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Some more days have passed from Benjamin's return and he is visiting Jackil every day, way too concerned by his condition, regardless of the reassurances Doctor Robstein gave to him and to Amelis afterwards.
His screams of help still echoes in his mind, even after being told it all happened once Jack was taken to safety thus was in no real danger, but he can't help but be upset by that. And Dorian's condition adds to it, that's sure.
Anyhow, at the end of the week, when he goes to visit him, in the evening and without Amelis with him, he finally finds him awake, as the doctor promised in fact. Though he is still prevented from getting up from the bed, that will have to wait three more days.
He enters the room but remains near the door, tilting his head while looking towards Jack, who is clearly in deep thoughts. Eventually, Benjamin approaches the bed and simply sits beside it, looking at Jackil silently.
Jackil's eyes widen and he looks at him in shock. «I am dead then...» He says with a broken tone and with tears in his eyes.
«No, death is much more pleasant than this.» He looks at him deeply. He would want to speak of the fact of him calling for his help, but realizes it's probably better to wait for a better moment than this.
«Father...I...» He can't help but burst in tears, he is still in a mental mess and even though much less than before, he still feels quite some pain all over his body.
«Don't, mercy, just don't.» He takes a deep breath. The last thing he wants right now is to hear is totally out-of-place apologizes for only he knows what.
«How are you feeling, my son...?» He asks with a calmer and more gentle tone.
«I felt worse than I feel right now, only once in my life before this...» He slowly wipes his tears with the bandages on his wrist. «I was sure to be dead...»
«Doctor Robstein found necessary to keep you in a forced coma for this week...I am sure he will be able to brief you much better about what he has done and that you will understand much better than me.» He sighs deeply and finally approaches him to give him a hug.
The two speak for some time, Jackil tells him about the war about the young ones and what he did, how he ended up in this state and why, also tell him how he became a doctor, how he lost the job once (but will tell him about the reasons in another moment), how he also accepted his fate and became an Elite Guard...until...
«This might also be the right time to speak to me about your daughter and -I hope well- her mother.»
«C...could we leave this as well for a better day...?» He does not even know how to start when it comes of explaining his father he adopted a TEYSS. He fears he'll go rage mode as soon as he will hear of it and will refuse to listen to anything else.
Benjamin rolls his eyes, getting it all wrong of course. «Jackil, for Gods' sake, whatever the circumstance which led you to commit this unforgivable...act...» Simply can't call it "mistake". He says that part through teeth then takes a deep breath, calming down. «Those can be left aside for this moment. I NEED to know about my granddaughter, she is a child and I CLAIM to take her with me and watch over her until your full recovery! Either you tell me all the truth here and now or I shall find out by myself lat-»
«I have adopted her...she is Teyss' last daughter.»
Benjamin looks at him like petrified for some time actually. Among all the possibilities this one was definitely the only one he would have never ever imagined. And definitely wasn't prepared for.
Jackil shuts his eyes and some tears actually drop. «Dad...please...I beg you...give her a chance...only one will be enough...she deserves it...she is just a child and she has nothing of him...nothing of any of them...»
«And your grandfather allowed this? He didn't claim to kill her?»
«He himself granted the adoption to me...He has even asked Lord Edward to check her trustworthiness...
When you will know what she went through...» He sighs deeply and looks down. «She means the world to me...»
Benjamin ponders a few things while Jackil speaks. It is much harder than it may seem to him to lightly accept this, but his words definitely prove something. She will have to earn his trust -and it will be easier than the other time, now that she is a she u.u- but it will happen and he will look at her just as a member of their family.
«Your mother knows everything on the matter?»
Jackil nods still looking down. «She will be able to confirm everything I told you about her...»
Benjamin stands up, looking down at him. «I will come back tomorrow to visit you. Rest now, son...
Oh and, I am taking the kid. Have faith, your mother won't let me have her as a meal.»
«Make sure she takes all of her medicines...I beg's very important and she easily forgets when...troubled or upset...»
«It will be done. Good night, son.» And indeed he took Tomiel and returned to his mansion.
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3 | 0 Comments | by Jackil | Aug 16th 2015 18:10


After the morning with Hannah and Althus, she returned straight to Doctor Robstein's mansion, she literally lives there (until Benjamin will insist to take her to his home).
After spending a while with Jack who is still unconcious, she goes to actually take a glass of water for herself, one for her dad -in case he will wake up today- and then decide to take one to uncle as well.
She goes into Dorian's room and places it on the little table beside the bed.
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Another War

Since he had made his decision, a few days after the conversation with Tanya and meeting with Tomiel and Hannah, Althus started to prepare himself.
He is not as capable as he thought he would be : The leg still hasn't healed itself properly...and he cannot walk too fast nor run. But there is no time.
To make it short regarding the ''goodbye'' Althus only said goodbye to Tanya and his children, he believes that he will be back soon, and he does not want to tell of this to anyone else from the family. However, should anyone ask anything, Tanya will certainly tell.
Althus said a prayer before going, he went to Nibbles' cage and teleported to Azeroth after mounting him.

