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Q. hey u there???
A. Yes I’m here.
 Sep 20th 2021 16:34

Q. how do people rp here is on the messaging system are there groups? im just new to this site and kinda new to rp.
A. Look at the envelope icon on the top, in the right side. If it's red, that means there are new messages. Click on it, and you'll see who's messaged you.
 Aug 22nd 2021 15:45

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check your messages
Oct 24th 2021 07:49

Hello! I am Baymax, I look forward to our future encounters.

|| Thank you for requesting me! Please look over my rules please, and my availability may be delayed as I am still working on my profile. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Oct 23rd 2021 12:53

"Hiya nice to meet ya. Hit me up whenever you have time!"
Oct 2nd 2021 16:03

Aug 24th 2021 18:04

Oh shoot, I'm really sorry, I forgot!
Aug 21st 2021 16:12

Im back
Jul 30th 2021 21:59

hi ! (:
Jul 26th 2021 11:35

Jul 2nd 2021 20:23

I feel so bad! I'm back though.
Jun 20th 2021 22:08