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My discord! Brettbdb#3591
0  8 hours ago

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Jul 3rd 2021 15:18

so far, so good.
Jul 3rd 2021 15:18

not much.
Jul 3rd 2021 15:16

Jul 3rd 2021 15:16

Thank you Brett!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:51

Okay will do and thanks. My real life is going to be a bit hectic so I may not be on very much this coming week. But roleplay sure we can chat about that
Aug 16th 2019 18:55

Okay I just thought I would explain why I did it as it is kind of rude at the same time I have added so many people and they never message but you're welcome
Aug 16th 2019 18:34

Hey sorry I just felt like we never talked and I somehow annoyed you do I dumped you off my list I know it was a jerk move
Aug 16th 2019 18:26

Aug 11th 2019 21:01

Hey hope you are having a good day :D
Jul 18th 2019 16:09