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(Emily Anderson)
32 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Hey! So, a little about me. I am writer. I explore different types of RP but lately been experimenting with family drama, abusive relationships,, and school/ cyberbullying. If you have a problem with that. Don't friend me or accept my request thank you. do not ask to play my characters as I have worked very hard on them and they are my characters. and asking to play other people's characters is very rude. Also I have a lot of free time so if I see you on I WILL MESSAGE YOU! IF I DON'T HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN A MONTH (And I see you are on during that time) AND WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF OR HAVE DECIDED TO START AN RP I WILL UNFRIEND YOU !! IF WE HAVE NOT DECIDED TO RP THEN WILL UNFRIEND AFTER 14 days! sorry but i don't want to be just sitting on a friend list. please don't tag me in statuses if you have a problem with me. pm me and we can discuss it. Also don't unfriend me without telling me why that is very rude. If you would rather pm on discord let me know. name there is RPwitch.You respect me. I respect you.thank you.

Latest Status

Hey everyone. Happy wednesday
1  Aug 21st 2019 10:43

Latest Questions

MonaRose asked the question
Q. You still alive?
A. was asleep.
 Sep 24th 2018 01:11

MonaRose asked the question
Q. What to continue the rp?
A. yes
 Sep 23rd 2018 02:11

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Don't matter to me. I'm up for anything.
10 hours ago

I would love to. Got any ideas?
10 hours ago

23 hours ago

Aug 18th 2019 07:33

Drama is cool with me also. Whatcha have in mind?
Aug 15th 2019 09:37

Awe I’m sorry for assuming love. We can rp whatever you want also. Lol
Aug 15th 2019 09:32

With the evil queen? Of course... <3
Aug 15th 2019 09:06

Hi :)
Aug 15th 2019 09:04

Hey! A little sick but how are you?
Aug 14th 2019 11:49

I’m good thank you how about you
Aug 12th 2019 13:47