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20 / Male / Single
New Hampshire - United States
Hi guys, welcome to my profile. As you can guess by my profile picture, I do love furries, but I can do more than that. I will be willing to roleplay whatever you guys want, and follow your plot Ideas, but if you can't for any reason at all, I have some plot Ideas to choose from. I'm usually a one-liner, but I can do more if required by you, but just remember, I cannot at all do more than one paragraph, so please don't ask me to do that. If there's anything else I didn't cover that you wanna ask me, just let me know. Other than that, that's it for now, happy roleplaying.

Latest Questions

christ asked the question
Q. what’s ur favorite scene in zootopia <3
A. Oh I don't know really.
 Oct 15th 2020 07:40

christ asked the question
Q. hiii zootopiafan
A. Hi there, christ! How are you doing?
 Oct 14th 2020 23:18

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Nov 27th 2020 21:00

What goes on?
Nov 27th 2020 11:25

Nov 27th 2020 11:24

Hey whats up? UwU OwO
Nov 16th 2020 22:34

I can only talk in comments
Nov 4th 2020 09:15

Thank you!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:58

Hello Hello, sorry for this early comment but I do ask if we could continue please
Nov 2nd 2020 22:34

omg sorry got distracted with school
Oct 11th 2020 19:43

of course I will send you a message when i can again!
Oct 11th 2020 14:47

ah I found it. I'm really not up for a roleplay right now as others are going on I don't want to have too many sorry about that!
Oct 11th 2020 14:20