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(Emily Anderson)
32 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Hey! So, a little about me. I am writer. I explore different types of RP but lately been experimenting with family drama, abusive relationships,, and school/ cyberbullying. If you have a problem with that. Don't friend me or accept my request thank you. do not ask to play my characters as I have worked very hard on them and they are my characters. and asking to play other people's characters is very rude. Also I have a lot of free time so if I see you on I WILL MESSAGE YOU! IF I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN A MONTH (And I see you are on during that time) AND WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF OR HAVE DECIDED TO START AN RP I WILL UNFRIEND YOU !! IF WE HAVE NOT DECIDED TO RP THEN WILL UNFRIEND AFTER 14 days! sorry but i don't want to be just sitting on a friend list. please don't tag me in statuses if you have a problem with me. pm me and we can discuss it. Also don't unfriend me without telling me why that is very rude. You respect me. I respect you.thank you.

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Happy good friday. Let's rp
1  Apr 19th 2019 09:56

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MonaRose asked the question
Q. You still alive?
A. was asleep.
 Sep 24th 2018 01:11

MonaRose asked the question
Q. What to continue the rp?
A. yes
 Sep 23rd 2018 02:11

Latest Comments

hope to hear from u soon.
Apr 13th 2019 14:43

Hey, I'm doing fine. I'm sorry I haven't got back to you yet. I've just been busy with paras.
Apr 13th 2019 12:30

hi :)
Apr 12th 2019 11:38

Hi honey. Having a hard time getting replies out this week. I hope you are well and we can continue soon
Apr 11th 2019 17:03

Hey there!
Apr 9th 2019 11:22

I’m good.
Apr 5th 2019 10:27

No thanks
Apr 3rd 2019 08:39

Apr 2nd 2019 10:39

Hey. I'm good and yourself?
Mar 25th 2019 12:12

Yeah sure
Mar 11th 2019 16:40