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(Amachi & Kaiya Kunie)
22 / Female / Single
Sendai, Japan
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✩ Amachi Kunie & Kaiya Kunie ✩
Twin sisters that look like but are completely different. ♡
❤︎ Meet Amachi Kunie;
Amachi is the oldest twin by 20 seconds, Amachi is patient, outgoing and very friendly. She easily approachable than her little sister. Amachi can be too childlike & trusting to anyone and everyone.
★Meet Kaiya Kunie;
Kaiya is the youngest twin. Kaiya not really fond of strangers, she has trust issues because she feel like she can ONLY trust her sister. Kaiya can be a bit rude and forward AT FIRST, BUT when Kaiya warms up to people she's just as friendly as her older sister. Kaiya is also mischievous, so be careful.

a lil bitty hint to tell the difference; Kaiya's hair is sometimes curlier than Amachi's hair.

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Apr 6th 2023 13:18

If don't reply I'm eating lunch right now.
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