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(Casey )
19 / Male / Single
New York - United States
"Old lady, quick! I'm looking for the scented pinecones! It's an Emergency!".

Hello there, and thanks for checking out my Profile! I'm usually here alot, so feel free to friend request and Rp. Oh, and if I don't respond most of the time I kinda freeze up on who to respond to and in what order when I first get on. Just Dm'ing me "Hello" or something should fix that up. Sorry in advance if that happens.

I've also made to RPG's for anyone interested in those! I guess if you wanna play 'em you can just ask me or somethin'.

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Not doing the hashtag as I don't think they work on here, but please do fix the messages. It's really hard to break four years of muscle memory and considering this is an RP site even it would make more sense for it to be at the bottom since people will want to refresh what was written before even if it's just passively
Mood: determined
4  Nov 24th 2019 18:03

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