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22 / Male / Single
New Hampshire - United States
Hi guys, welcome to my profile. As you can guess by my profile picture, I do love furries, but I can do more than that. I will be willing to roleplay whatever you guys want, and follow your plot Ideas, but if you can't for any reason at all, I have some plot Ideas to choose from. I'm usually a one-liner, but I can do more if required by you, but just remember, I cannot at all do more than one paragraph, so please don't ask me to do that. If there's anything else I didn't cover that you wanna ask me, just let me know. Other than that, that's it for now, happy roleplaying.

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Latest Questions

Q. Poke
A. Oh, hehe.
 Jun 21st 2023 06:43

Q. you good you disappeared....
A. Yes I'm okay.
 Mar 6th 2023 13:27

Latest Comments

Thanks for the add
Nov 9th 2022 14:37

Still doesn't let me reply... I have tried logging out then logging back in, but that doesn't work either..
Jul 11th 2022 22:16

Hey, it's me again. I'm back, but for whatever reason, it doesn't let me reply to your message :(
Jul 10th 2022 22:58

Jun 19th 2022 21:05

id prefer to tell u in pms.
Apr 1st 2022 10:27

Apr 1st 2022 10:23

I miss you. :(
Dec 17th 2021 01:39

check your messages
Oct 24th 2021 07:49

Im back
Jul 30th 2021 21:59

I feel so bad! I'm back though.
Jun 20th 2021 22:08