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Kikuro Iziinashimu (character)

age: 19


Species: human

Alignment: neutral good

Appearance: just about six foot tall and a lean build, he has brown hair that reaches down to his ear lobes if not shorter, as well as smooth western eyes that a a nice hazel shade. He is a fairly athletic individual however not all that muscular, he has a six pack and such, however it is not all that defined some might refer to him as sort of 'twink-ish' in his build, he does not have any sort of tattoo or large physical markings. He has fair smooth skin, with a cute but not quite childish look to him.

Personality: a fairly open person, and tends to be happy and positive most of the time, he is also pretty caring and empathetic, though he can be a bit oblivious in certain social situations and can tend to be easily overwhelmed . he is a pretty intelligent one and is fairly versed in engineering, outside of intellectuals he is a relatively athletic person and has quite the endurance, able to keep up a full sprint for a good while. He tries to do his best for those around him, and as a result of this he became a sort of vigilante... a not very good one but one none the less, using his custom-made weapons and slightly above average fighting and fairly high endurance skills to (sorta) get thing accomplished

Backstory/History:Kikuro was born to a single mother in san Francisco immigrant from Japan, being within the large city with its tall extreme buildings he became accustom to the feel, and lived there till he was twelve before his mother and him moved back to tokyo, being used to the large city like environment he felt right at home, however he was always so used to being allowed to explore the tall buildings in SF, he wasn't really expecting the local police force taking him in for trespassing, however this didn't stop him, with a mix of spots and finding new ways to out run and outmaneuver the police, he became quite the free runner. During his teen years he got in a bit of a bad crowd, he was an excellent middle man whether it be drugs, guns, or people, he was the Yakuza's go to middle man. However as he worked with these people he realized their atrocities, torture and murder to name a couple. Disturbed by this, he left the gangsters, by the time he was sixteen he had shown exceeding skill in robotics and engineering and already had a scholarship by the time he was a sophomore. He would have graduated valedictorian... But he dropped out, why? Well you see his mother became horribly ill with cancer, and as one would expect this sob story she died and threw him into a fit of depression, for almost two years he barley left his apartment...but such things pass, but the time he was nineteen he started working in his apartment as a am*tu*e inventor and as a result is kinda shut in, not much goes with this character, he is more for mundane rps so I apologize for the lack luster story :/

Backstory (Fantasy setting): Born to an Alchemist mother outside of a quite busy trading village, Kikuro had a quiet childhood, he was very distant from others his age, instead spending most of his time reading through old books, mostly those dealing with magic and the arcane arts. Due to her son's interest in the subject, Kikuro's mother spent as much time as she could in order to send her child off to a prestigious college of Mages in order for him to become one himself. When he was sixteen with the money his mother had saved and what he could make doing what odd jobs he could, Kikuro finally made the money needed to attend "Archmage Kallious' School of the Arcane Arts". Excited about this he quickly jumped in, he was a bit worried going in however due to him seeming to have a hard time with certain spells, mostly those that involve healing or elemental manipulation, though he could already summon a familiar which for the poor son of an alchemist wasn't too bad. He didn't exactly have a plan going in, for the most part he just wanted to learn what he was good at and to become as powerful of a mage as possible. However the first day of his attendance, his entire world shattered. The professors examined the natural arcane energy that radiated off of his body, which all people have, and determined that not only that he fell into the "Warlock" class of mages, but also that he was specifically a Necromancer. Kikuro was genuinely horrified by this fact, he refused to believe he was such a thing. Necromancers were always looked down upon, seen as unclean, grotesque, and evil to the core. It was believed that those who were proficient Necromancers had hearts that were corrupted at birth and were destined to be acolytes to the Eldritch, as this is where they drew their power from. As much as Kikuro hated it this was the truth, he had no desire to simply becoming a mindless cultist, scavenging the land for bodies to reanimate, no this wouldn't be his life, he was determined to remain of sound mind, and to use the mastery over life and death for good. Despite his noble resolution he was still doomed to the ridicule of his peers. He was shunned for what he was and told never to delve into his latent powers. Everyday was the same, he faced hatred and isolation without seeming to gain anything in return. He quickly learned that this was not the place for him. He felt nothing but shame for running off, he hated himself for wasting all that time and money his mother had spent trying to pay for him to attend this school, but he had to learn his own way now. With a few tomes he had stolen from the school and countless ways to expand on his experience he quickly got to work improving on his skills, vowing not to return until he earns enough money to pay his mother back and to one day go back to that college and show them how wrong they were to shame him... if they aren't correct about him and he doesn't go mad in the process that is.
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6 | 3 Comments | by Samatonliana | Jan 6th 2015 23:46

Peaceful Chaos.characters and ideas.

This is the idea behind something I am working on but I need some help with ideas so I'm opening it as a group rp for my friends list.

Alright so this set in modern times and is about the different fantasy type creatures. Each has a hierarchy and a royal family and such so pick a type of creature. Gods and Goddesses as well as Angels and Demons are also involved so just go nuts guys. Please no godmodding.... I really don't wanna delete anyone because of this.

