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(Code Anomaly)
23 / Male / Single
United States
Hey there! It’s just your friendly roleplayer CodeAnomaly. I enjoy any and all types of roleplay, and have all types of characters. If I don’t have any particular character you like, just tell me what you’re looking for. I likely have a character that’ll interest you. Always looking for RP partners.

If you’re interested, I also RP from Discord, because I’m on there just as much, though I also chat there as well.

Before RPing, it’s always good to check out the rules (now in a handy blog after nearly 5 years. Sorry for anyone who knew me before I made this:

Anyway, that’s all for now! Can’t wait to write some amazing stories with you all! Peace!

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Q. Cheese
A. With wine or with crackers?
 Jul 1st 2020 01:14

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Hey text me back when you can:)
Jul 2nd 2022 09:12

Site won't let me send messages right now. Wanna continue on Discord?
Jun 23rd 2022 02:51

Jun 19th 2020 19:20

I see you’re online lmao please come back
Feb 18th 2020 10:24