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The surgery.

After leaving Dorian, he didn't even go home or went to speak with Tomiel, he headed straight to Doctor Robstein's office, which is definitely the most supplied and professional in the world being he the Master Doctor, and there was no choice, that was the only place where such a surgery could be performed, and of course, Doctor Robstein didn't have any complaint against it, he claimed it himself.
He spends the rest of the afternoon and evening preparing the operating theatre in which he will perform the surgery, also filling all of the syringes, preparing all of the medicines needed, the tools, the serums and elixirs. Of course he won't be on his own with Dorian, he will be assisted by 4 healers and Doctor Robstein himself who will be his assistant, as Dorian claimed Jack to be the one to perform it.

Needless to say, Jack is upset and troubled about this, he has a huge responsibility in his hands, it's too easy to fail the surgery and too easy to cause death, his brother's death. If it fails, his life will be ruined forever, he will never manage to forgive himself, let alone even glance at their father ever again after killing his firstborn son. Though as always, he manages to keep cold blood and total concentration, being thoughtful will only worsen things badly.

The surgery begins at 4am, it is long and exhausting, requiring an insane precision and carefullness to not cause more damage instead of fixing things.
After 12 full hours of work, finally Jackil walks out of the operating theatre, with some drops of blood on his white coat.
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3 | 43 Comments | by Jackil | Aug 18th 2015 11:53


Robstein one day comes to him and tells him about this surgery, still experimental, to the back, that could make him heal faster and for sure.
First he smiles widely when he hears this, but then Robstein continues... If the surgery should fail, he will die. This leaves him a bit speechless, but then he nods. "I want to make it... better dead than like this..."

He tells Hannah to come and tell her about this.
"Did you want to see me?"
He nods and motions her to come closer. "I'm sorry for what I said, but for you it would be much better to find someone else, instead of living without children and serving me."
She sighs deeply and shakes her head, interrupting him. "I already told you I don't care... I love you..."
"Han, listen. I can make a surgery to fix it, but it might be dangerous... 50% possibility I could die.
Now the worst thing: I want to make it... no matter what you will say..."
She remains speechless for some time, and sobs a little. She takes his hand and kisses it. "I don't want to loose you..." He sighs deeply at these words and hugs her tightly. "If it will not fail, we'll get married, and we'll finally have a child...
Another thing... I would like it was Jack to make it..."

She speaks in Jackil's mind when she finishes to talk with Dorian. "Hey Jack, it's Han... could you come here? Dorian needs to speak to you."
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3 | 11 Comments | by Doriaan | Aug 18th 2015 10:42

A visit to Dorian

After visiting Jackil, Althus went to pay Dorian a visit as well, also intending to talk to him a bit and see if there is anything he can do to help him.
He approached the house and knocked on the door, waiting.
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1 | 27 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 17th 2015 13:16

Explicit rules

There's been some confu... of wait... ahem...

The following material may not be suitable for those who hate sexual activities. Younger viewers are banned from seeing this. Readers discretion is advised.

Ok, so there has been some confusion as to what I am and not into... when it comes to sexuality. Below is the preferences of me, course what is not mentioned here does not mean I wont try it out. I am open, but what you are reading are things I think about every day... sort of. We'll start with what I hate first

First of all, I am not into bestiality. I know some people think being a furry also means that the person, who is a furry, must be into Zoophilia [attraction towards animals]. While there is some reasoning behind the thought, it is not sound either. Some furries do not consider being a furry bestiality, and I am one of those furries. Feral animals are disgusting towards me, and I have no desire to roleplay a furry against a feral animal. Furry to furry, or furry to alien or furry to human, but never furry to feral. I just want to be clear on that matter.

Watersports and scat turn me off. Some of you might be twisting your head. Watersports is not swimming, at least not the sexual term. Watersports involves one person urinating on another. This is called Urophilia if you want to specific definition. While you're looking up definitions, look up Scatophilia, or scat, and you'll see why I hate that as well.

And I hate anal sex most of all. Anal everything really. Look up the philia for that I don't know it, but what I do know is, while butts do attract me, the rectum does not.

That pretty much sums up what I hate, now for what I love.. I'll start with my sexuality.

I am bisexual towards furries. Now females should be understandable, a dude on a woman. But when I also say I am into dudes there are some tilting of the heads what with me not liking anal sex. Let me explain. With guys, I like mutual [as in masturbation] oral sex, pressure sex, frottage and rubbing. Anal sex is not all someone can do with another dude.

With that in mind I am also into docking. Now for those who have no idea what that is, its kind of like sounding, but with the sheath. Like sheath play. For those who still have no idea what I am talking about, let me vividly describe what I am meaning. A male furry, lets say a fox inserts his penis into a wolf furry sheath. This is called docking. With this in mind, I also play dominant roles, regardless of what sex my partner is. Oh and I am kind of into herms, but not so much.

I am into Furries obviously. I also like furry on human more, and I generally like to lean towards that. The reason is because of fur on skin. Creatures with fur do not know what soft fur may feel like. Furries can live their entire lives without even thinking they have soft fur, so when a human says it and points it out... You get where I am going, right?

I am into bondage. Go ahead get ideas. Every bondage, heavy or light, or extreme. Now bondage does not mean I am into traumatophilia, or pain and injury. It means I love tying people up and being tied up.

With Bondage in mind, it should go without saying that I am into rough sex. You know jerky, hardball, someone is going to wake up feeling sore, and its probably the both of us, kind of rough sex. Not a must, but a want

With bondage in mind, and I know this may sound JapanCheesy, but I am also into tentacles. I know, hating anal and loving tentacles, what the heck? Lets just say there was one image I saw ^///^. Now I will not force it onto anyone. In fact I only suggest it if I know the person is going to accept.

I am into mind control and hypnotism. Look at you laugh, I meant in a sexual preference. Being controlled to do something one does not want to do. Now I usually imagine myself being hypnotized. This is another thing I will not impose on someone unless they are for sure into that sort of thing. I especially like suggesting this when roleplaying against other males.

So this is one thing I like more than anything I have mentioned. Most of you will turn your nose up and some of you will run away. That is understandable. If you think you are someone who judges on words... in fact, no pause for a minute when reading this... no seriously pause before reading the next sentence and ask yourself, will I judge? If yes skip to the next paragraph. One of the things I find most appealing is cub. Some call this lolicon or shotacon. Understand that cub is the furry version of shotacon and lolicon. In fact cub could be both. But, whether I am the cub or the person I am roleplaying with, it is always a turn on for me. I would like to say that this kind of RP does not happen often, not here anyway, so do not think for a minute I will impose this. This is at the bottom for a reason.

If you had something you are into, and you did not see it here, odds are I am probably into it as well. The list I gave are for my absolute favorite and absolute hate. Anything else is all right.
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2 | 0 Comments | by MiloXyunto | Aug 16th 2015 19:28


Althus, after his return, wanted to pay a visit to his uncles...he did not want to bother them before this, thinking they will appreciate some time on their own of course.
He went to Jackil first, after hearing that he had awakened.
Althus brought him some things, and...he came with his two twins. Thinking that it might make him happy to see them.
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2 | 28 Comments | by Altherius | Aug 16th 2015 19:11