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(Princess Adora)
20 / Female / Forever Alone
North Carolina - United States
Adora is a Princess born and raised from one of the desert kingdoms her parents loved her so much. In the end as she got older palace life didnt suit her or satisfy her needs so she dabbled in sorcery and magic at the early age of 15. One night her master was telling her of genies and how powerful they were near god like creatures bound to the will of a master and a vessel in which contained them. As she tried the spell to summon one she accidentally misread the spell and was turned into one instead, and was then sucked into a pink bottle and then was lost to the wind. Her family sent search partyies for her but couldnt find her then years later she came back and conquered her home in one single night......and just like that in a matter of hours she was the first Sultana of the seven deserts. She is a powerful genie more powerful than the likes of many that tried to be before her she is tied to her lamp and whomever so rubs it to dare release her would bring a genie of chaos.

Latest Status

Somebody pushed me to this point today at work even with a cast on but this is a good look when im angry just a evil genie grin
Mood: evil
3  Sep 10th 2019 23:22

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I'm sorry for not responding in a long time but I have it you are up to continuing
Jan 6th 2018 09:18