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4 | 270 Comments | by RubysDarkGardenMCRP | Jan 6th 2015 19:59

Carter Catsopolips

Age: 17
Occupation: Band member (guitarist/singer)
Born: July 14
Height: 6'1

Appearance: Carter (Obviously) has purple hair and dark chocolate eyes.The only reason why he has purple hair, though, is because the other band members thought it would be a good idea to have assign each person with their own color. Since he is in a band and really likes rock and roll music, he typically is seen wearing his own band t-shirt or other band t-shirts. He also wears dark skinny jeans and converse to go with the outfit. Occasionally he'll wear fancy suits or fancy outfits on stage whenever his performance requires it... Which is kind of for every performance he's in.

Personality: Even though Carter is well-known for his voice, he doesn't like to talk to anybody outside of the band. He doesn't like all of the attention he gets when stepping outside of the house. However, at school he gets a lot of negative attention. Whatever attention he gets is unwanted. Once you start talking to Carter, you may understand this a little bit better. He's a bit of a jerk when you first start talking to him, then the longer you stick around, he'll get even more annoyed. This doesn't mean a thing though. This just means that he knows he's beginning to warm up to you. He's quite awkward at times, but mostly he's pretty chill.

Back story: Not that long ago, Carter's parents abandoned him and left him with his aunt for their jobs. Sometimes they'll have time off of their jobs, but they never come to see their only son. They believe that he was a disappointment to them only because he didn't want to carry out the family business. Once his aunt moved into the house, he became great friends with her. She was the motherly figure that he needed. Once he proved that he could take good care of himself, his aunt let him live alone for privacy reasons. Though you may think that this would make him feel even more alone, it actually made him feel better because this time he knew that there was someone out their watching out for him and actually loving him. One of my favorite facts about Carter is that he has a whole room full of guitars of many different styles.
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2 | 1 Comment | by MarshallThePonycorn | Jan 3rd 2015 16:53


Name: Acharnel

Age: 126, but looks about 18

Personality: Acharnel is a very sweet girl only when you get to know her, though she was raised by dwarves. She worked in the mines with the dwarves, and found gold and silver, making her greedy when it comes to things like that. She doesn't like being around humans, for they always bullied her about her ears and strange looks. Acharnel can be mean at times, usually is very cold hearted towards others that she doesn't know, and is stubborn, but will listen to what you have to say when you really need it. She is someone you wouldn't want to threaten.

Bio: Acharnel was part of a kingdom. She was the young princess of a young kingdom. Though it was later destroyed by the hideous Orcs. They invaded the kingdom and slaughtered every elf, hobbit, wizard, dwarf, and human they could find. Her mother ended up taking her, and running. Before the Orcs caught up, she placed the basket that held the young child into a bush, and lured the Orcs away, later being slaughtered by them as well. The kingdom was burned to the ground and later rebuilt by humans. Dwarves found the young child, and despite hating elves, took her in. She was raised like one of their own, and worked with them everywhere she went. She formed the personality of the dwarves, but trained and fought like an elf. Graceful and without faultier. She trained with a set of sai swords and a bow, which held blades on either end. So if she ran out of arrows, she could use the bow as a sword. Acharnel never did learn elvish magic from the dwarves, that would be silly. She learned it from an wizard, who taught young elves to use magic.

-Acharnel has a black horse named Ace, and a Great Horned Owl named Merlin. She uses both these animals to hunt when she is out in the woods

-Acharnel wears a black shirt that shows her stomach, and black pants. She has a gold belt that hangs loosely around her waist and holds her Sai's. She made her clothes and belt when she was younger since she is very small.

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1 | 1 Comment | by Angelus_Veritatem | Jan 2nd 2015 11:40


Name: DJ

Personality: DJ is very loud and rambunctious. She doesn't like following orders from anyone, but is very high tech and sweet. She loved music, and music is always playing from her, which makes her even louder then she usually is. However, without music, she is a quiet little mouse that's shy and doesn't know what is going on. She loves to stand out though and will do anything for her friends.

Bio: At age 6, DJ's parents lost their lives in a car crash. Joining them in this fatal wreck, DJ survived. However, she did not leave unscaved - losing an arm, and one of her eyes. Clinging to life, doctors decided to attempt an experimental surgery to give the young child back what she lost. Successfully, they managed to give her a robotic arm and a robotic eye. After the death of her parents, she was admitted into a hospital for several years to study how she managed to survive, no one knows exactly what happened but her. Her real name is Dianne-Jacob Le Nina Nani. She just goes by DJ Nani. After she got out of the hospital, she went to go live with her grandmother Amelia Le Rosa Dionne. She was raised by her grandmother, but didn't speak for the first few years after her parent's death. She went through therapy like any other child would, but she never did say anything about her mother or father. She has a little robot owl that hangs out with her named Dr. Who (yes, very creative) that she created after the wreck. Almost like it came to her naturally. At age 15, she was already able to play every type of guitar, piano, organ, flute, clarinet, saxophone and accordion. She wrote her own music and was soon hired as a DJ for a local club. People called her the Muse of DJ, due to her love for music and creativity.

-DJ will always be welcoming to other people, and she never does get upset when you ask about her parents.

-She may be mean at first, but if you get to her through technology and music, she will begin to listen a little better. Through her stubborn head.

-She goes to school during the day, but at night is a full time DJ.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Angelus_Veritatem | Dec 23rd 2014 16:33