? On their travels, they came across Toriel who caused Frisk's death and the first of many blooms to grow upon her body. What was not known at the time was that Chara left behind their hatred for humanity and that hatred caused the curse that had slain so many before.

The Curse

The curse is caused by the leftover hatred for humanity that was harboured within Chara. This hatred is a thick black ichor that latches onto the soul and drains the human (host) until they die or until they are killed off by the monsters of the underground.

The extent of the curse wasn't known until Frisk fell down. When it latched on it blocked off the full use of determination forcing resets and causing buttercups to bloom. It hurts whenever she does feel determined or uses determination and the pain is caused by the ichor squeezing the life out of her soul. There is something else, if a reset were to become glitched she may end up in a different AU or world...Depending on what kind of glitch it is.
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