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(Alessandro )
21 / Male / Single
Lokeren, Place - Belgium
Recently I find myself at home thanks to my sickness so I got bored, and I used to like Rping so here I am! I have about 8 years of experience under my belt so I think I'm pretty good. But to be fair English isn't my first language so I will definitely make mistakes. But if you can look past that I'm a pretty chill guy looking for fun so just send me a message!

That was a bit about your's truly! And now for the normal profile stuff. I make most of my OCs on the spot except for Jacob he is my profile picture. I haven't figured all his stuff out but he is the Son of a powerful wizard but his father doesn't want to teach him and begs him to life a normal life. But he wants to learn and be like his farther so he runs away from home to try and find someone to teach him.

But that's just one silly character, I can play however we want in or plot/scene we create!

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