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(Brett Barker)
27 / Male / Single
Edmonton/Alberta, Canada
Hey my name is Brett, you should hit me up and we should start talking.
Im very open when it comes to roleplaying, so dont be scared to tell me any ideas you may have. I always have been open and am always willing to try new stuff.

Discord: Brettbdb#3591

Latest Questions

Q. Hey. How are you today.
A. I'm good how about you hun?
 Mar 5th 2017 01:53

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I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 13:28

Hey handsome
Apr 26th 2020 20:56

Hey I guess I'm ok
Sep 4th 2019 00:51

Sep 4th 2019 00:44

Hi I'm Savannah
Aug 20th 2019 04:30

Okay will do and thanks. My real life is going to be a bit hectic so I may not be on very much this coming week. But roleplay sure we can chat about that
Aug 16th 2019 18:55

Okay I just thought I would explain why I did it as it is kind of rude at the same time I have added so many people and they never message but you're welcome
Aug 16th 2019 18:34

Hey sorry I just felt like we never talked and I somehow annoyed you do I dumped you off my list I know it was a jerk move
Aug 16th 2019 18:26

Aug 11th 2019 21:01

Hey hope you are having a good day :D
Jul 18th 2019 16:09