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(Saphire Lights)
22 / Female / Single
Michigan - United States
♥♥Hello everyone!~♥♥

Welcome to my profile and my little world of Roleplay. I have been roleplaying in general for over 12 years now, and I have gone into a lot of genre and types, so most types won't scare me off but.. I do expect decent partners when adding me. If you think you are not capable of para to multipara don't add me. I am looking for some roleplaying partners that are literate and interesting to roleplay with.

Right now this profile is still growing mean I am going work on a lot more character and getting my rules set up but please before you add me please know that I don't want anyone that is under 18. If you are please don't add me since I will have some adult themes in my roleplays and I would prefer you not feel uncomfortable about that

♥♥♥Rules -- ((In Progress)) ♥♥♥

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Thank you so much for accepting my request hun! Hope we can become great friends. X
Jul 31st 2020 03:49