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16 / Male / In a Relationship
New York - United States
Hello my name is Alexander, but you can called me Alex.
Nice meet you and all new role play friends I have role play for two years.
My only one rule is be friendly and kind
My favourite scenarios are:
Star wars
Star trek
Real life

Latest Questions

Q. What did you mean before about taking your day?
A. Taking day off from here so me day
 Nov 9th 2019 18:47

Q. I get it, sorry if I seem nosy or whatever. I just really love our role play!
A. Me too
 Sep 21st 2019 05:50

Latest Comments

Hi there, USAAlexander14! Wanna continue our roleplay from 2 months ago?
May 15th 2020 14:08

Hi, Alexander! :)
Jan 25th 2020 20:53

Hello. What's your name?
Jan 25th 2020 20:26

Hey, I just wanted to say that I can tell that you have really been working on your speech, it's gotten a lot clearer and sometimes even longer so great job I'm impressed!! :D
Sep 25th 2019 17:01

oi tex me boi
Aug 30th 2019 20:02

No problem I'm really happy for you! :D
Aug 21st 2019 12:28

I'm still amazed that you learned how to write in second person and that you know what that is which is a HUGE accomplishment for you!! GREAT job and keep up the good work! :D
Aug 21st 2019 12:19

WHY does your profile background have "Celestia Being" on it!?!? *I*, CELESTIA LUDENBERG, AM THE CELESTIAL BEING *HERE*!!!
Aug 19th 2019 02:26

Aug 13th 2019 17:23

Hey Alex! I replied t-t let me know if your enjoying the roleplay!
May 14th 2019 09:16