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(Aaricia Black)
25 / Female / Single
-, Sri Lanka
Yo. I'm pretty simple. Just Me being Me. Nice to meetcha ^^ send me a message if Ya Wanna Be Friends ^^ [Otsutsuki Sora#5888] for Discord

Oh, greetings. if you have an interest in RPing with me let me know. Any ERPS has to be 18+ and I am looking for my partners to play submissive male characters.

As Stated I do NOT SWITCH OR SUB. Thank you ^^

Please don't be afraid to approach me with ideas for RP and your cool OCs. I'm down to sending links to my characters so we can play ^^

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Latest Questions

Q. I saw you check my profile so would you like to roleplay again
A. o.o did I say we couldn't rp? I was waiting on a reply. Haven't been on here in a while... did I miss your reply?
 Jul 23rd 2021 08:47

Q. you okay
A. yes? Why?
 Jul 22nd 2021 16:58

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