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(Takashi Suzuki)
25 / Male / Single
Tokyo , N/A - Japan
(Hey there, its a pleasure to meet you all! I don't plan on giving out my real name until I get comfortable with anyone so you can call me Takashi. I've been planning out this character for a while now and im excited to use him! I don't want to put to much info about him here as I want things to come out naturally throughout the roleplay. Some general basic information is he's a student by day and a street racer by night. But I can also change from student to employed at a mechanic shop if you prefer to do things older then high-school. Hes a fun an charismatic guy, he can be a bit of a dork once he's on a topic that really interests him. If we go the high-school route he lives at home with his sick mother and if we go the grown up route he is living alone in his parents home after his mother passes away.

All of that being said im happy and open to discuss other RP ideas any of you guys have! Please don't hesitate to send me a friend request, im not picky on who I accept! If you come straight in with the RP thats totally fine just make it obvious so I can play along! Thanks for reading and I cant wait to play!)

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Heyo how are you it’s been awhile
Apr 11th 2024 19:48

Hey are you okay it’s been awhile and I just wanted to check in
Mar 28th 2024 21:08