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(Celeste Silvia )
26 / Female / Single
Paris, France
Hi I’m Celeste Silvia

Name: Celeste


Location: France

Info: Celeste had creative mind growing arts and drawing was passion , at 8 she witnessed her father being murdered crowned princess by 12 her mother told her to do chores making sure she was well educated travelling around the world falling in love with her best friend always got into trouble with police, she once meet enzio on adventure joined assassins creed brotherhood to defeat templars in the world working as princess during the day and during the night fighting templars.

Personality: quiet , flirty , fighter , tough

Hobbies: kick boxing , self defence, meditation, travelling around the world, helping assassin , reading , fencing

Crafts: making new outfits as assins , switch blades , making smoke bombs , coin bombs

18 + assassin creed verse all assassin creed game medieval action /adventure casual romance

Mxf , fxf , fxnb

Sexuality: bi- sexual / pan Leans more towards men and women


No n*fw or sm*t just romance

- puts her hood down hides in the corner of shadow plays with switch blades stay undetected not to cause attention-

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