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23 / Male / Single and Looking
Hanover..., Indiana - United States
Hello, welcome to my domain... Interesting isnt it? Broken souls... Fiery revenants an ice hearted wraiths? Its my homeland alright.. A war I had been trying to end since day one.. Yeah i know whom i am fighting for, will i succeed yet again? Doubt it... But I still fight on.

Still reading huh?

Name: Slade Sin Takaro.
Nickname: Sin.
Age: unknown but looks in his 30's.
Race: mixed hybrid of ghoul, human, xenomorph, reptilian.
Features: Looks human. Has a xenomorph tail, has a ghoulish nature but can eat very well (tokyo ghoul type ghoul) and has a snake tongue and viper like eyes. Long black hair and has light blue tribial curse. (Warning when hes hungry or in a fight after being pushed too far.)
Weight: unknown but somehow extremely heavy.
Orientation: straight.
Likes: nekos, elves, vampires, people whom are understanding and caring, his blue rum and vodka.
Dislikes: disruption of peace, his enragement, a**holes, and racists. (Human hunters whom dislike all other beings)
Music: classical violin and powermetal, metalcore. And rock, and certain rap.
Genre based: action, gore, war, romantic and ero only for those that request privatly of course.
Colors he usually wears: black, any type of dark to deep purple, cyan to any shade of dark blue.
Weapon: blade of the forbidden one which can evolve (like a bankai) to the scythe of the forbidden one.
The weapon can kill even gods. However can be weilded by him due to the cursed prophecy.
Weakness: holy weaponry but he does love the challenge as its his only way to die.
Strength: darkness and cryomancy and necro and time
Skills: swordsmanship, time manipulator, dark like mage.
Job: God of his own realm. Others he is a hired assassin. Favored targets: rich to bullies and rapists etc.
Talent: Cook, certain c*cktails., music, and poetry besides his job.
Muscle build: lean and a bit musculuar (not like beefy)
Favored movie all time: Resident evil. Even acts like a human known as chris redfield at times.

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Im beyond bored at this point. Most of you added me but dont even attempt to rp let alone ehen you do, its obvious you dont stay long. I get we have lives but jesus christ dont f***ing ghost me and act like i dont f***ing exist
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