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21 / Male / Single
House of Hades, Underworld - United States
Heyo, this account is mainly gonna focus my character based on Zagreus from the game Hades. However I will add more to my blog later, but for now he is the main focus.

Name: Phreios
Gender: Cisgender Male
Nicknames: Godling, Coz, Hades Kid
Relationship status: Single
Personality: Kind of edgy but has a kind heart
Mannerisms: Was raised to respect his elders unless he decides to get snippy
Likes: His family and Father
Dislikes: Mortals who try to and cause chaos and pain in others
Age: appears to be 16 but is roughly 2000 years old
Race: Demigod
Alignment: Good
Deity: partial
Size: slim
Bodytype: skinny
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180
Complexion: pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red and Blue
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Description: He looks much like his half brother Zagreus red one eye due to Hades being his father but blue on the other due to his mortal mother having a blue eye. Wears an amulet that his family from Olympus gave him that allows him to call on their godly powers since he never got any from his father.
Abilities: God Call (Can call upon one of his godly family members to gain their power temporarily and can only be used once a day)

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