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General stuff - a start

In general - i often create a new character or develop that character specifically for the role. i tend to match my style to how my partner is doing it, im very flexible on form, im all about content.

i tend not to play established characters, though i might model my chars on them. ive found im not good at slavish adherence to canon, or someone else's interpretation on how the character should be behaving. one notable exception to that is for super-heroine roles.

For modern roles, i often tend to play versions of myself - though there have been exceptions. those versions might be better fighters, shooters, drinkers, hackers, smarter, faster, etc of course. im not sure why that is but its what i most enjoy. im 5'6 and fit but not much over 110 lbs soaking wet lol. dark auburn hair and blue hazel eyes, sometimes wear colored contacts.
i have a few modern characters i have used before , too. one is jocelyn deveraux, who is variously an undercover agent, nosy reporter, PI, or even assassin as the role calls for it.

For fantasy roles i tend to prefer rogues/scout types, lightly armored if at all, perhaps a good warrior too or knows some magic. Usually play a half elf, or a human with some elvish background. i will provide more info about some specific characters including Katanja and Jaerika in the near future

For sci-fi i can either play an idealized version of myself or some other roles. Some characters i like to model on include Kiera from Continuum, any of the women on Firefly, Boomer from Battlestar Galactica (Statbuck a bit too hard-boiled for me) , and even Katniss. But again - i dont generally play those characters, just model my characters on them.

In general my characters tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble, either by trusting the wrong people, or accidents happening, though m characters aren't usually clumsy, just starrcrossed.
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6 | 0 Comments | by katanja | May 28th 2015 21:58

FILLER TEXT: "Rubicon"

"Alea Iacta Est - The die is cast" Julius Caesar

A codeword in the Nemesis Armed Forces, the codeword "Rubicon" is attributed to Julius Caesar's illegal crossing of the Rubicon to claim Rome.
Over countless millenia, Rubicon is used as a metaphor for when one crosses into the point of no return. As such, the Empire has used this codename only under two circumstances:

1: Waging war
2: Deploying Planet-Busters

It is the wishes of those who write this entry that the Empire does not use this codename, as to do so will bring untold destruction to those who dare to oppose us.

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." Robert Oppenheimer
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2 | 1 Comment | by TheNemesisEmpire | May 27th 2015 19:12

FILLER TEXT: Current timeline of the Empire

This is subject to change and evolution as roleplays add more to the history.

05/01/3938 - Europa System secedes violently from the Empire. 2nd Bluejackets deployed to system to retake it. Out of 100,000 deployed, 42,000 survived. Main planets of Europa either seized or destroyed with planet-busters

14/04/3947 - Nemesis Empire dispatches 25 Battalion of the 1st Assault Division to Eterna to retake the planet and quell potential Genesis Resurrectionists. 1st Wave fails, with 50 survivors from 600

29/07/5019 - 5th Imperial Expeditionary Fleet establishes portal, corresponding universe now known as Niemtsi 5
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0 | 1 Comment | by TheNemesisEmpire | May 27th 2015 09:33

Monster Hunter Universe

Kindle City is home to alot of things, their good Tex/Mex resturant, sandy beach, and forest and mountian area, but none of those areas compare to their greatest landmark, their Monster Hunter Guild! There brave men and women known as Hunters go and take up jobs hunting monsters and gathering treasures. Armed with the most powerful armors and weapons these Hunters take to the fields and fight the powerful monsters!
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0 | 0 Comments | by ArtistwithaFox | May 26th 2015 19:14

Stage Sengoku Universe

The year is 2026, the United Nations began a special peace treaty where conflicts are solved through competitive gaming, and a one particular game drives the audience to a cheering uproar, Stage Sengoku! Stage Sengoku is a team battle arena where two sides fight in a decided battle and stage by the fighter commissioner, each nation has their own special class which fight in the stage to see who comes out victorious. Players ready? Stage set! Sengoku... FIGHT!
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1 | 0 Comments | by ArtistwithaFox | May 26th 2015 13:26