A terrible situation there. The battle is to be fought in a very rocky terrain. Mountains all over the place, everything turned dark, water turned fel with pulsing green glow, the fish died, the vegetation withered. Conditions are turning worse and worse and even fel sickness kicked in.
The soldiers are not capable to withstand this, and healers are literally everywhere, tending to those who caught this fel sickness.
Fortunately, it did not spread across the entire world, only near the place where the portal is, as well as the demonic army.
Althus' presence definitely got everyone back on their feet, but he does not understand why is he of such importance...why can't anyone else do this. He thinks that people need to hold on to someone in order to get hope...but he is not happy that he is that person...since everyone makes mistakes.

Not intending to go into details about dialog and certain war plans, Althus requested a few of their allied warlocks to accompany him towards the portal and make it seem as if they are all a part of the legion.
They've reached a very tall mountain peak, overlooking the portal below and an endless army of demons. They kept pouring through the portal like water.
" are we going to get there without seeming suspicious...?"
"We act as scouts. They rarely control who comes in, normal person would even dare to set foot there with a handful of men with him." He snorted.
It's how it worked indeed...they entered the Legion place...
Althus covered himself with dark cloak and hood, he even hunched, seeming evil and he rode on Nibbles.
The warlocks followed him for a good reason.
Althus approached the Doomguard. "Orders from Master. We take over the portal now and maintain its energies with the warlocks."
The Doomguard looked at them, as if his gaze pierced right through their flesh. "Fine. I can use with a bit of fun with those prisoners." He spoke demonic, but so did Althus, he understands them and can speak their language too.
He smirked and motioned the warlocks to take their positions. Althus inspected the portal a bit...its ''columns'' and what made it stable.
He set up a few charges near every column and he looked at the warlocks, who ''maintained'' the portal indeed, or...perhaps it seemed that way. But what they did was absorb its energies and boost their power.
Althus motioned them to move away and he pressed the button.
BOOOM, the portal collapsed, it exploded, sending a huge force all over the place. The warlocks shielded him and themselves, thanks to the power they absorbed and they survived this explosion that way.
It did not kill the whole army, but it certainly damaged it badly and cut off their further coming.
That's when they made a run.
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News from Azeroth

"Althus...there's a letter waiting for you on the table..." Tanya said with a lower tone.
Althus stood up, always holding the children in his arms. He placed them down and looked at Tanya. "A letter? What's it about?"
"I don't know...but I can sense that it's nothing nice..."
She approached the children and took them, sitting down and looking at Althus who took the letter and started to read it.
We know that this is a bad moment for you, but situation in Azeroth is...a lot worse.
The demonic forces are planning to invade our lands...and their numbers are endless.
As far as we know, there is a portal that gives them direct link to Azeroth, as long as it remains open, we will keep losing our men and it may turn into...Azeroth's destruction for good.
Even the Horde and the Alliance are allying together to overcome this threat, but we need capable people like you.
Your help will be of great essence to us...and we know that your appearance there will shine like the brightest star among our men.
We need you.
- Council of Exarchs, King Muradin, King Varian Wrynn, Priestess Tyrande, Gen Greymane."
Althus remained silent for quite some time...he folded the letter and placed it in his pocket, leaning against the table with one hand and sighing deeply.
"My love...?" Tanya tilted her head.
"Di Legion threatens to destroy di world..."
"Althus it's a trap."
"No, it is not. They felt di lack of my presence for too long, they mustered a force huge enough to destroy everything."
"W-What are you going to do? You just came back, you cannot go!"
He bit his lip and shook his head. "I no I cannot...I am not even fully recovered, I got two sons I want to stay with my family...but if I do not go, Tanya, I fear that di Azeroth we no of will no longer exist."
"But Althus! We don't live there anymore, please...we need you."
"If I do not go, I will forever blame myself, should di things go ill for our world Tanya..."
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2 | 52 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 15th 2015 17:56

New Life

After a certain amount of time, Tanya gave birth to two twins. Two gorgeous little Draenei boys who look unreal, in every way. Draenei babies are strange, yet adorable. Their eyes are big big and always glowing blue and they have hair as soon as born.
These boys have dark purple skin and white hair. Dark purple skin - Althus' mother, and white hair - Tanya.
It is a joyful thing for the family, of course Althus has never been happier in his life. For the first time he gets his own children. Jana was a gift from Heaven, literally, Vladimir was adopted, but these twins are something of his, a part of him and no words could describe his happiness.
Tanya had difficulties giving birth, but in the end she survived and all that pain paid off more than too much!
Both of them praised the Light, and they praised the doctors who handled the entire situation.
Althus immediately took hold of the two boys, holding them in his arms and smiling, even wagging his tail.
" shall we call you?" He poked the nose of one who had little mark on his forehead.
Tanya smiled widely. "Evgenij."
"A beautiful name. Evgenij. And how about you? Hmmm...Jurij (Yuriy), yes, Jurij." He rocked the twins in his arms and remained with them and Tanya ALL day. And night.
When night fell, he fell asleep in the living room, on a couch, holding both of them in his arms and sleeping like that.
Tanya couldn't be happier either, seeing Althus so happy fills her with joy and seeing how much he loves their children.
She came to them, covering Althus and children with a blanket and curling up on the couch as well, that's when Jana and Vladimir joined, somehow finding space on the same couch and falling asleep. (XDDDDD)
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2 | 1 Comment | by Altherius | Aug 14th 2015 17:05