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(Matt Echo)
31 / Male / Single and Looking
HI! I'm Matt and I've been roleplaying for at least 15 years. I love roleplay and I devote a lot of attention and effort to it. I believe that roleplaying is an art form and that's why I take this hobby so seriously
I appreciate well-developed and intricate plots and I love the details. I could define myself as "literate"
I don't have particular preferences regarding the settings, I think I've tried a bit of everything during my life xD

some simple rules:
-MxF only. I have nothing against the LGBT community(I support the community but I'm just straight)
-I'm a sub so I'd rather play the role of a slave
-Respect me and you will be respected. behind every profile there is a person capable of feeling emotions. please keep that in mind
-details. please, details. nobody likes one line answers. don't waste my time and, above all, don't waste yours. if you can't write more than one line you probably don't have the faintest idea of what a roleplay is.
-no minors. my roleplays tend to involve er*t*c actions between characters. I would prefer to approach people over 18 years old. it doesn't matter what age your character is.
-don't ghost me, damn it! seriously you are not able to behave like adults and talk? if something goes wrong in the roleplay, all you have to do is communicate it. we can find a solution together
-I love creating plots. of all kinds. I don't have to be the only one working on it for that.
- I don't have a default character. I prefer to create my characters before starting a roleplay.
I look forward to creating something with you, visitor.
if you have read everything and have no objections, don't be afraid to send a message ;)

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Aug 25th 2023 01:46

Hope your enjoying the roleplay
Apr 27th 2023 13:38

I apologize to anyone waiting for an answer from me but on Friday I was run over on my way home from work. nothing serious except for a broken leg, a cracked rib and a couple of miceofractures in the arms

I will resume the roleplays between today and tomorrow. I apologize to everyone for the sudden wait
Jun 6th 2021 08:46

Offline for a few hours. I will be back soon :D
Oct 8th 2020 13:47