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23 / Male / Single
New Hampshire - United States
Hi guys, welcome to my profile. As you can guess by my profile picture, I do love furries, but I can do more than that. I will be willing to roleplay whatever you guys want, and follow your plot Ideas, but if you can't for any reason at all, I have some plot Ideas to choose from. I'm usually a one-liner, but I can do more if required by you, but just remember, I cannot at all do more than one paragraph, so please don't ask me to do that. If there's anything else I didn't cover that you wanna ask me, just let me know. Other than that, that's it for now, happy roleplaying.

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Well it looks like my WiFi has been fully restored yesterday.
0  Mar 28th 2024 05:36

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Luce0O0 asked the question
Q. hey so i noticed you only reply once a day and was wondering why?
A. Sorry about that. I’m just not always in the mood.
 Mar 30th 2024 10:53

Q. If we were to start an rp, how often would you be active? Most of the time? Always? Would it depend on your liking to the rp?
A. It will depend on my mood, but what I do have work Monday to Friday, from 8 AM US ET to 12 PM US ET.
 Jan 28th 2024 15:34

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Thanks for requesting me~! <3
23 hours ago

Shall we continue my good sir?
Jan 18th 2024 20:20

Jun 19th 2022 21:05

id prefer to tell u in pms.
Apr 1st 2022 10:27

Apr 1st 2022 10:23

I miss you. :(
Dec 17th 2021 01:39

Im back
Jul 30th 2021 21:59

I feel so bad! I'm back though.
Jun 20th 2021 22:08

First of all... Maybe, second of all, my name is literally in my info.
Apr 28th 2021 19:27

I made us a picture as you can see on my profile see, your name "ZootopiaFan" immediately made me think of Nick Wilde and your description says you can role-play whatever desired. So I thought this pic would be great :)
Dec 31st 2020 18:48