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(Thomas Stevens)
20 / Male / Forever Alone
United Kingdom
He is the son of an immortal time traveller, he takes after his father in that aspect. He can't die no matter what, any injury he takes he'll just come back to life. He can time travel with the help of his vortex manipulator. He hides himself from people unless he gets to know them because he is very untrusting of people. He rarely believes people if they say good things about him and struggles to believe them when they tell them its true. But don't try to get him to show you his power because otherwise he will just walk away. He is very protective of the ones he loves especially Merie and Ruby.

My best friends @caramel_colored

Another best friend: @Mary01

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Does anyone want to do a long term active Game of Thrones rp using cannon characters but non cannon story? As the final season is starting soon I’m really on the Game of Thrones mood!
5  Apr 11th 2019 04:39

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Q. Good choice
A. Thank you
 Apr 17th 2019 06:58

Q. Do you like our life together?
A. Yes mistress
 Apr 17th 2019 05:14

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8 hours ago

I hope i'm not annoying ya Alistar.. Anyway it's been two day's sine ya replied!
Apr 15th 2019 10:53

Reply?? Nobody is really on and replying to me..
Apr 15th 2019 10:53

*poke* it's been a day since you last replied!
Apr 12th 2019 08:52

Reply? >.>
Mar 29th 2019 12:55

Hey can you reply to our roleplay!
Mar 28th 2019 11:56

Hey Alistar! Reply to our roleplay please!
Mar 27th 2019 10:57

Thanks for the friendship. Don't be a stranger.
Mar 25th 2019 03:20

You keep forgetting me
Mar 24th 2019 14:06

Mar 24th 2019 14:02