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They gather up to discuss the situation and what they think to do about Tero, who has behaved like a traitor joining the opposite side.
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He finally returns to Shiinden. He got his cloth, but he isn't wearing it. He is dressed in a white hanfu with black pants, it's as if he is shining himself.
He has found out many things about himself in his long journey, that brought him in many different worlds and not just that.
He found all of the spheres containing anti-powers and was taught how to absorb them to become part of his own power. He finally knows what he is, or rather, what the gods decided to make with him.

When he comes back, he finds a weird situation in Shiinden and it gets him worried right away.
He stands in front of the damages outside the first houses in baffle.
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After meeting with TiHao and being explained the situation, they prepare quickly to raid the place where the 'Princess' is held, to save her.
It's late night, but he summons a few more experienced Knights / whoever wants to participate, and they reach the shores of the main island of the archipelago, where the royal family resides in the kingdom. Thanks to a vision Way gave to Tero, he could teleport them right on the spot where the Queen was thrown in the sea.
It's a rocky coast, cold and dark.
The archipelago is quite north, so much to be for half in the territorial waters of Heinmenhos and for half in Xhuanghen. The inhabitants are of eastern ethnicity, but there have been northern influences, mostly children of rapes during the various invasions.

The cold is very sharp and there is lots of slippery ice where they arrive, also snow all around. It's like being in Fengshii.
There is a wall surrounding the centre of the main city of Xunfei, but there are some houses outside. The place doesn't look rich or flourishing, like most cities close to borders there is that atmosphere of decay and sadness all over.
The gate to access the city is heavily guarded.
"Are those... Xhuanghen soldiers?" murmurs LaNi as they get closer. The soldiers indeed wear armours and symbols of Xhuanghen.
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As he mentioned, he eventually paid a visit to Haru, to ask if there is something about Hoseok that could help TiHao reaching him.
He didn't expect that of all things and people he'd hear the name of Tero mentioned. Now he kinda regrets not going after him to bring him to Shiinden, but doubts it can be too hard to get to him. After all, they have the telescope.

Before telling TiHao and making plans about it, though, he has the poor idea to take a look at the past of both Hoseok and Tero to see what exactly was their relationship, if there was one.
In that circumstance he ends up in Tero's vision, when he returned to Earth, after arguing with Yoshi and pretty much treating Hoseok like sh*t.
LaNi witnessed Tero raping a guy on Earth and that was pretty much it, for him. Now he doesn't even care if Hoseok kills him.

He explains TiHao the situation, including the memory he witnessed, and they decide to set a simple 'trap', just inviting Tero to a far and safe place to discuss some matter.

Up to TiHao what he will write to Hoseok about it, knowing Tero is there, he will come.
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Visions of the Past: the Golden City.

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