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15 / Male / In a Relationship
New York - United States
Hello my name is Alexander, but you can called me Alex.
Nice meet you and all new role play friends I have role play for two years.
My only one rule is be friendly and kind
My favourite scenarios are:
Star wars
Star trek
Real life

Latest Questions

Q. Are you still there?
A. kinda fell sleep
 Apr 5th 2019 19:49

Q. If you don't like the RP anymord we can do another
A. No it's ok I'm fine with it just felt so tried and been ill
 Jan 12th 2019 00:37

Latest Comments

Hey Alex! I replied t-t let me know if your enjoying the roleplay!
May 14th 2019 09:16

Hey Alex! I hope your enjoying are roleplay anyway i replied!
May 6th 2019 13:19

Im ok
Dec 10th 2018 06:55

Hello pine tree
Oct 23rd 2018 06:10

Oct 11th 2018 21:52

I'm having a rough day, Pit :'(
Sep 3rd 2018 18:02

:( Not really...
Sep 3rd 2018 17:20

Hi Pit, I love you <3 ^^
Sep 3rd 2018 16:45

baby come back
Aug 27th 2018 13:04

cool you start
Aug 26th 2018 15:04