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(Chaotic Fate)
22 / Other / Its Complicated
Dark abyss, The Void - United States
There is many things about me I'm only a balance between Fate and Chaos something never existed within history but there always a interesting role play with me cuz I have creative and interesting ideas and building original characters and maybe sometimes can characters if none of my characters or plot satisfy you then I'm up to hear them from you but I will be busy so be understanding that this profile is not going to be 100% completed so it's going to be a while so thank you for understanding and here's the rules below this. I hope you read them and ill see you on the flip side of Chaos with a balance of Fate. I could unbalance the two just beware also if you going to stalk me then might as well add me.

1. First be nice and be respectful to me don't come at me with a rude attitude or anything like that I'll unfriend you immediately

2. I myself have a few ideas and plots which are shown and my blog but I'm always up to hear what you have or may suggest we can combine the two ideas.

3. I can play both as 1st person and 3rd person in a roleplay but sometimes I mix the both of them so if I do that please let me know so I can correct myself and not accidentally make it second person view

4. I don't care for erp or anything but if you want to do something like that please at least not make it about that the entire roleplay at least have some moments and try to build up to it if you can or try your best

5. As for pairing I I really don't care I'm straight in real life I'm only doing these type of parenting cuz I'm only playing the part nothing more so please don't have any interest in me or asked me out for a date cuz I'm going to say no obviously so my pairings are mxm ,mxf ,fxf or whatever the hell else. Just no Fxm if you ask me to play as female and you playing as male I'm going to say no I don't mind playing it but I will not do romance because of reputation of men on here so if you gonna do a sex sense please let it buold up to it and not jump to it fet get boring

6. Try to put some effort into your role plays make a detailed if you want to make it a bit more than three or four lines at least so things don't get rather boring I don't mind every once in awhile one liner but if it happens continuously it will get boring and I will point it out.

7. Now I don't care if you use a custom character, original character, Canon character or whatever else just want to make sure that we have a good time now I do know a few verses and stuff but I'm not going to name them all so if I tell you if I know it and I know it if I don't then I'll try my best to understand it or look it up when I have the time.

8. I'm mostly on here most of the time but they always sometimes or I'll be busy with something with either trying to do some type of YouTube or stuff in real life so please be understanding about that.

9. Now I'm a patient person but from my experience it's not good to have a lot of friends I really hate people that's in my quest and do not message me and start a role-play if you want those type of people I'll wait for a week and I'll unfriend you if you had me you better be talking cuz I don't want to be wasting my time with someone that doesn't talk cuz I'm not part of someone's friend collector. If i message you and you don't send me back a message within three day I'm unfriending you. If i see you as a worthy roleplayer than I won't unfriend you until three weeks has past then I'll unadd you as a friend. If you have a reason just message it to me cause I will never look at the stuas unless I'm sending something on it for a good reason

10. Do not ask me to play as a Canon character cuz I will not do it I did not know how to cuz there will be a few Cannon characters I will play depending what verse it is but if it's something I do not know or do you not know how to play ask the Canon character and don't expect me to be good at it

11. The most of my role play are long-term if you one of those people that wants a short-term let me know please and also please forgive me if I have any message with my grammar or anything and I don't mind if you have issues with spelling or grammar issues but I know everyone doesn't have English in their first language but everyone has their best so I expect you to try at least

12. If I notice some people who copying any of my sentences or paragraphs and try to reword it into your own lazy version I will call you out on it if I keep seeing you do not then I will unfriend you cuz I'm not here for people that are lazy in detail.

13. Do not copy my characters or my ideas cuz that is just pure laziness please please try to make up your own ideas if you do this I will block you cause there's no Toleration for that.

14.look no one good with grammer so neither i at doesn't mean I'll be 100% alroght so its going to be a bit bad anyways just know that before adding me.

15. Besides that I must relax in a bit chilled back awfully nice and worry about a lot of people that I don't know probably a bad habit of mine but if y'all understand my rules and everything give it a ❤ or whatever so I know that you at least understand my the rules I'll add more if I think of any more.

Rules and heart this:

I also made another account so if you want to add me there you can but you don't have to @DragonPhoenix41

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Can't believe that there's so many bad profiles that so fake I don't know why people just bother trying to make a profile that looks so bad and give out obvious signs that they're trying to pretend to be something they're not it makes no sense to me I mean there has to be a point where these people have to give up on trying to pull this crap
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